Dogs of War V2.1

*this is the readme, read it, or die!*

//mod version 1.0
//date 10/20/2010

It's very simple to install! Put the "Dogs_of_War" folder into the "/programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/" folder, then copy the shortcut I provided onto your desktop(If it doesn't work due for whatever reason, you'll have to create your own shortcut).

If you ask me how to install/use this mod, I will laugh at you, then tell you to read the readme and/or to figure it out yourself. It's not that hard.

//INTRO/misc notes/etc//
The "point" of this mod is the custom sounds/effects, with new gameplay as a side effect of me not being willing to bring this mod to a releasable state unless it played the way I want it to. So if you do not like the gameplay in this mod, I don't care! If you feel the need to complain about the gameplay, go find a corner to cry in. If you however really like the gameplay, you may let me know....It wont really matter, but oh well.

If you try to merge this mod into your mod, you are on your own. It will be a journey filled with pain! I will NOT join you on that journey. You should also read the "sound-effects pack notes" if you are going to attempt such a foolish thing.

THIS IS A SP ONLY MOD! Do not ask me about MP for this mod, do not ask for this mod to have MP. I will NOT be making this mod MP friendly! Don't like this? Then you can blow me! COOP...well, that's a bit different, but I have no way to test this mod for any sort of online again, no not really.

This mod was made to be used with the 1.41 patch. If it works with the 1.5 patch, great! If it doesn't, well too bad.

This mod was made with high/max graphics settings in mind! So if something is "broken" in low/med settings, that's why.

I reserve the right to not give you permission to use content from this mod, for ANY reason I choose. I also reserve the right to revoke permission if you fail to follow my guidelines for how the content in this mod may be used.(see the "sound-effects pack notes") YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO USE ANYTHING IN THIS MOD! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO USE IT HOWEVER THE HELL YOU CHOOSE! YOU MAY NOT GRANT YOURSELF PERMISSION TO STEAL CONTENT FROM THIS MOD, EITHER!(I'm sick of assholes who think it's ok to steal my stuff, simply because I didn't say they can't!) If you wish to use content from this mod, you shall agree that I will also be allowed to use your stuff. If you aren't willing to let me use your stuff, DO NOT BOTHER ASKING TO USE MINE!...You greedy selfish bastard!

If you are using the effects and sound files/templates from this mod, in your mod, You may NOT edit any of the effects and sound files/templates you are using unless I give you permission to do so. I put A LOT of work into them, I do NOT want them to be bastardized!

Much thanks to groovydawg for porting weapons and helping me out with this mod in many different ways. Thanks to crazyace for helping me out with editing sounds. Thanks to capt.sniper for allowing me to use sounds from his sound mod. Thanks to clivewil for his F-14, SU-22, Mi24, and the coax machingun he made for the wz551!

Custom soldier skins - Spartain117gw
Custom weapon skins - JONES

//weapon credits//

Mk19: AIX/Kysterama

Model/Skin: Kimono

HK USP Tactical Compact.
Model: Bullet_Head, Stoke, Twinke Masta
Skins: Darkstorn, SureShot

Model: Domovoi
Skin: Kimono
Bullet Model/Skin: Darkstorn

Springfield Armoury M1911
Model: Duztey
Skin: Wang_Chung

Model: Will
Skin: Wannabe

Model: Twinke Masta
skin: Millenia

model/skin: ohnomelon

Model/Skin: DaveW
Scope model/skin: Twinke Masta

model/Skin: quad

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