Battlefield for Life


This is a 2 minutes 51 seconds long action clip from BF 1942 DC made by a hardcore fan.

Installation and use instructions:

The video is in DivX format. If you don't have it, get it from eg
There shouldn't be any other problems. Using the video is simple. Watch it and if possible, try to enjoy.

Legal agreement:

This video can be freely distributed via internet, CDs, DVDs, LAN parties etc. Clipping, screenshooting etc. and using the material of this video in another purpose is restricted. I don't think you care about it but at least consider the alternative of not using this video in a such manner.

Making the video:

I'm a long term Battlefield 1942 fan. I played it like no other game. After a while, I also found Desert Combat mod and started playing it. I think the first version of it, which I played was 0.25c. And now, after I have enjoyed so much of Dice's and Trauma Studios' work, I'd like to give something back. I made the whole video from some clips that I have recorded during a public match, though some of the clips were made because of a purpose in the video. I don't have any kind of a super computer and that's why the video is a bit laggy in some parts of it 'cos Fraps really takes a big bite of one's memory.
Before I started to make this video I already had 20 gibs of work files. So there was a lot cutting to be made. I didn't have a manuscript of the events in the video, I just put a clip after a clip in an order I felt was nice.
The song is Hans Zimmer's Tribal War from Black Hawk Down's soundtrack. I just love the song and this video is also a tribute to the song. It was fun and troublesome to sync the action with the drums in the song. I have recently been able to listen the song again. I got kind of bored to it because while making the video I had to listen the song through some 60 times.

This is a one man project and shooting and cutting of it took 20 to 30 hours. Some special thanks is given to Lydecker because he was the only guy that I could get to shoot with a Howitzer. The first version of this clip is actually a part of a birthday gift video. So also thanks to you Saimi and to your 18's b-day parties. :) After that the video has just lied on my pc for six months. (whoa did you REALLY read all this?)

Here's a translation of the Finnish texts in the video (notice that this WAS a 18's b-day gift video):
"Life's a battle for ones's own independency and authorization"
"There's times when one has to fight physically"
"There's times when despite of one's own will it can't be done"
"Then one has to fight virtually"

"Play more" "Stress less"
"Special thanks to (LB) Lydecker for driving the Howitzer"


You can contact me in IRC @ qnet&ircnet. The nick is usually Fetti, but in some cases one German bastards steals my name and uses it like "fettiI". If so, try to find a nick Feti. If I'm not @ IRC, send me email to Fetti[a]kanetti[dot]com
You can also find me playing Battlefield 2 with a nick Fettii ('cos the German bastard strikes back). Check my crappy stats: ;)


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