Northern Exposure - Beta Client

Hinweise zur Installation
Das File muss in folgendes Verzeichnis entpackt werden:

Battlefield 2\mods

Und kann im Anschluss das Ingame-Menü (Community -> Eigene Spiele) gestartet werden.

This mini-mod is based on BF2 Special Forces, so we have used content from that Xpak to add to a vanilla map so it may look like extensive changes

We have made all our changes only by using a text editor like notepad. We have painstackingly changed each line of code to create the final effect. These changes include tweaks to the map, vehicles, ambient effects such as sounds and dust. As well as kit changes, soldier changes, weapon changes and additions,

Here is a list of all we have changed.

  • Map Changes

  • View distance now 1000

  • Terrain looks more like northern Australia

  • Weapon Changes

  • No aim HUD on any weapons

  • More realistic recoil and accuracy

  • More realistic ammunition quantities

  • Kit Changes

  • Medic cannot revive only heal


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Veröffentlicht 13.08.2007
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