HER Battlefield 2142

Hajas Extreme Realism ist eine Mini-Mod, die im wesentlichen Änderungen am Code vornimmt. Mit unter 1MB Downloadgröße ist sie ein Fliegengewicht unter den Mods, bedingt aber auch ein wenig Bastelarbeit. Denn sie enthält keine Level. Diese müssen nach der Installtion (das Verzeichnis "her" muss unter Battlefield 2142\mods abgelegt werden) erst kopiert werden. Dazu werden einfach die Level-Ordner unter:

Battlefield 2142\mods\bf2142\Levels


Battlefield 2142\mods\her\Levels


HER - Battlefield 2142

Hajas Extreme Realism version for Battlefield 2142 (all versions)

This MOD was created to fix this amazing game that unfortunately was too much childish and with the need to shot 10 times to kill someone.


  1. All weapons now are deadly with 1 or 2 shots, even the pistols at close range.
  2. Anti-Tank Weapons are twice deadly as before, so any Anti-Tank can defend his squad from the attack of any vehicle (Tanks Inclued)
  3. The fun gameplay remains the same
  4. Blood FX (by Murdock & Rest'n'pit)
  5. More Bots to Play on COOP MODE in LAN
  6. New Bot Names (Clan members from BC, 3rL and NER)

This MOD was created to play in COOP mode in LAN, but works great both SP and MP, giving some fear to the players that will kill fast, but also die fast.



Just unzip inside your BF2142 folder

Then copy all your maps to BF2142\mods\her\Levels

will work with ANY MAP ever created!


Remove the dir BF2142\mods\her

Running The MOD

  1. Normal Way
    Run the game, go to COMMUNITY then CUSTOM GAMES then click on HER and then click in LAUNCH

  2. Fast Way
    Create a shortcut like this at your desktop

"C:[Your Battlefield 2142 Path]\BF2142.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/her

Then will run HER directly


Hajas MODs | www.mods.hajas.org

Dateigröße 1MB
Veröffentlicht 20.02.2008
Downloads 980
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