News Squad Squad: Alpha 8.9 veröffentlicht

Squad: Alpha 8.9 veröffentlicht

Squad: Alpha 8.9 veröffentlicht
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  • Added the SPG-9 recoilless gun as a deployable for Militia and Insurgents. It is limited to 2 per FOB and costs 350 construction points. Currently this emplacement only has access to HEAT rounds (similar to your RPG-7) but it packs a bigger punch and it shoots it a lot faster, further and straighter. Each reload is 50 Ammo points at a FOB.
  • Added a SPG-9 version of the technical to Militia and Insurgents. Losing a SPG-9 technical will result in a 12 ticket loss for your team and a 8 minute respawn timer. Each reload at an ammo depot is 50 Ammo points. It holds up to 5 people.

Gameplay Changes

  • The S5 rocket fired from the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical has had a minor buff to its explosion radius.
  • The ammo cost of reloading the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical has been lowered from 300 to 250 ammo points at a FOB.
  • Lowered the respawn timer of the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical from 18 to 15 minutes.
  • Militia Medics now has the AKS-74 as their main weapon rather than the AKS-74U.
  • To further emphasize the mobility play style of the unconventional factions, as well as their light vehicles being a constant annoyance for US/Russia, we have lowered the amount of tickets lost on a DShK armed technical from 8 to 6, and lowered the respawn timer from 6 to 4 minutes.
  • Added more seats to various technical versions to further increase the mobility of the factions using them.
  • Added 2 seats in the back of the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical. Optimal for bringing your spotters along for the ride! (Now holds a total of 4)
  • Added 2 additional seats in the back of the Dshk Technicals- (Now holds a total of 5)
  • Transport Technical now holds a full 9 man squad! Full on clown car.
  • Logistics Technicals now holds a total of 5 people.
  • Medics will be able to apply field dressings (bandages) 25% faster, both to himself and to friendlies. Medical treatment is their specialty after all.
  • Unequip animations for medic bag, field dressings and binoculars are now 50% faster

Map Changes

  • Added a logistics Technical to Militia on Yehorivka AAS v2 to add extra flexibility to the way the Militia team wants to play the map or the artillery. Also replaced a BTR-80 with a Transport truck for Russia.
  • Operation First Light now has logistics vehicle for both faction as an experiment. The US has one logistics truck but Militia has two logistics technicals.
  • Added 1-2 SPG-9 Technicals across most Insurgent and Militia map layers where applicable. In rare situations they are substituting a Dshk Technical, but mostly they are an addition to the vehicle pool.
  • Added Kokan AAS v2 with Russia vs Insurgents
  • Added Kokan PAAS v1 with Russia vs US
  • Added a Conquest Layer for Operation First Light, where the flags can be captured out of order. Both sides begin with 400 tickets and tickets are constantly draining at a rate of 4 tickets per minute per flag owned by the enemy team. Essentially the more flags you own, the slower the ticket bleed will be for your side.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the logistics technicals were delivering 1000 construction and ammo points rather than the intended 500 of both.
  • Fixed two bugs that made vehicles a lot more squishy than they were in A7. Vehicles should be back to A7 survivability again.
  • Fixed a bug where the burn damage to vehicles were up to 10 times higher than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where all vehicles except for the BTR-80 were taking 30-50% more damage from rifles and HMGs than they should.
  • Fixed Kokan's AAS lattice not going double neutral
  • Fixed Kokan repair and resupply point at Insurgent main base not working
  • Fixed the Improvised Rocket Artillery Technical gunner's view being offset from the head of the soldier
  • Fixed multiple issues which enabled you to kill the crew of armored vehicles with frag grenades and rockets. Now you'll definitely have to rely on your HEAT rounds and your HMGs to deal with them again.
  • Improved the SVD's set up a little bit. It was shooting a bit too low and a bit to the right before. It still isn't perfect, but it is better until we get a new system for handling sights.
  • Adjusted the M72 LAW's sights so that is more useful at range. Taking shots at targets beyond 200m put the target fully outside of the ring in the sight, now that happens beyond 300m. Be aware that the projectile is slow and this adjustment has made it arc a lot, making it possible to overshoot a target at close range.
  • Fixed player state of dead players not displayed correctly on the spawnscreen
  • Fixed player state of players in vehicles not displayed correctly on the spawnscreen
  • Fixed deployable ghosts of HMGs not showing the green/correctly
  • Fixed weapons teleporting to maproot
  • Fixed razor wire causing vehicles to go airborne
  • Fixed server crash on round end if a demorec was running
  • Fixed rare zombie mode bug on incap
  • Fixed rare crash related to entering vehicles
  • Fixed FOB radio sounds being too silent to locate FOBs
  • Fixed a lot of bugs on Chora
  • Fixed entering a vehicle with ADS causing sway inside the vehicle
  • Fixed unable to kick a player from your squad if they have not spawned in yet
  • Fixed being able to place assets on enemy FOBs


  • Added impact effects and audio to glass surfaces such as windows
  • Added a unique map icon for both the Improvised Rocket Artillery and SPG-9 Technicals
  • Camera now shakes when you fire an explosive rocket projectile like the M72 LAW, RPG7 or SPG9.
  • Added new sounds for the M4 Rifle
  • Added new way of handling rearming of vehicle weapons at a repair station. Before all magazines would instantly appear, now only one magazine appears every 7-10 seconds depending on the weapon.
  • The above change allows us to better handle the Rocket Technical and Humvee CROWS 50cal weapon systems. These two now gradually fill up their magazine at a repair station. Rule of thumb is about 1 min for a full rearm of an empty vehicle.
  • Humvee CROWS 50cal now has one big magazine of 500 rounds.
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