SatNav's Multiple C4

Dateien, mit denen aus einem Paket C4 mehrere einzelne werden, die separat gezündet werden können.

Original Readme
something i made a few years ago, maybe someone here will want it.
its just 5 clones of the C4 with individual 3Dmap icon markers and selection icons. this enables you to place C4 around the map and select which one want to detonate.
this is only good for SP and best not to give it to bots otherwise you will get multiple C4 markers over the map and find it hard to tell which is yours.
item indexed from 4 to 8 so you can still have a knife,pistol and rifle in your kit.
you need to add NameTags.deployableDistance 1000 to the ServerSettings.con file in My Documents\Battlefield 2\Profiles\Default. this enables the C4 3dmap icons to be visible from 1000 metres away.


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