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ight I've done as much testing and bug fixing as I can now and uploading what I have to the FTP under builds and the filename is "BFP2_R25B.rar", which includes all the altered files on top of "BFP2_R25_Client_Full.rar".

I've fixed the following bugs:

- Aces High missing "Grate Wall" sky texture, added it to the mod.

- Aces High Localization

- Harbour Localization

- Plunders Island Localization

- Plunders Island had vBF2 flags, swapped them out for BFP2 flags

- Plunders Island was using a buggy "Falconet" gun which hopped around, fixed that by swapping it out with the "portcannon180D" Falconet gun.

- Sleepy Valley Localization

- Strike at Pegville Localization

Also not been able to test Zombie mode, Rally mode or Tactical mode as I didn't quite know how these worked or couldn't test by myself but all the maps load fine, just dunno if the python code is working or not.

Also to who ever makes the installer, make sure that the shortcut for the mod works with Windows 7 (x86 and x64) as the current one for yarr 2.1 doesn't work and required remaking for it to work which most players wont be able to do.

Anyways I think that's basically everything I can do from my end. Let me know if you need any more help thou

So daraus sollte man eine kleine News machen können ;)

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Ich mach hier mal Werbung.Auf Forgotten Honour startet ne BF Prirates² Kampagne.Nachzulesen hier:




Viele Deutsche sind auf seiten der Peglegs im Regiment The Sans Pareil^^


Damit überbrücken wir die Wartezeit auf Kampagne 15, die in ca 2 Monaten startet.



Wir sehen uns AARRGGHHH^^^ :)


Joinen kann man hier: http://www.forgottenhonor.com/modules.php?name=TeamStats




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