Battleship - Client 0.31

Erste Version der Mod mit den ganz dicken Pötten.

Battleship v0.31

A modification for Battlefield 2

Table of Contents
1) Description
2) Installation
3) Uninstallation
4) The Game (an overview)
5) Controls
6) Credits & Contact Us

1) Description:
Welcome to Battleship! This mod puts you at the helm or in the gunner's seat of a wide range of vessels inspired by warships from the turn of the century; the Dreadnought era of naval combat.

2) Installation:
Extract the folder "bb" to the "/battlefield 2/mods" folder. The mod can be run from the included .bat file, or by creating a shortcut to battlefield 2 and including the command line <+modPath mods/bb> at the end of the target line in the shortcut properties

3) Uninstallation:
Simply delete the bb folder in /mods and any shortcuts you may have created.

4) The Game:

-Two factions, the Communists and Nationalists, locked in civil war.

-Five classes of warship:

-Allegiance Class Battleship: Heavily armed and armored, but slow and lumbering. The ultimate warship.
-eight 12 inch guns in four turrets (inline mounted)
-three 4 inch guns (anti-corvette weaponry)

-Impetuous Class Battlecruiser: Lightly armored and fast but just as powerfully armed as the battleship.
-eight 12 inch guns in four turrets (hexagonally mounted)
-three 4 inch guns (anti-corvette weaponry)

-Impulse Class Cruiser: Poorly armored but decently armed and very speedy.
-two 8 inch guns in one turret (on the foredecks)
-six 4 inch guns (broadside mounted)

-Errant Class Corvette: Small, fast and maneuverable, with only light armor and limited weaponry
-one 4 inch gun (on the foredecks)
-Provisions for minelaying (up to 20 mines in the hold)

-Victory Class Seaplane Carrier & Fleet Tender: Converted liner, large, poorly armored and unarmed but quite fast.
-Carries four floatplane fighters and two bombers.
-Can resupply both aircraft and ships.

-Three Weapons:

-Long Rifle: The standard infantryman's rifle. Can fit a bayonet. 5 round magazine, bolt action

-Marksman's Rifle: A long rifle tuned for accuracy and mounted with a scope

-Carbine: A shortened, smaller-caliber rifle with a folding buttstock intended for use by ship's crews and pilots

-Five classes:

-Rifleman: The backbone of both factions' marines. Armed with rifle, bayonet, and extra ammunition.

-Marksman: Particularly skilled shooters are given a specialty scoped rifle, sans-bayonet.

-Crewman: The crew of a ship can keep it repaired and defend it with thier carbines if pressed to it.

-Pilot: Pilots also carry a carbine, but in addition have something more critical: a parachute.

-Medic: The medic can heal the wounded and revive fallen soldiers.

-Six Maps:

-Battle for Supremacy: A stormy sunset sees the Communist and Nationalist navies struggling for power in a volcanic archipelago.

-Black Sea: Harsh midday sun on a desolate sea sets the stage for a massive fleet engagement across open water.

-Brigg's Bank: Two fleets sit in port on two small islands. Which faction will claim the entire naval base as thier own?

-North Sea: An old Naval complex spanning four islands is torn apart by the civil war. Struggle to claim the entire base as your own.

-Tacoma Port: Once-thriving trade ports are now wartorn bases in a power struggle for control of the area and its vital river crossing.

-White Sea: So named because the gray clouds above never let the blue waters shine, this sea has seen dozen of battles under its overcast skies.

5) Controls:

-Ship controls:
As captain, you will control the ship's movement, as well as launch boats, mines, and aircraft, in addition spotting fire for your gunners from the fire directors.

Ship controls are modified in the "Ship" section of control settings. With defaults, this means:
-'w' and 's' control the throttle, and
-'a' and 'd' control the steering.

You will have a visual cue as to your throttle by looking to your left on the bridge, where you will see an engine room telegraph indicating your current throttle setting.

You have some indication of rudder position by noting the revolutions and position of your ship's wheel

Also note that by pressing 'f' or scrolling your mouse's scroll wheel, options for moving to the fire directors to get a better view, launching boats, and in the case of the Victory and Errant, launching aircraft and mines, are available. Simply select one of these options, and ammo counters will come up for the selection. Most are controlled by the Left Mouse Button, but the boats, for example, are controlled by both mouse buttons, each button corresponding to the side of the ship you'd like to drop a boat from.

-Turret Controls:
When in a turret, you will control the bearing, elevation, and firing of each of the guns in the turret. Some capital ship guns will require long reload times, and will begin loading only upon you taking command of the turret. Bear this in mind when you jump in.

Turret controls are modified in the "Turret" section of control settings. With defaults, this means:
-'a' and 'd' control the turret's bearing (rotation)
-'w' and 's' control gun elevation (up and down)
-LMB fires the left gun
-RMB fires the right gun (if present)

Also note that by pressing 'f' or scrolling your mouse's scroll wheel, options for types of shot will appear. Most guns allow selection of HE (High Explosive) or APC (Armor Piercing Capped) projectiles, though the 4 inch guns include a Flak (Anti-Aircraft) projectile instead of an APC round. When switching rounds, one must wait for the new round to be loaded before it can be fired

-A note on shell types:
APC is most useful against heavily armored foes, like battleships. It will tend to smash right through lightly armored ships or portions of ships, doing no damage.

HE is best for bombarding land and destroying unarmored ships. It provides the most explosive power per round, but will be stopped by heavy armor present on battleships and even battlecruisers.

A high volume of Flak fire can effectively deny airspace to attacking aircraft, and direct hits are, of course, extremely deadly.

-Aircraft Controls:
Aircraft controls are modified in the "Aircraft" section of control settings. Aircraft controls are similar to stock Battlefield 2's settings, with some important notes:
-As pilot of the bomber, you will have available a bombsight, selectable by pressing the 'f' key. Pressing 'f' again will return you to the cockpit forward view.
-The gunner seat of the bomber is controlled with the mouse. Left Mouse Button fires the gun.

6) Credits

Iridium -- Models, Code
Zuiquan -- Maps, Textures, Site and Testing Coordination
Tech -- Textures
Squopher42 -- Maps, Site Coordination

And of course all the Battleship community, who did testing, made suggestions, and kept us going

Special thanks:
Goldi and Frontline18

Contact us:

The forums at Frontline 18:


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