Offworld: Fall of Mars - Client 2.0

Erster offizieller Release der Science-Fiction Mod auf dem roten Planeten.

We are proud to announce the first "real" release of "Offworld: fall of mars".
It has been in development since mid february.
We have released a couple of demos and betas before, but this time we have gathered enough feedback and game play experience to allow us to release a stable and playable version.

The story:

The mod takes place around 200 years in the future when man has finally left its cradle and set about colonizing Mars and mining the surrounding asteroids for much needed resources.
An ambitious effort to terraform Mars has failed for unknown reasons.
The resulting chaos forced the Mars based government to flee back to Earth leaving the colonist leaderless and Mars in the hands of those with enough power to maintain order.
The struggle between mining corporations, the remaining remnants of the colonial military and the engineers behind the partial terraforming of the red planet is where we find ourselves.

The spearhead of each of these organization branches are:

  • Toshida Mining Corporation (Toshida)
    An earth based mining corporation with the largest holdings on Mars. It Controls most of the non-colonial areas of Mars and employs a private army to maintain peace and order within their realm of influence.Their corporate ambitions are to completely "liberate" Mars from the chaos it is in now and establish a corporate government for maximum profit.

  • United Colonial Marines (UCM, Marines)
    The remaining portion of the once might UCM continues to control the core colonies. Its solider chose to remain and protect the families and industries that make up these areas. Although essentially abandoned on Mars they have maintained order and kept the expansion of Toshida corps mining interests in check.

  • The Masons (Masons)
    Said to be mainly made up of ex-terraforming engineers (many of whom haven't been seen or heard from since the collapse of the initial project) This almost phantom like group has no known bases or realms of influence but has recently begun numerous raids into the colonies and facilities in search of supplies and machinery as for yet unknown purposes.

You find yourself on the frontlines of this conflict in futuristic air combat vehicles which combine the ability to both hover and attack at high speeds. Each faction also has an attachment of ground vehicles to support their operations.

The game is created from 99% custom content, only using a few static objects from the original Battlefield 2 game.


All maps have been created using high resolution Mars images gathered from various space agencies, including NASA and ESA.
The maps are all expansive to give as much air space as possible for the air combat, maneuvering and tactical stealthy advances. Each map features 4 square km of combat space, up to 4 times the size of a standard bf2 map.

The maps included in this release are:

Candor Chasma 16vs16

A rather simple dogfighters map set over a large canyon pitting light air units against each other in a classic even forces head to head battle. A Marine recon force and Toshida Scout force make contact in the airspace above the recently abandoned Mason outpost.
Both factions need to know what the masons motives are and this need finally drives them into a limited engagement over this outpost.

Aeilios Mensa@16vs16

After the encounter over Candor Chasma, an uneasy peace between the Colonial marine force and the Toshida corporation escalates into a more open conflict.
On this map a medium marine force comprised of light and medium air units attempts to dislodge a Toshida garrison from its controlling point along a major martian trade network. The Toshida garrison is equipped with both land and air units and has the advantage of a well established and defended base.

Raid on Hebes@16vs16

The Masons have taken advantage of the recent spike in conflict to stealthily enter the battle. On this map the Masons have launched a surprise attack on a Toshida space port located within a giant crater. The security force is outnumbered but dug in with defensive turrets encircling its position, but hope remains, reinforcements are on route and should reach the space port shortly after the first Mason forces arrive. The Masons objective is to secure the port at any cost before Toshida support units arrive. Both teams are fully equipped with both air and ground units.

Libya Montes@16vs16

In an effort to pacify Toshida corporation, the Marines have agreed to launch an attack on the Masons force which is retreating with supplies form the attack on Hebes crater. Marines forces have deployed near the rail line and will attempt cut off the Masons forces from moving supplies out of the area. The Marines have deployed a tank squad to aid in making the engagement as quick and painless as possible.

Feature list:

-Massive 4 square km maps featuring authentic Martian terrain
-3 unique factions comprising 3 air units and 2 ground units each
-One of a kind hover craft like flight characteristics
-Fast paced neck breaking battles
-Air vehicles with multiple player positions
-Spawn in vehicle game dynamics eliminate noob tubing, dolphin diving, prone spamming and TKing for vehicles.
-Realistic damage values requiring brains and skill to succeed.
-Unique weapon systems for fresh game play. MGs, AA, Missile systems
-All maps have 3 or less primary Capture Points helping to focus battles and keep them intense.
-A dedicated community server kindly donated by GrossKopf of [link][/link]

The future/our goal:

Our future goals include the introduction of the remaining units for each faction as well as the inclusion of 2-3 more maps of similar styles and dimensions.
Our heavy units will be a real treat allowing 3 players to fight as one vehicle and dominate the battlefield.
Offworld's final version is scheduled to be completed in mid September of this year.

We still have a ways to go but we are getting there quite fast. Please excuse us for some of the unfinished bits and help us welcome Offworld into the Bf2 modding community.

We would also like send out some special thanks to a bunch of people and groups who have helped us get this far.

  • To all our testers, Thanks for all your time and testing of our half done and half baked ideas. Without you guys we would have quit for sure.. haha..

Thanks to the following testers.


And thanks to all the other Devs for trusting me thus far.


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