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ArmA 3

#1951 Chuck der Norris

Chuck der Norris


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Geschrieben 14 Oktober 2014 - 17:41

Bitte, habe ich mir fasst gedacht. :derb:


genomsoldat21wxty.png"Hö!? Ein Karton." --- --- --- "Hö!? Fußssspurn."

#1952 Cpl. Basti

Cpl. Basti

    Gründer des Goobyismus

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Geschrieben 15 Oktober 2014 - 09:06

Also, man mag von den Devs ja denken was man will, aber die Idee ist genial:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Der Core2 duo ist doch kein Dualcore

#1953 Germanfragger


    aka Anno2005

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Geschrieben 15 Oktober 2014 - 21:22

Hab mir jetzt erst mal nen Xbox Pad zum fliegen bestellt vlt Bald noch nen TrackIR oder nen DIY lösung!


gibt es irgendwo ein schnelles tutorial zum fliegen mit der neuen Einstellung?

#1954 Germanfragger


    aka Anno2005

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Geschrieben 19 Oktober 2014 - 23:17

 alter fliegen mit dem Pad is ja ma so geil!

#1955 Expoatze



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Geschrieben 20 Oktober 2014 - 16:11

Ich hätte mir halt nen Joystick zum fliegen geholt^^

Liegt der Camper tot im Keller, war der Rusher wieder schneller. Liegt der Rusher tot daneben, hat der Camper nen Kollegen.

Wer Scheiße frisst und Popel kaut,der fährt auch das was Opel baut!

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#1956 Germanfragger


    aka Anno2005

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Geschrieben 20 Oktober 2014 - 19:06

der hat auf meinem schreibtisch leider keinen Platz und umbau ist auch nicht in sicht

#1957 McWayne


    Get To The Choppa!

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Geschrieben 20 Oktober 2014 - 19:59

Heli-DLC im Dev-Build verfügbar!!!


EXE rev. 127847 (game)
EXE rev. 127835 (launcher)
Size: ~467.8 MB

  • VRS can cause the x-H9 to fall like a brick right after inserting the helicopter as 'flying'.
  • There are some simulation / destruction glitches with the new helicopter pods.
  • You may see DLC Content Licensing notifications even when you own the Supporter Edition or DLC Bundle.
  • The Taru load-master is facing the wrong way.

  • Added: CH-67 Huron
  • Added: Huron black variant
  • Added: Huron cargo container
  • Added: Huron medical container
  • Added: Huron repair container
  • Added: Huron fuel container
  • Added: Huron ammo container
  • Added: Mi-290 Taru
  • Added: Taru black variants
  • Added: Taru with transport pod
  • Added: Taru with special-purpose bench pod
  • Added: Taru with medical pod
  • Added: Taru with cargo pod
  • Added: Taru with repair pod
  • Added: Taru with fuel pod
  • Added: Taru with ammo pod
  • Added: M-900
  • Added: P-30 Orca black / white weapon variant
  • Added: Flexible tank (2 items)
  • Added: Cargo net with crates (5 items)
  • Added: Smaller containers (12 items)
  • Added: Portable helipad lights (5 items)
  • Added: Helicopter big cover bag
  • Added: Water and fuel bladder (4 items)
  • Added: Secondary containment (4 items)
  • Added: Wheel pull device (2 items)
  • Added: Discharge stick
  • Added: Rigging rope
  • Added: Intake plug (5 items)
  • Added: Pitot cover
  • Added: Pressure washer
  • Added: Wheeled scaffolding
  • Added: Wheeled tool kart
  • Added: Portable engine crane
  • Added: Diesel Ground Power Unit
  • Added: Jet Engine Air Start Unit
  • Added: Water pump
  • Added: Wheel chocks
  • Added: Windsock
  • Added: Landing platform
  • Added: Welding cart
  • Added: Welding tank
  • Added: Gas tank (3 items)
  • Added: Wheelie Bin
  • Added: Aircon (‘Outside part’)
  • Added: Transport boxes (6 items)
  • Added: Pallet trolley
  • Added: Office table (2 items)
  • Added: Office chair
  • Added: Office cabinet
  • Added: Rattan table and chair (2 items)
  • Added: Refrigerator
  • Added: Tableware (9 items)
  • Added: Microwave
  • Added: Workbench
  • Added: Flat-screen TV
  • Added: Camera
  • Added: Desktop PC (4 items)
  • Added: PC printer
  • Added: Projector
  • Added: Portable speaker(s)
  • Added: Game console (4 items)
  • Added: HDMI cable
  • Added: Tablet
  • Added: Sport balls (5 items)
  • Added: Baseball mitt
  • Updated: 3D ring and sphere helpers
  • Updated: Brand-new version of the Sling Load Assistant
  • Fixed: Cargo and FFV positions have correct get in anims now
  • Added: Some movement to the oil temperature indicator for the xH-9 family of helicopters
  • Extended the draw area of the velocity direction indicator in the Orca to its full HMD area
  • Tweaked: Various helicopter SFX configurations
  • Tweaked: G-force level of camera shake in planes
  • FFV positions shouldn't affect the shape of the body anymore
  • Fixed: Darter did some random movements while in auto-hover
  • Decreased maximumLoad of Ababil and Grayhawk internal inventory by half
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_loop is not reliable because of preemption (http://feedback.arma...ew.php?id=21193)
  • Fixed: "M134_minigun" wasn't recognized correctly by BIS_fnc_itemType
  • Fixed: BIS_fnc_crewCount recognized cargo turrets as active crew
  • Fixed: TT01 - Glitching fire extinguisher
  • Small adjustment of Sling Loading samples
  • Tweaked: Vehicle stress sounds
  • Tweaked: Crash sounds for helicopters

  • Sound: GMeterZ1
  • Fixed: Sound: Sling Load - Detach cargo
  • Fixed: CTD when accessing uninitialized memory
  • Added: New information to the fullCrew command
  • If a formation leader is Sling Loaded, the pilot takes the lead
  • Fixed: Nil public variables would not broadcast over the network
  • Added: RPT logs when the ownership of DLC has changed (http://feedback.arma...ew.php?id=20510)
  • Added: Set of new commands for working with turrets namely: allTurrets, magazineTurretAmmo, setMagazineTurretAmmo
  • Fixed: Multiplayer - Zeus CTD
  • Fixed: 2 x Ctrl should now raise the weapon in crouch stance
  • Fixed: Unarmed camera [FFV]
  • Sound: Added support for AnimationSourceDoor (helicopter ramps)
  • Fixed: CTD when calling the getConfig script command on a faulty value
  • Changed: Sling Loading Assistant GUI to be blank and relative to the helicopter and changed its GUI elements
  • Drawing XZ cross in Sling Load Assistant
  • Added: Lift progress and height progress bars to the Sling Load Assistant
  • Colored the Sling Load Assistant height bar by profile colors
  • Added: Maximum altitude number in the Sling Load Assistant
  • Changed: Coloring of the altitude number in the Sling Load Assistant
  • Magic number for Sling Load Assistant moved to config ( slmMaxAltitude = 40.0; )
  • Changed: Status text for the Sling Load Assistant

  • Renamed: Arma 3 BattlEye EXE filename


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