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  1. We did talk about this a long time ago, but there are many problems involved in creating infantry units.

    Game play:

    - Infantry on a 4x4 km map is not fun. Trust me it takes like 5 minutes to just run from one end of a base to the other.

    - Infantry will be slaughtered without a chance against the vehicles. All of our vehicles are rather high powered and fast. Infantry - even with missiles will have to carry a lot of them to make a difference in the game.


    - Creating handweapons for 3 whole factions takes a long long time.

    - Creating animations for these weapons takes even longer

    - They have to be balanced

    - If the mod is going to look good with infantry it needs new soldier models

    We are still a very small development team and we want to focus on the main game play of the mod: the vehicle battles...

    If the mod was a regular mod where we would continue to develop the mod until things died out we would without a doubt develop infantry. But we have set ourselves a deadline of the 1st of september where we release the very final build.

    Test marine weapon:

    I personally wanted to play around with infantry, so I created a little test weapon and combination of regular BF2 kits and soldiers.

    Here its easy to see how much animation tweaking is needed.


    It is made from the idea of a .50 caliber main weapon for engaging targets at long ranges (as the maps have) and with a shotgun in the handguard for close combat.

    (updated version of what you see above:)


    Still after this being a .50 caliber weapon, it would have no difference on the outcome of any battle.

    I have set about to create a single hand weapon for each of the 3 factions. These may be included in a patch after our final official release for a small infantry map I might make. However I wont promise anything since I will be moving on to my own project at that time.

    I hope that answered a few of the questions people have been wondering about.

    If there still are some questions or comments about this subject feel free to ask..

  2. Hehe, take it easy guys :)

    I see there has been a lot of talk about the mod only being a "dogfight mod". I wouldnt say thats true any longer. I would rather call it a "vehicle mod" perhaps.

    Me an Irontaxi have agreed to each of the 3 teams having 3 aircrafts and 2 ground vehicles (defence turrets not included)

    Last night I spend some time making the marine factions tank ready for texturing, and spend a little under 2 hours texturing.

    You can see how far I've gotten here:



    However, this is far from done :)

  3. Hello german friends :)

    Sorry that I dont write in german, I am danish.

    I do understand a bit of german though.

    Your site has shown frequent interest in the development of our mod, "Offworld".

    Each time a news post is made there is a lot of comments - which is nice. So we thought we would make a thread here at your forum so we can answer any possible questions or give feedback on comments.

    Since this is a german forums, we know most of the replies to this thread will be made in german. However, if they are made in english we could probably avoid some misunderstandings and confusion, hehe :)

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