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Allied Intent Xtended - v2.0 imtheheadhunters mappack

Überarbeitetes Mappack für AIX mit Maps von imtheheadhunter. Enthalten sind die überarbeiteten Karten der Mappacks 1-3 für AIX 1.0 und dazu neun neue Karten.

//Important Info//
//map pack build date, nov 19, 2008//

THESE MAPS SHOULD ONLY BE USED IN AIX V2.0! If you have any older versions of these maps installed, you MUST delete them before installing these new maps!

The 2 .zip files,, and contain the custom objects used in the maps. They MUST be in the levels folder. If you delete or move those 2 files to a different folder, most of the maps will no longer work correctly, if at all.

If you reupload this mappack to somewhere, DO NOT RENAME it! Also do not include any maps that are in this mappack in any other mappacks. If you really think you need to include a map/s from this mappack in your mappack, give a link to this one instead. Also please read this thread if your going to make a mappack for AIX, The mappack situation in AIX is getting to be a mess, and the map packs for AIX really need to be more organized than they curently are.

//To Install//

All you have to do, is get the folders/files out of the, and into the "/programfiles/eagames/battlefield2/mods/AIX/levels/" folder. You should end up with a file structure similar to ".../AIX2/levels/Aberdeen/info/...". NOT ".../AIX2/levels/AIX-V2_Mappack_ITHH/Aberdeen/info/...".

//To Uninstall//

Delete the folders/files that you put into the ".../AIX/levels/" folder.

//The maps in this map pack are//

Battle of Kirkuk Oilfields
City Park
City Park Night
Eagles Nest
End of The Line
Invasion of The Coral Sea
Invasion of The Philippines
Iron Thunder
Iwo Jima
Kasserine Pass 2008
Manamoc Island
Marauders at Midnight
Operation Fox
Raid on Agheila
Red Dawn
Snowy Park
Snowy Park Day
Snowy Park Summer
Solomon Showdown
Urban Decay


I'd like to thank the AIX testers and devs for testing the maps. Thanks to FFOLKES for creating custom AI stratigies for the maps. A big thanks to the Operation Peacekeeper mod, the Eve of Destruction 2 mod, the Project Reality mod, Strikerj, satnav, and anyone else who has allowed me to use or given me objects to use in my maps. Perhaps most importantly, a big thank you to ShaneJohn/winterhilf, Clivewil, Pacman28, RichardRahl, EzPiKnZ[ONT], PC_Load_Letter, StrikerJ, and anyone else I might have forgotten to mention for navmeshing my maps.


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