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Battlefield 2 High Definition W.I.P.

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I still know you from the FH2 forums and you still seem to be pretty arrogant on your work...

The textures are looking pretty good though, especially the wooden plank texture.

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Seems pretty pro. How are you creating those textures?

Do you use photos as reference? Or do you build them up from scratch?

The textures you see in the pics and vids,were sourced from the internet,and are very high resolution (much higher then FH2 ones :facepalm: LOL )

A. because i lack the skills to make my own

B. it would be very time consuming,even if i knew how

Then i edit the textures to resemble the colour and texture of an existing BF2 texture

Some BF2 terrain textures,are actually black and white,and are given their in-game colour by the coding in the sky con file

For non terrain textures all the bump-maps need to be remade,because,the texture pattern are slightly different,and because the more realistic the texture is,the flatter,the bump-map needs to be (or else it looks terrible in-game)

In fact with most of the textures i used,a bump-map is not required,but still requires a "flat" bump-map to be copied onto the texture palette,or a remap of the bundle-mesh,pointing to a common flat bump-map texture

Yeah, I see (and know) your problem.

But anyway, keep up the work. :daumenhoch:

ps: Ignore the FH2 references....

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any news on this? :)


Any news on my High Definition textures

Or any news on FH2's high-definition textures (you know,the ones that "apparently" exist)

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