Extreme Realism Mod v1.7 Full

Welcome to "Extreme Realism" , a modification for the game
from EA/Dice Battlefield 2142 (aka BF2142). The focus of this mod will be about realistic gameplay, everything else is secondary. This Mod will also not be for the masses, due to the fact that it will have a higher learning curve then your classic arcade game. This will be the real deal.

Important in order to set up the shortcut correct all you have to do is change the E drive to your C drive unless you installed your bf and the mod somewhere else.

Server files are in the make and should be done next week maybe.

Changelog of Patch 1.7

    * Removed several textures of the eu gunship (it had pac logo's)

    • Added 3 new pouches: 2 ammopouches and 1 medicpouch

    • New sound for the ganz: it sounds better now.

    • Bullet effect: The bullets of the ganz and the zeller have a small explosion as end effect.

    • Removed miniguns from gunships: It just didn't feel realisticly enough

    • Added new weapon to Stalker kit: the new weapon name is called Pulse sniper. It charges first and fires a rorsch bullet.

    • Fixed bloodgulch crash: fixed a bug where the map would crash randomly with bots.

    • Fixed eu air transport 3rd seat: fixed a problem where you did saw bullets flying but never got a hit indicator (DICE is going to use it too)

    • Changed spoken voices in Fall of berlin, Liberation of Leipzig and Verdun: * FoB and LoZ have german voices for eu and Verdun has French voice overs.

      • Removed driver controlled mg's from tanks: the bots wouldnt shoot the normal rounds anymore and sometimes it crashed.

      • Added shell ejections to pac smg.

      • Increased bot smartness: they now also drop engineer ips's

      • Removed shell ejections from EU walker and accipiter: they caused to much lagg.

      • Added the new plane by AoW in sidi power plant 64 player

      • Ganz and Zeller now damage every vehicle.

      • Added a new HMG called Civilian Defence Rifle to replace the ganz for EU

      • Added 1 new ambient sound - Bloodgulch and Severnaya have it.

      • added new things to gunship and static AA huds (your now able to lock onto vehicles with the gunship)

      • added tracking on gunships * you can now lock on planes

        • fixed cloaking sound

        • added a new seat to the Target - Thanks to Smagma Dactyl for the code

        • increased bleed to death effect a bit - it might not be amazing right now but its hard to create real blood effects

        • added a flak cannon effect - walker AA and Titan AA have it

        • fixed a sound issue where there were no more bullet vs ground impact sounds and no more fly bys (around 30 fly by effects atm)

        • added a flak explosion effect.

        • added 10 concrete impact sounds.

        • added 7 new wood impact sounds

        • added 18 bullet vs dirt impact sounds

        • fixed damagestate fire on favs

        • added a small red flashing light when health is getting low in a vehicle (on dashboard)
          * added one new damage effect for heavy vehicles - the flame is much heavier now and indicates heavy engine fire

          • removed radar ability from smoke shotgun * it was to overpowered as you only needed to shoot 4 times in a enemy spawnspot to see them

            • added more gamemodes to suez canal etc up to 64 players with bots now

            • added dynamic movement to Bp1 crates and barrels * when you hit a barrel/crate it will fal over and roll each time you hit it

              • fixed several AI flaws sometimes the bots in a apc would shoot you with their smgs on your plane (like it does any damage hehe)

              • added roll animations to almost every weapon - strafe left or right and hit prone (only other people will see it you wont see it from 1st person mode)

              • made the target minigun shoot normal minigun rounds but they now explode with the flak effect and do damage to vehicles.

              • added a new engine flame effect for the Target * when it catches fire both engines will go

                • added a new damagealarm for the Target
                  * added AI to the walkers AA cannon - an autocontroller will automaticly fire at enemys when they are close. You are able to take it over to control the AA cannon yourself when someone is already controlling the walker.

                  • added health effect to both Titan AA and ground cannon - the cannon will still explode when on fire instead of burning forever.

                  • added a new as tank mg fire sound

                  • Added new animations for the M369 - Thanks to Satnav for making them

                  • fixed the target's wreck model - thanks to Zielwasser for letting me modify the model

                Changelog v 1.6
                Magazin-Effekt: Bei Nachladen wird das Magazin ausgeworfen und bleibt am Boden liegen.

                Bei beiden Panzern wurden MGs (Koaxial) angefügt (Wechsel zw. Kanone und MG mit F oder "nächste Waffe")

                Neue Wüsten und Winter-Tarnmuster (Wüste stammt aus der CF2142 Mod)

                Ein neues Flugzeug (Entwickelt und bereit gestellt von AoW Clan; Siehe Video unten)

                ..."And as usual alot more but i keep forgetting to write it down"

                (Thx @ BF-N)

                Changelog: V 1.5
                - New vehicle sound for the pac fav
                - lotsa new skins for soldiers/vehicles and weapons
                and alot more

                V 1.1
                - Made fully functional bipods
                - More weapon sounds
                - Renewed some effects
                - Added a smoke shotgun for titan assualt
                - Made the original rdx shotgun shell explode on impact

                V 1.03
                - New effects
                - New weapon sound
                - New skins (thanks to the conflict 2142 mod)

                V 0.3:
                - Realistic Ballistics (Bullet Drop, Speed)
                - Realistic Damage
                - Blood and Bleeding
                - New Vehicles
                - almost changed every weapon sound has been changed still working on getting new vehicle sounds.
                - Modified sniper rifles zeller-h now has 6 bullets per mag and standard has 10.
                - Changed walkers so they have 10 mags and 8 dumbrockets.
                - Tried to recreate a plasma gun currently the plasma gun is the static AA.
                - Made some rockets for the mod.
                - Made a nuke strike for the big maps like seuz canal and the Highway Tampa.
                - Who has played the beta might have seen those uber cool missile silos, well guess what i placed them back and their fully functional.
                -Gave the fast attack vehicles more speed.
                - Changed the frag grenade so it does more damage in a bigger radius.
                - Apm mines and portable shields now stick to vehicles.
                - you can now lay down up to 6 apm mines, and 6 portable shields.
                - Almost all weapons got shellejections.
                - Better smoke grenades: the smoke now lasts around the 20 seconds and has turned brown blackish to really blind your enemies.
                -Made an new effect for some rockets
                - increased tank armor so it wont instantly die from the 8 walker rockets

                Also be sure to check out our works in progress including vehicles, weapons and skins at the ER Media Galery. (Have to be a registered member of http://ddesigns.informe.com)
                If you got any suggestions please post them at the forum.

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