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Premiumpanzer der 1000e -.-



The Panzerbefehlswagen IV, or Pz.Bfw. IV, is a German command tank based on the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J series of medium tanks and was put in service in early 1944. While the main armament, the 75 mm Kw.K. 40, was equal to the regular Ausf. J, the tank was equipped with an improved powerful radio system and additional antennas, allowing the loader to act as secondary radio operator. Also, the tank is equipped with wire-mesh skirts instead of the solid metal skirts of previous versions, aiming at offering increased protection against HEAT projectiles such as infantry rockets.

In game, the tank will be a premium vehicle for the German army and come with a battle rating of approximately 4.7.












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Dear Players!
Today, we are happy to present to you the preliminary list of changes and additions of the upcoming Update 1.43! The full list of changes will be published simultaneously with the opening of the test server (DEV), which will be announced later.
  • A new hangar
  • New weapons and environment sounds
  • Customizable vehicle presets
  • New game mode for aircraft
  • New awards and achievements
  • HD files can now be downloaded individually from client (SD client files 3.1 GB)
  • and many bug fixes
New ground vehicles:


  • ZSU-37
  • ZUT-37
  • ZSU-57-2
  • T-35
  • T-54 mod. 1947
  • T-III (Pz.Kpfw III Ausf. J with 50 mm Kw.K. 38 L / 42)


  • Flakpanzer IV ‘Wirbelwind’
  • Flakpanzer IV ‘Ostwind’
  • Flakpanzer IV ‘Kugelblitz’
  • Flakpanzer V ‘Coelian’
  • Pz.Kpfw II Ausf. H
  • Pz.Kpfw III Ausf. J with 50 mm Kw.K. 39 L / 60
  • Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf. J
  • Pz.Bfw IV Ausf. J
  • Marder III
  • Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G
  • KV-1 mit Kw.K. 40
New aircrafts:



  • F7F-1
  • B-57a
  • Fw.190A-8 (USA)
  • Ki-43-II late (USA)


  • Fw.190A-4
  • Ho.229 V-3
  • Tempest MK.V (Germany)
  • Yak-1B (Germany)


  • I-16 type 5
  • Yak-1
  • Yak-9
  • IL-28
  • P-47D (USSR)


  • Lancaster Mk.I
  • Canberra B. Mk.2
  • Venom FB. Mk.4
  • PBY-5a (RAF)


  • Ki-27 otsu
  • Ki-43-I
  • J7W1
  • Kitsuka
  • R2Y2 KAI V1
  • R2Y2 KAI V2
  • R2Y2 KAI V3
  • B-17E (Japan)


  • New camouflages and decals
  • Many improvements to the Flight Models
New locations and missions:
  • Mozdok
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Tropical Island (for aircraft)
Changes in the interface:
  • Armor Inspector showing armor and vehicle modules
  • Tank shell effects on the armor are now described in more detail
  • Replay view interface has been significantly changed and improved
  • Spectator view screen has been significantly reworked
This is not a complete list of changes for Update 1.43! The detailed patchotes will be published along with the opening of the DEV server and public testing of the update.
You can discuss it here!


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Maintenance 9th October (07.00 - 10:00 GMT)


Pilots and tankers!


War Thunder game servers will be closed down for maintenance 9th October at 07.00 to 10:00 GMT to facilitate the installation of the 1.43 Update. Premium accounts will be compensated for the downtime.


The War Thunder team


oh yeah 1.43 here we go

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Bin ich froh das ich den Dev-Server regelmäßig Update. Ich musste heute nämlich garnichts runterladen :D

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wie muss ich das gerade verstehen hasste einfach die daten vom dev ordner genommen  und in den richtigen ordner von WT gelegt oder wie

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Jup, alle Daten vom Dev-Ordner kopieren und dann in den originalen Ordner schieben. Im Launcher muss man dann noch den Server von "dev" auf "production" ändern und fertig!

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