Battlefield 2 Stats Viewer v1.05

Seit einiger Zeit entwicklt phreazer ein Tool, das sich "Battlefield (2) Stats Viewer" nennt. Damit könnt ihr lokal eure Stats und die anderer Spieler in einem optisch sehr schön gestalteten Design aufrufen. Informationen & Screenshots findet auf der eigens dafür geschriebenen Website:

v1.0.5 Changelog
- [Added] Support for private Bf2 rankings
- [Added] Chart labels
- [Improved] Chart hints
- [Improved] Error handling
- [Fixed] Next rank progressbar
- [Fixed] Problems with usernames containing spaces
- [Fixed] Conversion errors caused by ratio charts
- [Fixed] Mysterious disappearing of weapon accuracy
- [Fixed] Conversion errors caused by the issue above

v1.0.0 Changelog
- [Added] Charts
- [Added] HTML export with templates
- [Added] XML export
- [Added] New updater & MD5 file integrity check
- [Added] "First earned" date (of Ribbons, Medals, Badges)
- [Added] Detailed award progress for Far/Middle East Service Ribbon
- [Improved] Personal Leaderboard: Increased player maximum to 20
- [Improved] TopTen (now "High scores"): Increased player maximum to 20
- [Improved] "Leaderboard"/"High score" configurability
- [Improved] Gfx/GUI
- [Improved] Updated CSV Export
- [Improved] Refreshed and cleaned up code
- [Improved] Reduced memory usage by 25%
- [Improved] Improved http exception handling
- [Fixed] problems with Game-Monitor online status
- [Fixed] Fixed memory leaks

v 0.96 Changelog
- [Improved] Error handling
- [Fixed] Stats retrieving problems (decimal separators caused trouble again)
- [Fixed] Leaderboard bug

v 0.95 Changelog
- [Added] Thread based http requests (simultaneous/faster stats loading)
- [Added] Top Ten Filter
- [Added] Proxy support
- [Added] Nickname search
- [Added] Highway Tampa support
- [Improved] The online status of players can now be retrieved from Game-Monitor
- [Improved] Now BfSV can be closed when PL data gets retrieved
- [Improved] Rewriting Httpget-Requests for the updater
- [Improved] Now request timeouts can be specified
- [Improved] If language files can’t be found, they will be downloaded through the updater
- [Fixed] Problems with some firewalls
- [Fixed] Fav vehicle bug
- [Fixed] Minor bugs

v 0.90 Changelog
[Added] Dynamic award progress system
[Added] Date when award was earned
[Added] Custom Bf2 start parameters
[Added] Updater support for requirement files
[Added] Calculation of time now depends on your time zone
[Added] New progress bar, which shows how far you are away from the next award
[Improved] Rank progress calculations improved
[Improved] HTML Export: Killframe JS removed
[Improved] Minor code improvements
[Fixed] Problems with updating the language files
[Fixed] Personal Leaderboard: PID bug solved
[Fixed] (Sort) problems with different decimal seperators of other countries solved
[Fixed] Fav. image of ?Road to Jalalabad? should be visible now
[Fixed] Dual Monitoring: Problems with the windows positions solved
[Fixed] Some installer issues
[Fixed] Minor fixes

v 0.85 Changelog
- [Added] ?Armored Fury? support
- [Added] Road to Jalalabad support
- [Added] Languagefile update system
- [Added] Player online indicator
- [Added] See where your buddies are playing (& join directly)
- [Added] Server details
- [Added] Link to ?Game Monitor?
- [Added] Refresh buttons (Personal Leaderboard, TopTen)
- [Added] Option to delete saved Bf2 login data
- [Added] Playtime statistics (for Bf2,SF,EF,AF)
- [Added] CSV support (Export)
- [Added] New export option: ?Date as filename?
- [Added] Favicon (HTML-Export)
- [Improved] Renewed ?Personal Leaderboard?
- [Improved] Medal images (HTML Export)
- [Improved] New auto update check
- [Fixed] Translation system bugs
- [Fixed] Export bugs
- [Fixed] Rank system bug
- [Fixed] ?Quick Launch icon? bug
- [Fixed] Minor bugs

v 0.80 Changelog
- BfSV Hotfix

v 0.75 Changelog
- Soldier images
- Update check on startup
- New rank/achievement info
- HTML export (automatically)
- HTML export (manually)
- Multilanguage system (with XML-files)
- FTP upload
- Updateable descriptions
- Soldier images
- Dates added
- New rank images
- Deployments
- Theatre table (time in theatre,...) added
- Euro Force data (Weapons, Ribbons, Medals etc.)
- Wake data
- Descriptions and figures about weapons
- Correct (time) sort
- Minor Personal Leaderboard improvements
- New logo
- New icon
- Trayicon
- Improved code
- Bug fixes

v0.55 Changelog
- BfSV Hotfix
- Personal Leaderboard: Quick add/delete-buttons
- Fixed some problems with the Personal Leaderboard
- Minor fixes


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