Wasteland 2042 Patch 1.96 to 2.00

WASTELAND 2042 Beta 2.00 - Readme

You will need to download Wastelandupdate to use this patch.
Just copy and past to your interwebs browser.

How to install: Extract the Archives folder into the wasteland2042 folder that is located in

Ok Provideing you actuality read this Here are the changes.

First off the vehicels, the speeds and acceleration have been tweaked. Sawed offs have been added to the
red car, the intercepter, and one of the buggies. Thats about it. Also I'm experimenting with
the damage system with the vehicles. They can now be disabled if you shoot them enough and if you shoot
them enough times they will explode. This is only an experiment if people don't like it It will be removed

Now on the the weapons.
The mod has been overall rebalanced the 44 is weaker, it kicks even more, and shoots slower.
Some of the ballistics have been tweaked. Like the crossbows and crossbow pistol The projectiles
travle at higher velocities but they drop realisticly. The rebarcannon is back but it shoots
exposive tiped bolts that are made to damage vehicles.
The hunter has his the exp crossbow back. His binoculars have been removed because they are really useless.
The damages to the weapons have been tweaked, they are slightly realistic like if you shoot someone
in the arm or leg it wont do as much damage if you hit them in the torso also head shots or one hit kill
no matter what.
Oh yea the flaregun is more like a flaregun if you shoot it in the air it will explode.
If you are wondering why the zipgun has a funny reload animation its because the charactor has more
then one zipguns, He fires one drops it fires anther one drops it over and over again till he has no
more left. Just like a pirate. I also made some minor kit changes Its more like classic wasteland
if you've played it. The melee has been improved. Each melee weapon is a tad diffirent then the other.
The Machette swings on avarage speed and does avarage damage.
The Spiked bat swings slower but does a lot of damage.
The cleaver does a lot of damage plus swings fast but you have to get in pretty close to use it.
The knife does about the same damage but again you have to get in close.
The crowbar is the weakest has the same speed as machette but if you hit someone in the head they're

I also added some new models that the origonal devs left out such as a mowhawk, mask and goggels.
They can be seen on the red teams charactors. Thats about all. If you would like to suggest something
or help me out with the mod you can post at my forums.

And now the origonal readme and cridits of wasteland 2042

WASTELAND 2042 Beta 1.46 - Readme


This mod is a total conversion of the game Battlefield 1942.
You will need Battlefield 1942 to run this game.
This game is for multiplayer use only; single player and bots are not supported.
Featuring a complete new set of hand-weapons and vehicles and new environments
fitting the post apocalyptical world of Wasteland 2046. This produces a totally
new experience for Battlefield 1942 as tactics for being successful is really

The history

The mod was started autumn 2002 by Lakrillo. A team of willing people were recruited
through forums and different sites. There has been some people coming and leaving,
but the core of the team has remained pretty much the same since the start.
Most of the team was fairly new to modding when starting, and we have learnt and
evolved during the making of this mod. Then 2 years ago I wooze desided to bring this mod back. This mod was
the first one I modded on, and mapped. And if you want to help me just email me at
woozebooze@hotmail.com. By the way. I don't want to take to much credit for this mod all I did was
change a few codes the people you should give credit to are the real devs who made this mod.
Anyway, thankyou and have fun.


This is a beta-release, which means that all stuff in it might and will not be final.
You are encouraged to post bugs and your opinion at the forum of the mod. When doing so
post in the right section of the forums and be careful to not post stuff that has already
been pointed out. Due to a tight time-schedule there are known issues of the mod, these
together with the reported bugs will be addressed in a future patch. This mod's website is no longer up.
if you have any bugs or suggestions just email me at woozebooze@hotmail.com





Wasteland 2042 team

Lakrillo (Kristian Widén) - Team-Leader
gamedesign, modelling, texturing, 2d-art

Blarno (Ben Alpers) - Main-programmer
Various programming and exporting

Bitterman (Matt Hall) - Webmaster
The site, skins, menu-art

Neddy299 (Chad Reindahl)
HUD, Menus, and Tools programming

Springsteen (Chad McLachlan)
Programming, mapping

Capt. Tanoku (Vincent Martí)
Texturing, programming, unwrapping, mapping

Dystopia (Janne Haimilahti)
Texturing, mapping

Ryskah (Janne Kallio)

Mutionu (Tõnis Vanaselja)

Skeller (Wayne Snyder)
HUD-art, concepts

Brew (Brian Brewer)

Previous teammembers

BulletTooth - Modelling, mapping
Dedtexx - texturing, concepts
DemolitionMan - textures
FeRdI - modelling
Knob - sounds
Lenny - mapping
majsmannen - mapping
MistaEd - modelling
Secseanz - modelling, texturing
Scott - texturing
Turd Burglar - programming
Unwanted - modelling, texturing
w|sh - texturing, 2d-art


Vocal VooDoo (Josh Mahler) - Voice recordings

Ray Van Ness - Voice recordings

drummer - Music

File submissions

Cide - Chevelle
LatinJones - base of magnum
Eddie Willers - baseball bat
William - various static objects
DeliseF - buggy
Munzli - gastank skin

Special Thanks

The Kamikazer0 clan (#Kzer0 at quakenet) for playtesting and feedback

All you guys that have helped the mod with something that we have forgot to mention.

Our fans that have kept our forum alive.

The developers of mod tools, without you this wouldn't have been a reality.

All the people that has been supporting us.

The Desert Thunder map is dedicated to the Eagle Squadron clan: http://es.nucleardays.com

Thanks to our current host (www.bfcentral.se) and previous hosts for letting us have their webspace.

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