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Eve of Destruction Classic v2.5 Server (Win & Linux)

Vor der Installation bitte ältere Versionen von EoD löschen ! Wenn man einfach die ältere Version überschreibt, funktionieren Internet-Games nicht korrekt oder das Game startet gar nicht bzw. stürzt ab.
Erst nach dem löschen kann 2.5 installiert werden.

Changelog 2.40
- new: female Vietcong team including new recorded female voices (special thanks to sweetjosi and KUBI)
- new: vehicle, weapons and effect-sounds revised
- new: all maps got a new ingame map system with infos about the map
- new: a surfboard model so Charlie can surf now
- new: a ZIL-131 truck with a mounted ZPU-2 to defend against planes and helis
- new: improved and new spectacular effects, for example a very good looking lightning
- new map: Battle of Hill723
- new map: Battle of Kien Long
- new map: Bong Son Valley
- new map: Crossroad
- new map: Fall of Saigon
- new map: Ghost Town
- new map: Hanoi Hilton
- new map: Infinite
- new map: Lima Site
- new map: Operation Arc Light
- new map: Operation Hump
- new map: Snipers
- new map: The Bay
- new map: Who'll stop the dark
- overworked and new: An Lao Valley
- overworked and new: Hoi An Harbor

Changelog 2.30

Release date: Feb. 1, 2010


new team:
Pathet Laos


new vehicles:
Mig 15
Driveable Train
Citroen HY

new weapons:
AntiPerson Mines
Molotov Cocktail
Rocket launcher for Fletcher destroyer
Smoke Grenade
Very large bomb for B-52 Stratofortress

new buildings:
EoD Factory 2
EoD Factory 3
Schuppen (many thanks to BF1918 mod)
Stall (many thanks to BF1918 mod)
Turkishhouse_A (many thanks to BF1918 mod)
Turkishhouse_B (many thanks to BF1918 mod)

new statics:


MI-4 & MI-8 increased MG damage
Mosin Sniper increased damage
No4 Sniper increased damage
Plane Bombs increased damage against Heavy Tanks
Skyraider increased engine power
SVD Sniper increased damage
Torpedos increased damage
All big ships foghorns added
Plane carriers plane repairpoint added, soldier icon position fixed
Fences fixed textures transparency
Handweapons decreased AI sniper viewdistance, tweaked handweapons AI
Landmines AI uses landmines much better now
M113, M113-ARVN Top MG rotation speed fixed
M113-MK19 MK19 rotation speed fixed
Rope Bridges added collision to ropes


ALL maps got improved AI
Sea Fight - Map was renamed from EoD_Sea_Fight to Sea_Fight, tickets adjusted

new maps:
Deep Jungle
Hill 916
Kao Lang
Operation Flaming Dart
Night Patrol
Tet Offensive_Night

overworked maps:
Nui Pek
Operation Linebacker II
Pacific Railroad
River Canyon
Struggle Through Cambodia
Brown Water Navy
Charlie don't surf
Two Bridges
Rice paddies night

Aftermath new skybox
Agent Orange removed 2 controlpoints
Battle of Can Tho fixed tickets counter, AT soldier added
Beach Assault misc changes in US Base
Bridge Ruin removed the boats
Casualties of war MI-8 added
Charly Five improved terrain textures
Dragons Jaw fixed sp briefing
FarCry fixed a hole in the rock face
Green Hell removed boats
H Mong replaced NVA with Pathet Laos team
Ha Long Bay fixed US base plane positions
Hai Van Pass improved terrain textures
Haiphong Harbor added ammo & medic to US base
Hill937-night Vietcong AT added, improved lighting
Ho Chi Minh Trail replaced NVA with Pathet Laos team
Ho Chi Temple adjusted fog env.colour
Hoi An Harbor fixed some object placements
Laos Boundary Dispute replaced NVA with Pathet Laos team
Last Man Standing adjusted ticket count
Main Supply Route improved terrain textures
Operation Cedar Falls improved terrain textures, replaced Mig-17 with Mig-15
Operation Irving fixed object placements
Operation Prairie fixed object lightmaps
Operation Union improved terrain textures
Pushing Charly fixed minimap, incr. flags radius, replaced BMP with BRDM-2
Que Son Valley fixed stationary MG's placements
Rescue Dawn added a secret second entry to the POW camp
River Patrol fixed a ropebridge position, fixed sp briefing
Rolling Thunder adjusted heightmap
Search and destroy improved terrain textures
The Cave improved terrain details, fixed object placements
The Fall Of Hue fixed tickets count
We Were Soldiers improved terrain textures, fixed object placements, MI-4 added

Changelog 2.20

Release date: Sept 20, 2010

T-62 new vehicle
River Raft new vehicle
BRDM increased rocket mag from 3 to 5
T-63 APC fixed medic & ammo supply
Katyusha fixed engine sounds
SR-71 increased speed
Tango Riverboat increased cannon damage, improved physics
M-72 fixed rocket smoke
M-79 new scope sight
Binoculars removed crosshair
C4 removed crosshair
Landmines removed crosshair
Repair kit removed crosshair
Smoke Grenades removed crosshair
Tracers improved
Medic Kit can be reloaded at a medic locker much faster now
Tunnel Bunker new building
Jungle Huts 5 new buildings
Houses 3 new buildings
VC Factory 1 new building

AA gun spotlight new effect (only in some night maps)
Flares new effect (only in some night maps)
Lamp Light new effect (only in some night maps)
Sound effects improved for some vehicles, handweapons and cannons
Sound effects new ambient sounds in some maps

new maps
Battle of Can Tho
Brothers in Arms
Casualties of War
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Ho Chi Temple
Last Man Standing
Pushing Charly
Que Son Valley - The Prelude
The Cave
The Fall Of Hue
Tonkin Gulf Incident

overworked maps
Rolling Thunder
Tonkin Air Engagement

misc map changes
Crash Point Baker raft added
Run through the jungle added objectives for AI (destroy 5 AA guns)
The Hill added light effects
Battle at Ling Chow T-62 added
Dak Pek T-62 added
Hue Thien Mu T-62 added
Pho Nung T-62 added
Saigon City T-62 added
Urban Warfare T-62 added
Battle of Britain improved AI
Helicopter Valley improved AI pathfinding
Lost Patrol improved AI
Lost Village improved AI pathfinding
Operation Marlboro improved AI
Operation Union improved AI pathfinding, fixed plane spawns
River Village improved AI pathfinding
Saigon Jungle improved AI pathfinding
Thoi Son Island improved AI
Xa Loi Pagoda improved AI, fixed mapinfo, switched helis to transport helis
El Alamein added patch to get correct vehicles
Bocage decreased AI viewdistance
Creek Valley decreased lag (cullradius.con)
Operation Kingpin decreased AI viewdistance
Tonkin Raid decreased AI viewdistance, fixed skybox
Apocalypse Now fixed terrain
Brown Water Navy fixed terrain
Charly Five fixed terrain
Hat Dich fixed terrain
Battle of the Bulge fixed mapinfo
Bridge Ruin fixed mapinfo
Dawn a.t.rice paddies fixed mapinfo, fixed skybox
Dragons Jaw fixed mapinfo
King of the hill fixed mapinfo
Market Garden fixed mapinfo & loadscreen, added some vehicles at US base
Operation Irving fixed mapinfo, new ingame map, fixed AI pathfinding
Search and destroy fixed mapinfo, decreased tickets
Tobruk fixed mapinfo, improved AI pathfinding, decreased AI viewdistance
A_Shau fixed viewdistance
Closefire_Night darkened terrain, fixed a palm in front of a ladder
Heart of darkness fixed some object positions
Ho Sanh fixed some object positions, added airplane ammo
Jocoseness fixed some object positions
Main Supply Route fixed some soldier spawns
Mao Valley fixed some object positions
Mekong Delta fixed some object positions, changed water settings
My Hoi fixed some object positions
No Escape fixed some object positions, added 4 parachute spawns
Operation Linebacker fixed skybox
Operation Prairie fixed some vehicle and soldier spawns
Papa Oscar Whiskey fixed some object positions
River Canyon removed grenade launchers
Sa Pa fixed skybox
Stream fixed a flag position
Tour of duty switched attack-helis to transport-helis
We were soldiers fixed some object positions

Changelog 2.10

Release date: April 01, 2010

new radio commands AA, helicopter, mines spotted / helicopter support
Soldiers decreased solder damage (when running down a hill)
Viewdistance increased viewdistance for all maps with planes
Agent Orange new pseudo weapon for C-130 and Huey (makes no damage !)
Handgrenade improved effects
Napalm improved effects
InGame Menu credits updated

vehicle modifications
A-7 Corsair improved physics
B-52 prevented from flying backwards, improved rear MG and physics
BRDM Water effect added, fixed overturning
BRDM-2 Water effect added
Browning MG Textures fixed
C-130 Agent Orange & Paradrop M551 added
F105 fixed bombs
F4 series improved physics
Loach OH-1 increased sound volume
LogTrap repaired damage system
M-113 series Water effect added
M35 series fixed rear wheels
M3Grant fixed seat icons
M-41 fixed damage by MG
M551 Mesh fixed
Mig-21 series improved physics
SA-2 rocket improved physics & effects, decreased explosion radius
T-63 series Water effect added
Thompson new sound
V-100 Water effect added, fixed overturning
Vehicle radio sounds increased sound volume
Zil131 fixed co-driver seat
SR-71 fixed wreck, improved physics

new maps
Creek Valley
Dragons Jaw
King of the hill
Lost Patrol
Lost Village
Quang Tri City
Search and destroy
Valley Assault
Xa Loi Pagoda

new maps converted from BF 1942
Hat Dich (Salerno)
Ho Sanh (Husky)
Operation Bribie (Anzio)

overworked maps
A Shau
Closefire Night
Mekong Delta

misc map changes
Battleaxe fixed missing soldier spawns
Hidden Lake Valley fixed missing soldier spawns
Kharkov fixed missing soldier spawns
Lang Vei fixed missing soldier spawns
Broken Arrow fixed pathfinding issues
Charly's Nest fixed pathfinding issues
DaNang fixed pathfinding issues
Heart of Darkness fixed pathfinding issues
Market Garden fixed pathfinding issues, parachutes added
Surrounded fixed pathfinding issues
The Valley fixed pathfinding issues
Urban Warfare fixed pathfinding issues, increased tickets +50%, fixed 2 tank spawns
Way to Bien Hoa fixed pathfinding issues
Bocage Mapinfo fixed, reduced number of tanks and planes
Invasion o.t.Philip. Mapinfo fixed
Tour of Duty Mapinfo fixed, fixed a bug at the temple, decreased viewdistance
Dawn a.t.rice paddies decreased bot viewdistance
Drang Valley decreased bot viewdistance, added some stones for coverage
Eclipse decreased bot viewdistance
Hill937-Night decreased bot viewdistance
Ho Chi Minh Trial decreased bot viewdistance
Rice Paddies Night decreased bot viewdistance
The Hill decreased bot viewdistance
Camp Pleiku increased tickets
Depot increased tickets
Battle_of_Hue removed all vehicles
Bulge fixed fog color
Coral Sea added boats to mid island
El Alamein fixed a fence position
El Alamein fixed tree scaling
Agent Orange C-130 added
EoD_Seafight moved a soldier spawn to prevent the bots from using the planes
Helicopter Valley fixed a bug at the hill bunkers
Hill 937 fixed a MG position
Kursk increased light and viewdistance
Main Supply Route fixed a 'flying' sandbag
Midway added helicopters & planes (NVA) and boats (US), improved AI, AA fixed
My Son added 2 VC transport helicopters, fixed an AA gun position
Na San replaced M3 Grant with M-41 tank, Mig-17 with Corsair & Spitfire
No Escape fixed a wall bug at the temple, added a tunnel
Operation Chopper NVA Medic replaced with NVA AT soldier, pathfinding issues fixed
Operation Hastings fixed Mig 17 positions
Operation Prairie fixed some vehicle and soldierspawns
Pacific Railroad Loadscreen fixed
River Bend added two sniper hideouts
The Rockpile fixed some 'flying' stones
The Storm fixed a soldierspawn position
Tonkin Raid added an ammobox and medic crate at ship
Two Bridges added some ammo and medicboxes, new strategies, improved pathfinding

Changelog 2.00

Release date: Jan. 01, 2010

new Intro
ingame credits updated

new vehicles
Tango Riverboat

vehicle modifications
helicopters: re-added spin effect
(if helicopter is heavily damaged, pilot loses control)
the code had been lost in some of the last releases

MI-4A & MI-8A: AT rockets added
MI-8A: Co-Pilot & 12mm Cannon added
B-52: water damage fixed
SA-2 rocket: increased entry radius
Corsair A-7: increased torque
PBR Napalm: ingame name fixed
Type 63 AA: increased MG radius
BMP-1: added small slewing range to rocket

most vehicles have got new sounds and explosion effects
some vehicles have got improved physics

new weapons
SKS Bayonet (NVA)

weapon modifications
M16 magazine size increased from 25 to 30
most weapons have got new sounds and effects

misc modifications
repaired viewdistance of some buildings

new maps
Operation Chopper
Operation Irving
River Bend
The Valley
Tour of Duty
Way to Bien Hoa
Urban Warfare

new maps converted from BF 1942
these maps have been totaly rebuild and are no 1:1 conversions !

Battle of Britain
Battle of the Bulge
Coral Sea
El Alamein
Invasion of the Philippines
Iwo Jima
Liberation of Caen
Market Garden
Omaha Beach

overworked maps
Dawn at the rice paddies
Heart of darkness
No Escape
The Rockpile

all maps
fixed pathfinding issues
fixed flag settings

misc map changes
Aftermath fixed Bunker2 entrance, fixed ingame map
An Lao Valley removed Temple & Lumbermill controlpoints
Baytown Multiplayer bug fixed
Brown Water Navy fixed a MG position
Charly's Nest Multiplayer bug fixed, removed helicopters
Dong Hoi fixed ingame map
Face to face fixed a wreck with no collision physics. Replaced tanks with APC's. Fixed viewdist.
Fixed fixed a MG spawnposition
Gazala fixed tickets, CTF fixed, Multiplayer bug fixed
Hidden Lake Valley fixed some flying trees
Hue Thien Mu fixed loadscreen
Jocoseness fixed COOP crash
Jocoseness Rats fixed COOP crash
Jungle Mission fixed some wrong placed trees, fixed ground textures
Khe Sanh fixed a mediclocker
Lang Son Multiplayer bug fixed
My_Son removed some plants to prevent lag
Na San fixed a ladder
No Escape fixed a 'flying' radio
Operation Hastings replaced a ropebridge for AI
Operation Kingpin decreased viewdistance to prevent lag
Operation Union fixed a plane spawnposition
Pacific Railroad fixed an ammobox position
Que Son Aftermath fixed heightmap
Que Son Valley fixed a stone
River Patrol fixed spawnpoints at bridge ruin
Run Through The Jungle fixed some mediclockers
Sa Pa replaced bofors with ZPU-2/Quad-50, fixed plane positions
Saigon City fixed bot names, added parachutes, added a sniper pickup kit at church
Stream Multiplayer bug fixed
Swamp fixed a ladder
Than Hoa Wetlands fixed flying punji sticks
Tunnels of Cu Chi fixed ticket counter, fixed outside map area
Why fixed some object spawns

Changelog 1.50

Release date: Aug. 14, 2009

general changes
added new and more explosion effects

new vehicles
Corsair A7
PBR Napalm
Corsair F4U (french/ 1st indochine war)
LVT(A)-4s/LVT-4 (french/ 1st indochine war)
M36 Jackson/M10 (french/ 1st indochine war)
M3 Grant (french/ 1st indochine war)
Dewoitine D.520/Spitf. (french/ 1st indochine war)

new stationary weapons
Log Trap

changes vehicles
B-52 fixed wreck
C-47 Minigun added
Land Rover fixed damage effects
LCT MK6 fixed several bugs
M35 Quad fixed entry radius
MK19 stationary fixed AI bug
T34-85 fixed MG sound

changes weapons
M-72 more damage
M-79 Flare added light effect to projectile

changes static objects
Vietcong house1 ammobox added
Helipads increased ammo reload-rate for choppers

new maps
Na San
Operation Kingpin
River Canyon

Baytown (BF42 R2R: Baytown)
Gazala (BF42 : Gazala)
Charly's Nest (BF42 SW : Eagles Nest)

River Patrol completely overworked
The Convoy completely overworked

AI changes
AI was improved a lot with new strategic areas and new pathfindings.
The bots will use boats now !
Every map has got overworked AI code.

Changelog 1.20

Release date: April 16, 2009

Tanks fixed some cockpit views
Planes fixed start soundbugs
M41 added track dust effects
PBR draft fixed
Trucks fixed steering, improved hitpoints
C4 decreased power a little bit
F5_Napalm fixed bomb position to prevent from self-destructing
C-130 fixed physics

Remingtin 870 Pumpgun decreased reloadtime
AA guns decreased hitdamage a little bit

Cowboys_from_hell strategic areas fixed
Dak_Pek fixed a cannon position, fixed heightmap
Minh_Lae fixed several gameplay issues
Operation_Cedar_Falls fixed missing terrainshadows, fixed a 'flying' wreck
Tonkin_Raid fixed Infantry Pathfindings
Tunnels_Of_Cu_Chi fixed some bugs
We_were_Soldiers_once strategic areas fixed

Changelog 1.10

Release date: April 7, 2009

General Changes
New Intro
Soldiers can run faster. Instead of walking they run now (define your walk key in game options)
All Maps with parachutes have a chute icon on the minimap in game

Battlefield 1942 Original Maps
EoD vehicles, weapons and teams added or overworked
Coop added to all maps
All BF42 maps added to dedicated server

French team added
Australian & US soldiers: fixed face textures
Special Forces: new platoon added

all trucks (M35/Zil131 series) improved physics to prevent from tilting over
several weapons (land/air/stat.) fixed sound issues
40mmHEDGrenades (MK19/Cobra) increased detonation power
B-52 fixed physics
CH-47 fixed physics
BMP-1 fixed textures
F5 increased maxhitpoints
MI-4 fixed co-pilot position
Huey Medic improved controls
M79 removed AI, bots don't use it
MI-8 A & T new helicopters
Mortars fixed sound issues
PACV improved controls
T54 rate of fire adjusted (like Patton)
ZPU2 / Quad50 increased hitdamage
V100 increased torque

C4 ExpPack increased damage

New maps

Totally overworked Maps

Revised Maps/minor changes
Aces_over_Vietnam MI-8A & Bushranger added, fixed a ladder
Apocalypse_Now MI-8A added
Brown_Water_Navy MI-8T added, ObjectLightMaps fixed
DaNang_Bay MI-8A & SR-71 added, fixed some textures
EoD_Sea_Fight MI-8A & MI-8T added
Ha_Long_Bay MI-8A & CH-47 added
Landingzone_X_Ray MI-8T & CH-47 added
Operation_Prairie MI-8A added, fixed pathfinding issues
Platoon MI-8T, Huey, Loach SOAR & some Jeeps added
Rolling_Thunder C-130 added, fixed pathfinding issues
Battle at Ling Chow fixed pathfinding issues, fixed some textures
Battle_of_Hue fixed pathfinding issues
Closefire fixed pathfinding issues, tickets decreased -33%
Fubar fixed pathfinding issues
Heart_Of_Darkness fixed pathfinding issues, raft position fixed, soldier spawn fixed, lighting fixed
Khe_Sanh fixed pathfinding issues, tickets increased +20%, removed vehicle locking
Lang_Son fixed pathfinding issues, tickets decreased -40%
Mekong River fixed pathfinding issues, fixed some 'flying' palmtrees
Operation_Forager fixed pathfinding issues, fixed VC helipad
Que_Son_Valley fixed pathfinding issues, fixed some 'flying' palmtrees
The Convoy fixed pathfinding issues
Truong_Son_Chasm fixed pathfinding issues, banned bots from using vehicles
Papa_Oscar_Whiskey tickets decreased -30%
Run_Through_The_Jungle tickets increased
Charlie_don't_surf fixed baseflag issue
Charlie_Five fixed some 'flying' objects
Closefire_Night fixed ticket counter
Cowboys_From_Hell added a randomly flying C47 'ghost' squadron
Hill937 fixed a MG position on Hill937
Lang_Vei fixed some hidden objects
Marble_Mountain fixed a tree in a barack, added some trees near US base
Mekong _Delta fixed ticket counter
My_Son fixed an AA gun position
Agent Orange fixed terrain shadows
Operation_Union fixed terrain textures
Pacific_Railroad fixed 'flying' railroad, added some vehicles
River_Patrol fixed 'flying' vegetation
Struggle thr. Cambodia fixed MG position, new way up to VC Base, tickets decreased
The breaking dawn fixed baseflag issue, tanks removed, medic added, fixed ticket counter
The_Rockpile new loadscreeen
Thoi_Son_Island fixed heightmap, increased 2 flag radiuses, new loadscreen
We_were_soldiers_once fixed a 'flying' bunker
Why fixed NVA runway
Hamburger_Hill Landingzones added
Mao_Valley replaced VC Specops with VC Engineer
Napalm_Inferno airplaneammo added
Operation_Marlboro Lighting improved
Radio_Tower removed nerving radio sound
Recapture_Lang_Vei Lighting improved
Vinh Loc changed fog settings, increased view distance, VC runway fixed
We_were_soldiers airplaneammo added
Jocoseness new MP mode CO-OP FUN added, decreased sampan speed
Jocoseness_Rats new MP mode CO-OP FUN added, tickets increased +100%, low gravity mode added
Hoi_An_Harbor Objectlightmaps fixed
Lam_Son Jeep added
Tonkin_Raid AA gun fixed, added some static objects
Laos_Boundary_Dispute fixed minimap

Changelog 1.00
It's too much to list all changes.
But you can believe it - it's a lot :-)
Here are the most important things...

Release date: Nov. 8, 2008

Game changes
ALL (!!!) maps have got new AI pathfinding and revised strategies.
Bots will be much more active now. Not more intelligent but more active.
So sorry, but there's no way to prevent bots from killing you with 1 shot sometimes.
This is due to the bf42 engine - and remember: a human player will do this also from time to time !

Most of the maps have been revised, bugs have been fixed and minor changes to enhance the gameplay. Because it is so much no listing is possible.

Some new effects have been added, for example a nice fog in the swamp.

All team classes have got correct ingame icons now.
Australians flag has been repaired.

Sounds of many vehicles have been revised and some missing sounds have been added.
Code has been improved for many vehicles.

New Maps
The Breaking Dawn

Totally overworked Maps

Changelog 0.90

Release date: July 7, 2008

Game changes

lots of new objects added:
vegetation, buildings and misc stuff
many thanks to FORGOTTEN HOPE mod for the nice betio and sumatra huts!

some new sounds added

menu music changed to Taichi's version
load music changed back to Prozac Ltd.'s (extended) version of EoD.31

repaired lots of minor bugs in vehicles
for example missing icons, spawnpoints, sounds and much more

BRDM-2 added
Race-Whelbarrow added for Jocoseness fun map
Monster-Willy added for Jocoseness fun map

New Maps
All Along The Watchtower
Bravo Platoon
Camp Pleiku
Hamburger Hill
Landingzone X-Ray
Mao Valley
Operation Marlboro
Struggle Through Cambodia
The Bridge
The Storm
Valley of Death

Totally overworked Maps

Minor changes (tickets, pathfinding, bugs, ...)

Map renamed
is now

Map deleted

Changelog 0.81

Release date: May 25, 2008

increased self-heal factor of medic soldiers

improved soldier speed wich looks more realistic and rewards infantry work:
run forward +20% / backwards -10%
walk forward +10% / backwards -20%

T54: increased firepower

M113_LRV: cannon distance volume fixed

New Maps


Camp Caroll


Jungle Camp

My Hoi

My Son

Totally Revised Maps

Frontal Attack

Map fixes

2 tanks added
ground north bridge flattened

Agent Orange:
fixed a 'flying' helipad
one more helicopter for VC added

Battle at Quang Tri:
fixed a 'flying' hut

Bridge Ruin:
improved pathfinding

Brown Water Navy:
fixed a 'flying' ammobox

Cowboys from hell:
removed a useless ladder

Easter Offensive:
removed palace to prevent lag

Good Morning Vietnam:
fixed a boat spawn

Hidden Lake Valley:
changed position of a mediclocker and ammobox
bunker and mediclocker added on isle

Jungle Mission:
fixed server crashes
flattened area at some places
improved pathfinding

Main Supply Route:
fixed a 'flying' ammobox

Lan Cao Bridge:
fixed a pathfinding issue
fixed 2 MG spawns

Laos Boundary Dispute:
fixed a palm growing into a house

Mekong River:
fixed a soldier spawnpoint

Operation Linebacker II:
fixed MIG spawnpoints
fixed TDM mode

Operation Prairie The Prelude:
fixed a 'flying' fence
position of a MG fixed

Phu Vang:
fixed server crash

Que Son Valley:
fixed some plant positions
flattened area near US base
missing objectlightmaps added

The Rice Paddies:
added a mortar for ARVN
added some planks for crossing the bridges

Thoi Son Island:
fixed some tree positions

Tonkin Raid:
fixed Pathfinding at west beach

Vinh Loc:
area flattened on 3 positions
an 'flying' ammobox fixed
position of a browning MG in bunker fixed
fixed 2 vehicle spawns

We were soldiers:
fixed a pathfinding issue
fixed a palm growing into barack

We were soldiers once:
fixed a 'flying' tree

Eve of Destruction 0.80

Delete any older version of EoD before installing 0.80 !

Eve of Destruction 0.80

Release date: Feb. 8, 2008

Special thanks go to Sarge31FR from Battlegroup 42 mod
for code revision and
Natty Wallo from FH Tournament mod for new vegetation
and buildings.
Also special thanks go to all betatester for all the work they
have done while testing many hours on- and offline.
Ric, Ike, Dr. Seltsam, GeneSimmons, Mani, Stiermichl1966,
Major Konig, t0pa, lautlos, titania

Netcode has been revised and debugged.
A lot of vehcles had code issues and caused crashes.
This should be a thing of the past now.

Most of the vehicles have new AI code and AI bugs have been removed.
The AI now uses everything: all vehicles and all weapons.

Sounds have been revised too so the mod works with 11, 22 and 44 khz now.
New jungle-sounds will improve the ambience and most of the vehicles have
got new soundeffects.

New detonation effects, tracers and many other awesome stuff have been added.

There are no really new vehicles within the mod but we have added lots of vehicles
to COOP wich have been released in CONQ mode only in the past.

New vegetation and buildings have been added with permission of FH Tournament-mod.

Is working fine. We have tested about a week without any crash.

LAN is working fine. All maps have been tested without crashes.
Internet server unknown. No hardware to test but it should work well.

All maps have been added to campaign mode.
Most of the maps are without briefing/debriefing but with a
self-explaining minimap.

All maps (where it makes sense) have CTF mode now.
This is about 90% of the maps.

All maps have TDM mode now.

4 new maps and many many overworked maps with improvements.
Nearly EVERY map has been touched and revised !

New maps:
Agent Orange
Battle at Quang Tri
Easter Offensive
Pho Nung

Revised maps (almost new maps):

Some vehicles with 3 (or more) weapons have a heatbar wich is not working.
This seems to be an bf1942 engine issue cause we've found no way to
repair it.
Some maps with large buildings will cause lag in COOP mode with many bots.
This may happen especially in Easter Offensive and in Tet Offensive sometimes.

Eve of Destruction 0.72

Eve of Destruction 0.70 or 0.71 is required.
Older versions than 0.7x have to be deleted before installation !

Windows dedicated server
Windows server should work with COOP now (tested with Win XP Professional).
You have to start the dedicated server in Windows 98 compatibility mode.
Point to C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\DedicatedServer.exe
Right click / go to properties / Compatibility / and check Windows 98.

Singleplayer Campaign Mode and Capture the flag (CTF)
With 0.72 the campaign mode is added to the mod. There are only a few maps in the campaign maplist but more will be added in later versions.
CTF is added to some maps too. See the 0.72 changelog for details.

Eve of Destruction 0.72

Release date: Oct. 7, 2007

B-52 B-52 Stratofortress added
Bushranger improve flying
Grenades new model and texture
K63 bots use rockets now
Landmine AI changes
M16 mag increased to 25 shot
M41 Walker Bulldog MG crosshair fixed
Mi4A/T new sound
PPSH machinegun new model and texture
Sampan fixed soldier exit location
ZPU2 makes more damage now

Painted Black new map replacing the old crashing version, CTF and SP campaign added
Rolling Thunder new map, CTF and SP campaign added
Drang Valley overworked, CTF and SP campaign added
Jocoseness overworked, helicopters added, vehicles improved, more grip, LandRover removed, CTF and SP campaign added
A Shau Valley fixed lag issue, CTF and SP campaign added
Nui Pek fixed lag issue
Phu Vang fixed lag issue, CTF and SP campaign added
Sa Pa fixed lag issue, CTF and SP campaign added
Tet Offensive fixed lag issue, CTF and SP campaign added
Bridge Ruin reset to 0.61 version cause of unknown servercrashes coop since 0.70
Apocalypse Now fixed hanging bots
Aces over Vietnam visibilty range skybox
Danang Bay visibilty range skybox, lag issue
Frontal Attack added parachutes and Cobra, tickets US increased
Operation Linebaker II decreased from 50 to 15 MB
Que Son Valley BTR60 and Gaz69 jeep bots stuck VC sw village, CTF and SP campaign added
Pacific Railroad tickets improved
Radio Tower tickets improved
Tunnel Rats tickets improved

Singleplayer campaign mode added
inGame credits updated
contentCrc32.con updated

Eve of Destruction 0.71

Release date: Sept. 5, 2007

Bridge Ruin overworked, fixed an issue to prevent server crashes
Jocoseness overworked, new turbo jeeps ;-)

Eve of Destruction 0.70

Release date: July 25, 2007

bots use binoculars to call for artillery
bots use landmine (could not test)
Credits in game menu updated
fixed some sound bugs
Guardtower, Huts, Landmine: repaired textures
improved napalm bomb
LCT-MK6 landingboat: minimap icon fixed
M35 and Zil truck series: fixed AI crash
Mig-21, Mig-21AA and F5 speed decreased and physics improved
Mortars: repaired slider bars
Sound: VC ArtilleryBarrageNeeded fixed
Willy and Land Rover Jeep: medic+ammo onboard like Gaz69
ZPU2 & Quad50 AA gun: increased explosion damage, decreased overheating
fixed lots of vehicle ai templates so bots use more vehicle weapons

Aces over Vietnam new map
Broken Arrow new map
DaNang Bay new map
Frontal Attack new map
H_Mong new map
Ha Long Bay new map
Jocoseness new map with fun stuff: turbo jeeps and boats
Laos Boundary Dispute new map
Operation Prairie - The Prelude new map
Painted Black new map
Phu Vang new map
Tet Offensive new map

Nui Pek completely overworked, more vehicles, new AI, new gameplay
Aftermath fixed servercrash
Papa Oscar Whiskey fixed servercrash
Apocalypse_Now minor changes: AA, vehicles, ammo + medic added
Battle at Ling Chow minor changes to vehicle spawns, bofors replaced by zpu2
Cowboys from hell minor changes: ammo+medic added
Crash Point Baker InGame MiniMap fixed
Friendly Fire minor changes: vehicles and boats added
Hill 937 - Night tickets decreased
Ho Chi Minh Trial improved controlpoint area values
Hoi An Harbor controlpoint area values improved
Lan Cao Bridge InGame MiniMap fixed
Radio Tower minor changes: changed huey to bushranger
River Village tickets decreased
Tonkin Air Engagement minor changes to vehicle spawns
Bridge Ruin fixed hanging bots + minor changes to vehicles and spawnpoints
Charlie Five fixed hanging bots + changed US huey to bushranger
Fubar improved AI
Lam Son fixed hanging bots + tickets areavalues changed
Que Son Valley fixed hanging bots
Thoi Son Island fixed hanging bots
Vinh Loc fixed hanging bots

A Shau Valley
An Lao Valley
Badmoonrising Reprisal
Battle of Hue
Beach Assault
BF 1942 maps
Brown Water Navy
Charly don't surf
Closefire Night
Dawn at the rice paddies
Deserters Island
Drang Valley
EoD Sea Fight
Face to Face
Good Morning Vietnam
Green Hell
Hidden Lake Valley
Hiep Duc Valley
Hill 937
Jungle Heat
Jungle Mission
Khe Sanh
Lang Son
Lost in Vietnam
Main Supply Route
Marble Mountain
Mekong River
Napalm Inferno
Operation Forager
Operation Hastings
Operation Linebacker
Operation Linebacker II
Pacific Railroad
Rice Paddies Night
River Patrol
Run through the Jungle
Sa Pa
Saigon Jungle
Shar Min Village
Sunset Island
Than Hoa Wetlands
The Hill
The Rice Paddies
Tonkin Raid
Truong Son Chasm
Tunnel Rats
Two Bridges
We were soldiers
We were soldiers once
Welcome to the jungle

Eve of Destruction 0.61

Release date: May 1, 2007

Beach Assault vehicles added, tickets decreased
Bridge Ruin over-worked, new skybox, new AI
Brown Water Navy new AI
Crash Point Baker over-worked, new skybox, new AI
Deserters Island fixed botnames
Face to Face fixed botnames
Fubar flags under ground, ammo+medic added, US tickets increased
Hiep Duc Valley new map
Ho Chi Minh Trial new map
Hoi An Harbor fixed tickets, fixed loadscreen, fixed hanging PBR
Jungle Heat fixed tickets
Jungle Mission new map
Lost in Vietnam new map
Main Supply Route tickets 40% decreased
Marble Mountain fixed tickets
Napalm Inferno new map
Operation Forager fixed bots crashing baseflags
River Village fixed palmtrees
Run through the jungle fixed tickets
The Hill tickets 50% decreased
Tonkin Raid new AI, added landingzones, fixed beach flag
Vinh Loc new AI
Welcome to the jungle over-worked, new AI

Eve of Destruction 0.60

Release date: Jan. 21, 2007

Totally over-worked AI code. For example bots use mortars and nearly every vehicle now. They fly copters better than in previous releases.
Willy and Gaz69 got radios onboard (Co-driver fire).

Ugly Huey Cockpits fixed

Objectslightmaps (lighting/shadows...) added to a lot of maps.
All skyboxes stored in 1 archive now to decrease the map sizes. No more duplicate files.
Lots of sound-bugs fixed. Most maps had wrong pathnames and no sound.
All sounds stored in 1 archive now to decrease the map sizes. No more duplicate files.

new maps:
Apocalypse_Now, Charlie Five, Deserters Island, Hoi An Harbor, Jungle Heat, Radio Tower, Saigon Jungle, Tonkin Raid

over-worked, improved bots pathfinding, bugs fixed:
A Shau Valley, Aftermath, An Lao Valley, Closefire Night, Cowboys from hell, Danang, EoD Sea Fight, Good Morning Vietnam, Green Hell, Hidden Lake Valley, Lan Cao Bridge, LangVei, Mekong River, Mekong_Delta, Operation Hastings, Pacific Railroad, POW, Shar Min Village, Thoi Son Island, Tunnel Rats, Two Bridges, Welcome to the jungle, Battle at Ling Chow, Bridge Ruin, Charly don't surf, Fubar, Operation Linebacker II, Papa Oscar Whiskey, Platoon, Than Hoa Wetlands, Vinh Loc, Marble Mountain, Face to Face, Lam Son, Operation Forager, Que Son Valley, River Village, Run through the Jungle

simple changes:
Brown Water Navy (COOP added)
Nui Pek (US base capturable now)

no or just simple changes:
Badmoonrising, Badmoonrising Reprisal, Battle of Hue, Beach Assault, Closefire, Crash Point Baker, Dawn at the Rice paddies, Drang Valley, Eclipse, Friendly Fire, Hill 937, Hill 937 - Night, Khe Sanh, Lang Son, Main Supply Route, Operation Linebacker, Rice Paddies Night, River Patrol, Sa Pa, Stream, Sunset Island, Surrounded, The Hill, The Rice Paddies, Tonkin Air Engagement, Truong Son Chasm, We were soldiers, We were soldiers once

Eve of Destruction 0.51

Release date: Nov. 17, 2006

A Shau Valley sounds+parachutes added
Aftermath bugs fixed, vehicles removed
An Lao Valley new map
Battle at Ling Chow overworked, much more vehicles, botnames
Battle of Hue new map
Beach Assault overworked, COOP added
Charly don't surf improved bots pathfinding, tickets
Closefire Night changed sky and lights
Cowboys from hell overworked, COOP added
Danang overworked
Dawn at the rice paddies COOP added
Drang Valley overworked (increased lighting)
EoD Sea Fight overworked, bugs fixed, improved pathfinding
Face to Face bugs fixed, improved pathfinding
Friendly Fire overworked, CTF bug fixed, much more vehicles
Fubar new map
Good Morning Vietnam COOP added
Green Hell COOP added
Hidden Lake Valley bugs fixed
Jungle Heat new map
Lam Son overworked, bot spawn bug (ropebridge) fixed
LangVei overworked, COOP added
Main Supply Route overworked, COOP added
Marble Mountain overworked, bugs fixed
Mekong_Delta overworked, some bugs fixed
Nui Pek COOP added
Operation Forager bugs fixed, improved pathfinding
Operation Hastings COOP added
Operation Linebacker II CONQ/COOP addon
Pacific Railroad COOP added
Papa Oscar Whiskey new map
Platoon overworked, vehicles removed
POW bugs fixed
Rice Paddies Night COOP added
River Patrol COOP added
River Village bugs fixed, improved pathfinding
Run through the Jungle COOP added
Sa Pa new map
Shar Min Village bugs fixed
Surrounded bugs fixed
Than Hoa Wetlands COOP added
The Hill overworked, COOP added
The Rice Paddies overworked, COOP added
Tunnel Rats new map
Two Bridges COOP added
Vinh Loc changes to spawnpoints, CTD fixed
We were soldiers overworked, COOP, tickets, AA guns
Welcome to the jungle new map

Misc Bugs
Textures new textures M41 and some weapons
LCT6 Carrier CTD bug fixed
Loadcounter many loadcounters fixed
SVD Sniper Soundbug fixed
InGame Credits updated
Loadscreens all loadscreens show if parachute is enabled/disabled

Eve of Destruction 0.50

Release date: Oct. 9, 2006

A Shau Valley new map
Aftermath new map, Bots added
Battle at Ling Chow new map, Bots added
Charly don't surf US-F5 added to coop
Cowboys from hell new map, Bots added
Crash Point Baker new map, Bots added
Danang reduced env_sounds volume, Bots added
Drang Valley new map, Bots added
EoD Sea Fight new map, Bots added, cpl.over-worked
Face to Face new map
Friendly Fire new map, Bots added
Hidden Lake Valley new map
Hill 937 added loach_minigun to COOP
Lam Son new map, Bots added
Lan Cao Bridge new map, Bots added
Marble Mountain new map
Mekong River Bots added
Mekong_Delta new map, Bots added
Operation Forager US+VC teams: medic replaced by AT soldier, Bots added
Platoon new map, Bots added
POW new map, Bots added
River Village Bots added, cpl.over-worked
Shar Min Village new map
Sunset Island new map
Surrounded new map
Tonkin Air Engagement new map, Bots added
Truong Son Chasm made a way back on the middle isle if you have been fallen down the bridge
Two Bridges Bots added
Vinh Loc Bots added
We were soldiers once Downgrade v0.31 to fix Linuxcrash
Beach Assault DSHK MG bug fixed
Main Supply Route new map, complete over-worked
Pacific Railroad new map
River Patrol DSHK MG bug fixed
Than Hoa Wetlands COOP deleted
The Hill new map
Thoi Son Island COOP deleted
We were soldiers new map, overworked
Battlefield 1942 maps added

Eve of Destruction 0.46

Release date: Oct. 27, 2005

  • Added M41 to Khe Sanh, Removed M551
  • Added BMP-1 to Khe Sanh, Removed BTR60
  • Unlocked vehicles from opposing teams on Khe Sanh

v.46 Fixes 10-24-05
Added new BMRR Load in Screen
Removed some fog from BMRR Map
Added new Load in Screen to Eclipse
Added new M79 Medic Weapon Icon
Added new Load in Screen to Operation Forager
Added new Load in Screen to Charlie Don't Surf
Added new Load in Screen to Good Morning Vietnam
Added new Load in Screen to Bridge Ruin

v.46 Fixes 10-13-05
Added 2 BMP-1 to Bridge Ruin - Removed 2 PT-76
Added 2 M41 Bulldog Lt Tanks to Bridge Ruin - Removed M551 and M113_Mk19
Added M41 To Brown Water Navy - Removed M125 Mortar APC
Added BMP-1 To Brown Water Navy - Removed T63 Mortar APC
Added M41 To Operation Hastings - Removed M125 APC
Added BMP-1 to Operation Hastings - Removed 1 Type 63 AA Vehicle
Added Jet Pilot Kits to Operation Linebacker as Pup Kits
Added ChopperPilot Pup Kits to Que Son Valley
Added M41 to Two Bridges - Replaced M551
Added BMP-1 to Two Bridges - Replaced T63 APC
Added Chopper Pilot Pup Kits To Hill 937 Day
Added Chopper Pilot Pup Kits to Hill 937 Night

v.46 Fixes 10-12-05
Added Map Nui Pek
Added Map Battle of Hue
Added BMP-1 APC to Que Son Valley
Added M41 Walker Bulldog Light Tank To Que Son Valley
Added M41 Walker Bulldog Static Meshes/Rs files
Added M41 textures to texture folder
Added M41 Tank Track Animations ske/skn to animations folder
Added and vehicle icons to vehicles/menu

v.46 Fixes 10-11-05
Added Chopper Pilot Pup Kits to Brown Water Navy
Added Chopper Pilot Pup Kits to Charlie Don't Surf
Added Chopper and Jet Pup Pilot Kits to Operation Hastings
Added Chopper Pilot Pup Kits to Vinh Loc
* Added BushRanger and Mi4A on Green Hell

v.46 Fixes 10-09-05
M132 Sounds for turret
Destroyer on Danang - Verify that it is there
Lct MK-6 minimap Icon - fixed
Adjusted ticket Count on Than Hoa by Removeing some Tickets
Fixed Sheridan Shakes - put updates back in to turret.
We Were Soldiers CTD Issue - Verify in Conquest Multiplayer
Adjusted M109 Round of Fire
Que Son Valley M125.. No ai for APC Removed from Singleplayer - CTD's in Singleplayer
Vinh Loc - Co-op Not supported.. Removed Game Mode Type
Operation Forager - Co-op Not Supported.. Removed Game Mode Type
* Backwards Ladder on Temple in Eclipse.. Removed Ladder Unable to Fix

Eve of Destruction 0.45

Release date: Oct. 6, 2005


An Loa Valley
Bad Moon Reprisal
Good Morning Vietnam
Operation LineBacker II
Than Hoa Wetlands
Thoi Son Island

New Medic
Chopper Pilots
*Jet Pilot

M79 Grenade Launcher
M79 Smoke Grenade Launcher
*M79 Flare Grenade Launcher

M132 Zippo APC

Vinh Loc Crash To Desktop
Flags on Green Hell
*Flags on Mekong River

Eve of Destruction 0.41

Release date: Apr. 2005

*FIXED* single player gameplay
*FIXED* co-op gameplay

*Added* M109 SPH
*Added* M163 Vulcan APC
*Added* Radar to Mig-21
*Added* Radar to F4Phantom
*Added* New Skin Texture Mig-17 Ground Attack Aircraft

*Hill-937 - Added M109 and Loach*
*Hill-937 Night - Added M109 - Reset flag points*
*Operation Hastings - Added M109 and M163*
*Tonkin Air Engagement - Added additional Aircraft Carrier*

*Tweaked Mig-21 variants for Speed and Handling*
*Tweaked F4 Phantom variants for Speed and Handling*

*FIXED* BadMoonRising for CTF
*FIXED* Beach_Assault for CTF
*FIXED* Bridge_Ruin for CTF
*FIXED* Brown_Water_Navy for CTF
*FIXED* Charlie_don't_surf for CTF
*FIXED* Closefire for CTF
*FIXED* Closefire_Night for CTF
*FIXED* DaNang for CTF
*FIXED* Eclipse for CTF
*FIXED* Green_hell for CTF
*FIXED* Hill937-night for CTF
*FIXED* Hill937 for CTF
*FIXED* Khe_sanh for CTF
*FIXED* LangVei for CTF
*FIXED* Lang_Son for CTF
*FIXED* Mekong_River for CTF
*FIXED* Operation_Hastings for CTF
*FIXED* Que_Son_Valley for CTF
*FIXED* River_Patrol for CTF
*FIXED* River_Village for CTF
*FIXED* Run_Through_The_Jungle for CTF
*FIXED* Stream for CTF
*FIXED* Truong_Son_Chasm for CTF
*FIXED* Two_Bridges for CTF
*FIXED* Vinh_Loc for CTF
*FIXED* We_were_Soldiers_once for CTF

Eve of Destruction 0.40

Release date: Feb. 19, 2005

*New Maps*

Bridge Ruin Added back into Mod.
Eclipse Added back into Mod.
River Village Added back into Mod.
Tonkin_Air_Engagement Added back into Mod.

Added Beach Assault - New Map
Added CloseFire Night - New Map
Added DaNang - New Map
Added Dawn of the Rice Paddies - New Map
Added Green Hell - New Map
Added LangSon Night - New Map
Added LangVei - New Map
Added Rice Paddies Night - New Map

*Added Australian Army into Mod


*M551 SHERIDAN Shake when #2 position is occupied

BadMoonRising - Updated Equipment on Map
Bridge Ruin - Updated/Added/Changed Equipment on Map
Brown Water Navy - Updated/Added/Changed Equipment on Map
Charlie Don't Surf - Updated/Added/Changed Equipment on Map
CloseFire - No change
Eclipse - Updated/Changed Equipment on Map - Added in Mobile Spawn Choppers.
Green Hell - Added Australian Army
Hill 937 Day - Updated/Changed Equipment on Map
Hill 937 Night - Updated/Changed Equipment on Map - Added Two additional Control Points.
Hill 937 Night - (contd.)Tied Equipment spawn in to Control Point Capture.
Khe Sanh - Reset Map to Mod v.20 layout status. Updated/Changed/Added Equipment.
Khe Sanh - Locked Opposing teams out of Complex Vehicles.
Lang Son - Updated/Changed Equipment on Map
Mekong River - Updated/Changed Equipment on Map - Added Australian Army
Operation Hastings - Updated/Added/Change Equipment on Map
Operation Linebacker- Updated Equipment. Added Mobile Spawn APC. Tweaked SA-2 Sam Rocket
Que Son Valley - Updated/Added Equipment to/on Map
River Village - Updated/Added Equipment to Map
Run Through the Jungle - No Change
Truong Son Chasm - No Change
Two Bridges - Updated/Added/Changed Equipment on Map.
Two Bridges - Locked Opposing Teams out of Complex Vehicles.
Vihn Loc - Updated/Added/Changed Equipment on Map Locked opposing teams from vehicles
We Were Soldiers Once - No Change

*Track sound on all M113 Apc Variants


*ADDED* EOD_T63 MORTAR 82mm Mortar APC (Chinese YW-304)
*ADDED* M125_MORTAR 81mm Mortar APC
*ADDED* M2A1 Howitzer
*ADDED* Spawn LCT-Mk6

Eve of Destruction 0.31

Release date: Mar. 14, 2004

*FIXED* Minigun OH-6 low detail model
*FIXED* Fixed SA-2 engine sound
*FIXED* Removed null icons from all kits
*FIXED* T-54 hull problem
*FIXED* Charlie don't surf, Lang Son & Closefire COOP bug
*FIXED* Charlie don't surf, Que Son Valley, Lang Son, Closefire, Stream TDM bug
*FIXED* F4 model
*FIXED* OH-6 passenger mouselook
*FIXED* Typo in SR-71 AI
*FIXED* vc_PPSH41 kit
*FIXED* XM117 mag
*FIXED* Charlie don't surf COOP object positions
*FIXED* V100 spawn height on Que Son Valley in coop
*FIXED* M551 jitter when top gunner seat occupied
*FIXED* Ropebridge2 Col Mesh
*FIXED* VC Mortar Fire sound
*FIXED* BF MG42 to fire correct projectile

*TWEAKED* Adjusted Cobra gunner sight
*TWEAKED* Doubled ROF of SA2, decreased flight time
*TWEAKED* Increased plane collision damage w/ SA2 by 100x
*TWEAKED* Increased deviation of M60 & RPD
*TWEAKED* Increased mine damage to unarmored vehicles by 33%
*TWEAKED* Increased deviation of loach minigun by 50%
*TWEAKED* M551 skin
*TWEAKED* PT-76 model and skin
*TWEAKED* Huey cyclic sensitivity
*TWEAKED* Huey door guns

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