First Strike v1.5 Full Client

First Strike v1.4 Changelog
- Enhanced AI tweaks for many turbolasers
- Enhanced AI tweaks for anti-starfighter turrets

- MLC-3 added
- All Terrain Personal Transport (AT-PT) added
- Sentinel added
- Jawa Sandcrawler added
- Enhanced AI tweaks for Yavin X-Wings and Y-Wings
- Tweaks to Firehawke and T1-B for better balance

- Jundland Wastes
- Strike at Parmel

Singleplayer Map Support added to:
- Bandomeer Refinery (dogfighting only)
- Bestine
- Endor Clearing
- Endor Strike Team
- Mos Entha
- Mos Espa

Co-op Map Support added to:
- Bestine
- Endor Clearing
- Endor Strike Team
- Mos Entha

Improved Singleplayer & Co-op Map Support for:
- Battle of Yavin

- Cap ship destruction sequences enhanced, including longer wreck times
- new static objects for Jundland Wastes and Strike at Parmel
- Improved object population added to many interiors on Mos Espa
- Endor Strike Team visuals refined and updated

- Scoring added for Deflection Tower destruction on Yavin
- Scoring added for successful Exhaust Port torpedo shots on Yavin
- Scoring added for Heavy Turbolaser destruction on Escape from Hoth
- Scoring added for Imperial Bulk Freighter destruction on Imperial Convoy Raid

Various bug fixes:
- Including the Rebel Medic's droid bug

Also of note, due to the sheer volume of new content it was impractical to produce an incremental patch from 1.4 to 1.5, so I'm afraid trying to update 1.4 to 1.5 with the current launcher will not work. You have to download and install 1.5 in its entirety. Think of it as a fresh canvas or foundation on which we will build. This just tidies things up a lot at our end, and will make future development and updates much cleaner.

Finally below is the important bit, a list of locations where you can download the client files. So all that is left to say is good luck with installing 1.5.

And that we all look forward to seeing you out there on the battlefield troopers!
First Strike v1.4 Changelog
- Iron Sights properly do not have cross hairs
- Many new models and animations
- Some enhanced textures

- TK between starfighters should be reduced/eliminated allowing for FF to be toggled back on if so desired.
- T-16 Skyhopper added.
- Snow Speeder damage reduced
- Atmospheric X-Wing and TIE Interceptor Added

- Three new locations: Bandomeer Refinery Assault, Lok Wastelands, and Null Sensor Station
- Tweaks to existing locations: Ryloth, Yavin, Rhen Var, Endor, Mos Entha, Mos Espa, and Bestine

- Many enhanced textures
- Lightmapped interiors for several locations
- Several new models for existing assets
- Custom shader support

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