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Battlefield 2142 SP MiniMod v1.52

Allows coop and sp gameplay in larger map areas.
by Andy & Dnamro

Extract the zip file into your Battlefield 2142 mods folder.

Create a shortcut to the mod or start the game and then select the 2142_sp mod from the custom game menu.


Version 1.5.2 Changelog

New - Improved AI for most vehicles
New - Automatic firing (like the sentry gun) added to the stationary guns and most of the vehicles's gunner positions.
New - SP support for 16 and 32 player modes added to Operation Shingle


Version 1.5.0 Changelog

  • NS maps renamed to allow use without restrictions in Bf2142 prior to the 1.51 patch
  • Night version of maps created by Devilman
  • Includes Ai for Operation Shingle
  • Includes infantry on Ai support for Operation Blue Pearl (includes all map files, so it should be playable without
    the 1.51 patch)
  • Includes Ai for NS vehicles and NS maps.
  • NS vehicles in 64 player verisons of NS maps LoL and BoR.

Known issues:
- Devilman's night maps have some issues, such as building outlines on the night sky and missing tree textures at long distance on LoL.


Version Changelog

  • Highway Tampa Single player support by Winterhill. Spawn fixes and CP Tags added by Dnamro.
  • Combat area fixes for Camp Gibraltor and Belgrade by Frank Beans.
  • Installer now gives the option to install Northern Strike single player support without checking for installation of the Booster pack.


Version Changelog

  • Expanded AI for NS maps by Frank Beans
  • Installer only adds AI for NS maps if the Nothern Strike Booster is installed.
  • AI fix for NS vehicles.
  • Large Ticket values fixed on maps.
  • Mod contains the most current AI support for the BF2142 maps.
  • Works with 1.4 Patch



Installer & Idea Behind MiniMod



Shuhia Taiba 16/32/64 v4.0 by shanejohn
Fall of Berlin 16/32/64 v4.0 by shanejohn
Bridge at Remagen 16 v1.0 by shanejohn
Port Bavaria 16/32/64 v1.0 by shanejohn
Liberation of Leipzig 16/32/64 v1.0 by shanejohn
Minsk 64 Alpha v1.0 by kysterama and clivewil
Cerbere Landing 32 Alpha by clivewil
Sidi Power Plant 64 Alpha v1.0 by clivewil
Belgrade 16/32 Alpha v1.0 by clivewil
Tunis Harbor 32/64 Alpha v4.1 by clivewil
Verdun 64 Alpha v1.0 by kysterama
Suez Canal 64 Alpha v1.0 by clivewil
Camp Gibraltar 16/32 Beta v1.0 by EzPiKnZ[ONT]
- original idea by PC Load Letter ans $noop.

Localisation Files

Dan - Take Productions

Intro & Artwork

Alena - aka BlackCats

Battlefield 2142


Northern Strike

You MUST own the full retail version to play the new content.


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Veröffentlicht 04.04.2011
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