The Way it Was Meant to Be MOD + MAPS

At this current release only coop mode works and online play does not.

REMEMBER to backup your files before installing this mod.

A fun mod intended for single player / cooperative game modes. Makes the game more intense by adding extremely powerful weapons to vehicles and foot soldiers alike.

modified vehicles and weapons via scripting the Objects.Rfa

Modified most Axis and allied vehicles as well as kits for both sides

not many modifications on the russian and japanese side yet.

- T.W.I.W.M.T.O. mod [ alpha 1 ] -

Made by Hipnox

[ First of, i apologize for my english, which is very bad. please bear with it ]

Mod created using only WINRFA from the BF Mod Development kit by editing the OBJECTS.RFA archive located in

the mattlefield/mods/bf1942/archives folder

MDT homapage:

Special thanks to the MDT crew and EA games, for makeing such an easilly teakeable game.

New grfics : sort of
New sounds : no
Scriptings : hell yeah

I have not used material from anyone. everything has been done by myself

you are free to do anything you want with this mod, tweak it as you please. If by some chance are you going to

modify / post this mod anywhere, just give me some small piece of credit.


Causes the game to crash when trying to play against another computer via lan. Dont know why. If i ever find

out, i will make it multyplayer compatible .

This mod was intended just of fun against the computer. It was never its intention to be a well thought,

balanced mod, just a fun and demi-apocaliptic mod

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rem Instalation :
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Since i could never get this to work as a mod, you will have to make a backup copy of these files:

OBJECTS.RFA ( located in your " bf192/mods/bf1942/archives " folder )

yeah, i know. it sucks. but couldn`t get it to work in any other way

Optional. Tweaked versions of BattleAxe , EL Alamein and Bocage have been included

[ NOTE: THE DO NOT REQUIRE THE MOD TO FUNCTION , if you like this map alters, you can just
go back to your regular BF1942 and still use them ]

They include more vehicles mainly

BATTLEAXE.RFA ( located in your " bf192/Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels " folder )
BATTLEAXE_000.RFA ( located in your " bf192/Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels " folder )
BATTLEAXE_003.RFA ( located in your " bf192/Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels " folder )

EL_ALAMEIN.RFA ( located in your " bf192/Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels " folder )
EL_ALAMEIN_000.RFA ( located in your " bf192/Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels " folder )
EL_ALAMEIN_003.RFA ( located in your " bf192/Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels " folder )

BOCAGE_003.RFA ( located in your " bf192/Modsbf1942Archivesbf1942levels " folder )

[ NOTE: BF doesn`t like having weird archives lying arround. make sure your backups are placed
in another folder other than bf1942/levels or the game will crash]

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rem The modifications :
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rem -------------------------------------------------------------

Items marked with a " *** " Have AI issues. The Bots may very well ignore this item/weapon/position/vehicle.

example: Bots will not fire with the sexton cannon in the priest, and will not use the secondary fire in the


Items marked with a " ### " have crash issues
example: Prolongued fire of the Stuka main weapon at the sky, or anywhere else where it wont collide with

anything, might crash the game.


===== Allied Kits:

-Sniper rifle has 6 round clip and maintains sight in between shots

-Bazooka grafic change, larger clip

-colt became a mini BAR, with 4 round clips, sniper sight and massive damage

-BAR bullet change, 30 round clip, sniper sight

-(2) more Exp packs for engineer

-No4 became a shotgun rifle

-Thompson became "the Thompson from hell"

===== German Kits:

-Sniper rifle has 6 round clip and maintains sight in between shots and has crosshair

-Panzershreck fires in a shotgun fashion

-Walter p38 has 32 bullet clip and fires faster

-STG44 is now a MG34 with 9999 rounds and tremendous ROF

-MP40 has 100 clip rounds, and a single katyusha rocket as secondary fire ***

-Kar98 has a Browing MG grafic and fires fletcher bullets

===== Russian Kits:

===== Japanese kits:

===== Allied Vehicles:

-Sherman : Vulcan machinegun ( faster, less acurate ) , Triple cannon , tougher

-Halftrack : no changes

-Willy ( Katyusha willy ) : has an aditional katyusha rocket launcher position, and replaced
back tires with caterpillar threads

-Priest ( command vehicle ) : Added 3 new priest positions, and a sexton cannon for driver ***
Added a spawn point
Moves faster

-M10 ( Totem ) : turn m10 into a big totem with 5 cannons, much tougher

-sexton : no changes

-Spitfire ( Firefly ) : The king of the sky . Faster , and very powerfull in Air to Air combat.
Highly manouverable, increase bomb payload, decreased machingun clip

-B17 ( Gekko-go ) : A big flying submarine. 3 Flak-turret positions, 1 Flecher spread cannon position
More bombs , katyusha rocket launcer *** , Spawn point aboard , tougher

===== German Vehicles:

-Panzer ( hellfire ) : Added 8 cannons that fire in rapid susession with a hell of a recoil

-Halftrack : no changes

-Kuberwagen : no changes

-Wespe : Cannon fires a bunch of bullets instead of one. very deadly , tougher

-Tiger ( Land Rider ) : 3 front main cannos and two side turrets, reduced rotation range. Extremilly


-Kettenkrad (mini tank ) : added an M10 Turret ***

-BF109B : replaced landing gear with catterpillar threads, cand land on almos any surface, and run

over people
Added 2 more machineguns
Bomb replaced with a spread launcher of 5 katyusha rockets

-Stuka ( Hunter ) : Added 2 more machineguns thet fire bazooka rounds ###
Two katyusha rocket launcers

===== Russian Vehicles:

===== Japanese Vehicles:

-Landing craft: now has caterpillar threads, that allow it to move on land

rem -------------------------------------------------------------
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rem The Balance :
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rem -------------------------------------------------------------

Since it was concieved as a mod for coop mode, it is complitely unbalanced ( or balanced in a pretty

sadistic way ). Take advantage of the bot`s inability to understand just how lethal a bazooka machinegun can

be when fireing at vehicles. The will not shoot at vehicles with the KAR98, Thompson.
The drive awfully. Their shooting sucks when inside a tiger.

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rem To Do :
rem -------------------------------------------------------------
rem -------------------------------------------------------------

Its in alpha stages, so there is much to be done. Especially on the russians and japanese faactions

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rem Enjoy :
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rem -------------------------------------------------------------

Try it out. If you like it, if you had fun playing it, then it achieved its goal.

you can e-mail me to show your apreciation/anger/complaint about my awfull english at:


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