Download-Details: Forgotten Hope 2.48 - Client Full Part2
Name Forgotten Hope 2.48 - Client Full Part2
Dateiname Forgotten_Hope_2.48_2_of_2.exe
Autor Forgotten Hope Modteam
Veröffentlicht 04.08.2014 - 21:35
Downloads 6490
Größe 2890 MB
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Zweiter von zwei Installern der WWII-Mod für Battlefield 2 in der Version 2.48. Folgende Änderungen sind enthalten.

  • Changes to the gameplay of Anctoville
  • Singleplayer updated for Villers Bocage, Lebisey and St Vith
  • AI strategies for push maps, Commander, and many vehicles and weapons altered
  • Omaha: tickets and spawn conditions of 2nd flag group equipment changed
  • Gold Beach: new vehicles added and German artillery setup changed, German assault kit with MP34
  • Minor changes to Sidi Rezegh (added back main base artillery) and Falaise Pocket (removed lewis gun)
  • Added Omaha 16 player layer
  • Singleplayer added to Omaha, with changes for Gold Beach and Villers Bocage
  • Fixed aiming with the Gewehr 41
  • Fixed the physics of the Puma and Ju52
  • Improved ragdoll settings