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FinnWars Final Extended with Patch to v1.81 Patch

Patch für die Modfikation FinnWars, der von den Machern am 6. Dezember 2010 veröffentlicht wurde.


FinnWars Final Extended to 1.81. Update Installer. Click next to continue.

FinnWars 1.81 changelog.

Reduced russian tickets in Äyräpää
Fixed a bug which caused the I-153 to shoot it's bombs like rockets
Reduced panzerfaust's arc and range
Fixed custom textures in Karelian Village
Fixed the bridges at Battle of Goran
Changed the airplaneammos to repair russian aircraft in Rajamäki
Reduced suomi-smg accuracy slightly
Reduced PPSh kickback
Reduced T-28 main gun damage against heavy armor
Fixed the Ukko-Pekka rifles in Battle of Goran and Viipuri City
Reduced I-16 speed slightly
Changed flamer medpacks in command bunker to ammopacks
Increased Bofors 40mm damage against aircraft
Fixed T-26 M33 critical damage
Restored icons to bridges
Fixed the Ukko-Pekkas in Rukajärvi
Increased I-153 acceleration
Removed restrictedexit-tag from Maxim-Sokolov
Added entry points to KV-1 secondary gunner slots
Increased light guns damage against heavy armor
Reduced I-16 dive speed
Increased Fokker D.XXI dive speed
Fixed T-38 critical damage
Restored Bofors 40mm projectile to previous
Fixed the Katyusha not showing binocular cam properly
Fixed the finnish support kits in Wilderness
Fixed the Ukko-Pekka in wilderness


FinnWars 1.8 (AKA Fanpatch or Fan update) changelog.


Panzer IV J
Panzer IV D
Armored shield

Removed map icon from skis (map icons gave away players)
Moved exits to appropriate hatches on tanks
Reduced T-28 main gun's velocity
Reduced T-34 tower rotational speed
Reduced T-34 main gun projectile gravity
Removed all or views except 1st person from tank crews
Moved driver's camera on motor boat to right side
Reduced T-28 speed
Created crude cockpits to all airplanes
Doubled tank HP, but kept functional HP same
Stiffened springs on Zis-5
Removed "shallow water damage" from Katyusha
Increased T-38 speed
Moved Hanomag gunner seat bit higher
Created 2 variations of Il-2, one with heavy rockets and one with bombs
Increased LOD-distances on Fokker D.XXI
Increased LOD-distances on Hawk P75
Created unique icons for every airplane
Fixed pilot's camera and guns on Me109
Fixed model on Stug III
Created a second seat to Stug III
Created a sound effect for AT-gun hits on tanks
Moved nosecam on Yak-9 to the nose
Added an exhaust effect to all tanks
Removed windshield collision meshes from Zis-5
Removed windshield collision meshes from Katyusha
Reduced T-28 hitpoints
Reduced OT-130 flame damage on vehicles
Fixed propeller on Gloster Gladiator
Changed seat animations on sturmboot
Created a sturmboot variation with an MG on the nose
Increased culling distance on all airplanes
Created invisible "wheels" for sturmboots
Increased inaccuracy and fire rate on aircraft guns
Fixed a bug on Fokker D.XXI model's collision material
Removed "landing gear sounds" from Gloster Gladiator
Made coaxial DT ammo count visible for OT-130
Changed snowmobile's wreck to snowmobile
Created a viewport hatch to FAI that can be opened and closed on will
Made T-34 main gun projectile explosion visible on default material
Made BT-series vulnerable to molotov cocktails
Reduced T-20 hitpoints
Changed twin-MG on Elco to shoot 12.7mm instead of 20mm AT-round
Made back wheel on Hawk P.75 rotateable
Made back wheel on Fokker D.XXI rotateable
Moved flame effect on FAI slightly higher
Made passenger cameras on T-20 rotate
Moved FAI driver seat slightly higher and backwards
Increased T-20 speed
Changed Vickers' coaxial DT to a corresponding Maxim-gun
Changed Vickers' hull DT to a "Tankki" Suomi-submachinegun
Created a new sound effect for AT, artillery and tank guns
Added some additional nicknames in the lexicon
Fixed the Yak-9 LOD texture bug
Created unique icons for specialized land vehicles
Created new icon for boats
Fixed a stretching bug with T-26 LOD model
Created a winter camouflage for Il-2
Fixed the I-153 bombs from blowing up the plane
Increased Spitfire's hitpoints
Sturmboat holds more passengers
Retextured T-26
Retextured T-28
Created finnish textures for T-28
Retextured BT-5
Created winter camouflage for BT-5
Retextured T-38
Retextured T-20
Retextured OT-130
Retextured Zis-5
Created finnish textures for I-153

Soldiers and Kits:

Medic kits for finnish and russian teams
AT-gunner kit for finns
Machinegunner kit for finns
Officer kits for finns and russians
Tanker kits for finns and russians
Mortar kits for finns and russians
Artillery kit for russians

Fixed the kit geometry for russian LMG kit
Fixed russian rifleman's grenade icon
Created a flying cap for pilots
Created a new "redscreen"
Added radios for artillerymen
Fixed distorted ammo icons for weapons
Created icons for weapons with wrong icons
Added knives to artillerymen
Fixed the texture bug on STG kit geometry
Fixed the material on finnish field cap
Changed shovels to knives on german kits
Created equipment for medics
Divided common soldier's equipment models to correspond ir weapons
Changed the pistols on support and sniper classes to nagants
Created a binocular case for specialized kits
Created a sheath for finnish knives
Created a new model for the soviet pilotka
Fixed bleeding issues on the finnish field cap
Created a hat for finnish officers
Created a tanker helmet for tankers
Removed grenades from bergmann kit
Added an axe to the bergmann kit
Added binoculars for artillerymen
Finnish engineers use improvised satchels in winter war
Retextured russians
Retextured finnish summer uniforms

Small arms:

Improvised satchel charge (kasapanos)
Mobile Maxim
Mobile L-39
Mobile mortar

Recreated the loading animations for all small arms
Remade the LOD models for Simonov
Remade the LOD models for Mosin-Nagant
Created a match strike sound effect for molotov cocktails
Improved wrench repair efficiency
Increased wrench repair "capacity"
Fixed the 3rd person sounds for Thompson
Fixed the 3rd person sounds for Bergmann
Fixed the 3rd person sounds for PPS-43
Made the landmines fall slightly underground
Reduced Bergmann accuracy
Remade all rifle accuracies
Fixed the animation when firing pistols while lying on ground
Reduced maximum accuracy on pistols
Changed the fire rates on most guns to more realistic rates
Added sound effects for pistol reloads
Added sound effects for Simonov reloads
Moved the TT-33 muzzle slighly downwards
Remade Suomi and PPSh reload sounds
Changed molotov cocktail size
Recreated smoke grenade smoke effect
Moved the M39 Ukko-Pekka rifle from maps to the mod
Made the Sturmgewehr become accurate slower after jumps
Replaced molotov water effect
Replaced the knife's effect to flesh with a blood effect instead of an spark
Made trees "knifeable"
Reduced landmine damage to merely immobilize the tank from a hit to the tread
Reduced drastically the nagant-revolver's loading speed
Reduced nagant-revolver's fire rate
Remade the submachine gun accuracies
Moved the model of the pystykorva-rifle sligthly to the left
Fixed the texture bug on Sturmgewehr's LOD model
Reduced the velocity when throwing ammopacks
Reduced the zoom on Walther
Fixed the artillery weapon's animation bug
Changed the knifing effect on water from sparks to a splash
Removed the possibilty to select ammopack with 0 ammo
Created ironsight aiming for DP
Created ironsight aiming for Lahti-Saloranta
Created ironsight aiming for PTRS
Removed the shadow from the landmine
Changed the effect when knifing sandbags
Changed molotovs to explode when thrown against a tree
Made the effect when shooting light tanks with an SMG visible
Reduced the damage SMGs inflict to light vehicles
Made panzerfausts and panzerschrecks available from ammo boxes
Recreated the ammopack's script
Reduced the speed ammo boxes and trucks give explosives
Improved weapon zooms and locations in 1st person
Improved the sniper sights
Changed the LMGs to become accurate more slowly
Increased panzerschreck's accuracy
Recreated panzerfaust's code
Retextured Simonov
Retextured PPD
Partially retextured Suomi SMG
Retextured Lahti-Saloranta
Retextured ammopack
Retextured pystykorva
Retextured molotov cocktails
Retextured nagant-revolver
Retextured panzerfaust
Partially retextured PPS-43
Partially retextured PPSh
Partially retextured puukko (finnish knife)

Stationary weapons:

L-39 with crouch animation
Maxim with crouch animation
AA-maxim with single gun
Russian 45mm at-gun M1937 "Piiska"
Stationary Renault FT
Stationary T-26
Finnish "radiostand" spawn objects
Maxim with a tripod

Improved the animation with stationary DP
Increased the fire rate with stationary DP
Moved L-39 seat slighlty left
Improved the L-39 entry size and position
Moved the 203h projectile position slightly higher
Fixed the hand positions with Maxim-Sokolov
Removed the map icon from bridges
Fixed the wreck model from the bridge
Added a slight zoom to stationary MGs
Removed map icons from radiostands
Created new sound effects for Maxims
Improved the hand animations on Maxims
Recreated the twin AA maxim models
Moved the 203h collision mesh slightly higher from the back
Fixed the indicators on 76rk spotter screen
Increased Flak 38 projectile velocity
Increased Flak 38 fire rate
Remade bofors 40mm firing mechanisms
Increased mortar firing rate
Added heating to mortar
Moved MG42 seat backwards
Moved the Maxim-sokolov exit backwards

Static objects:

2 barns
2 doors
2 houses
Empty train wagon
Wider and more convinient trenches
2-sided and evenly scaled "lumilevy" ground object (8x8 battlecraft units)
Indestructible rocks
Indestructible wooden bridge
Closed faustbox
A hanging sheet with a red cross on it

Removed "ladders" from telepoles
Replaced bridge stone textures with snowless for summer
Changed snowplate and snowpile objects' materials
Changed winter textures on deciduous trees to leafless ones
Multiplied interior visibility on vanilla bf1942 buildings
Replaced telepole textures with snowless ones for summer
Increased rock visibility
Increased log wall visibility
Removed collisions from tent's stakes and ropes
Removed the red star from the train


Battle of Goran
Encounter in the Woods
Hölmön Tölmäys
Karelian Village
Viipuri City

Added a spawn point to the elco in Donner und Blitzen
Fixed the boats in Invasion of Tornio
Added a mobile AT-rifle to first finnish flag in Frontal Assault
Changed the finnish boats to ones with MGs in Frontal Assault
Added tanker kits to russians in Honkaniemi
Added a mobile AT-rifle to finns in Honkaniemi
Changed the Il-2 in Ihantala 2nd Day to one with bombs
Changed BT-5 to BT-7 in Ihantala 2nd Day
Added one mobile maxim to finns in Kuhmo
Changed one T-34 to a KV-1 in Lotinanpelto
Changed some BT-5 to BT-7 in Lotinanpelto
Changed Bofors 37mm to a 45mm "piiska" in Lotinanpelto
Changed finnish AT-rifles from PTRS to L-39 in Road to Petroskoi
Added one AT-gun to the last finnish flag in Raatteentie
Increased view distance in Rajamäki
Changed some I-153s to I-16s in Rajamäki
Added a SB-2 to the russians in Rajamäki
Added some medic kits to Rukajärvi
Added mobile mortars to the russians in Siiranmäki
Added some AT-guns to the finns in Siiranmäki
Added some mobile AT-rifles to the finns in Siiranmäki
Changed the finnish base bridge to an indestructible one in Sohjananjoki
Removed one stationary AT-rifle from the finns in Suomussalmi
Added couple of mobile AT-rifles to the finns in Suomussalmi
Changed the Il-2 to one equipped with bombs in Syväri
Added a Ju88 to the finns in Teikarsaari
Changed the flamethrower at the northern flag to a mobile MG in Teikarsaari
Added some medic kits to the finnish lines in Terenttilä 2nd Line
Changed the BT-5 to a BT-7 to Viipuri Last Stand
Changed one Fokker D.XXI to I-153 in Invasion of Suursaari
Added one AA-maxim with single gun to the western flag in Invasion of Suursaari

Miscellaneous changes:
Changed "mines ahead!" hud icon to one with landmines
Increased crosshair size
APC support is changed to ammo in radio commands
"Scout spotted!" is changed to "Sniper spotted!" in radio commands

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