WASTELAND 2042 - v1.96 Client Full

Ok, This is an updated version of wasteland. (more like a patch though) I'm not the origonal creator of wasteland that honor goes to Lakrillo and the rest of his team wich are listed in this read me. This version of wasteland includes some kit changes, weapon modifications, 7 new maps and some minor vehicle changes.

City in the sky (a map on a bridge basicly)
The Winter
The Road To Haggle town
Lost Woods (made by my good friend Mega Bastard no really thats his name)
Fuel Rush
Raider Lands

All of these maps may have ctf option but its bugged so don't play ctf on these maps. But you can play
ctf on The winter and I think Lost woods.

Now for the kits. most of them are the same as the old version of wasteland with a few changes.

Leader - Mechete, Crossbow Pistol, 44 Magnum, and Throwing Knives
Berzerker - Spiked bat, colt 45, Sawed Off Shotgun, and Pipbombs
Hunter - Binoculars, Medbag, (or weed bag hehe) Crossbow, and Throwing knives
Heavy g - Cleaver, Crossbow with Explosive tiped bolts, Blunderbuss and one molotov
Techie Crowbar, Flaregun, Hunting rifle and wrench.

Redraiders kits are almost the same but some melee weapons are switch around also the Berzerker on
the Redraiders has the zipgun.

The vehicles haven't chaged much. Some of the vehicles have more horse power some new sounds.
The weapons in this update a very diffrent from the origonal wasteland and most other mods. I would
say that the weapons or somewhat like Day of Defeat. They all have very high damages and the kick
realisticly. No fire cone or spred thats only when you are moveing. Since this is a beta test
the expect the weapons to be unbalanced.

Well thats about it. I have added the origonal read me from wasteland 2042 in this read me.

If you are intrested in helping out my xfire is wooze

Here are some of the fellas who helped me out and gave me support.
Jonah Hexx
High eagle
Kaput (or Ringred might have mispelled)
Mega Bastard
And a few other of my pals that I can't think of right now.

The 1980s began with the failure of a 46-cent computer chip causing the NORAD headquarters to mistakenly believe that they were under attack by Soviet missiles. On the morning of June 13th, ironically a Friday, some 100 U.S. B-52s were sent into the sky, before the mistake was discovered. That was all it took, one moment, one mistake. Soon The U.S.S.R. retaliated with it's own nuclear arsenal. Countless land, sea, and air forces set into motion, prepared to defend their posts. All of it in vain, the apocalypse was already on it's way; nothing an assault rifle in the hands of a frightened man could do about that. An intercontinental firefight, ICBM's and nuclear war heads sailing east and west, penetrating the cloud line line a dagger through the heart of the world. If World War I was the war to end all wars, then World War III defied description.

Life as it was, came to an end.

Yet from the total and utter devastation, a new life began. A new Dark Age, for the Kingdom of Man. With civilization's death, trust and happiness died as well. People had nothing to be optimistic about, nothing to look forward to anymore. Just an unforgiving climate, and a limited amount of resources. This didn't stop the desperate, the greedy, from fighting for these resources. Every day was a fight, and every fight was a reminder. A reminder of what brought the world to this state, of how important survival was in these trying times, and a reminder of how callous the heart of man was. To continue to kill, in a world that had already experienced so much death and chaos. A wise man once said, "Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do."

Truer words were never spoken.


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