Download-Details: World at War Mappack Client
Name World at War Mappack Client
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Autor World at War Team
Veröffentlicht 31.07.2008 - 08:32
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The World at War (WaW) Tournament is proud to announce the first community mappack for Forgotten Hope 2.

WaW is an online tournament, with 64 player battles each Saturday complete with full commanding structures and voice communications. Many of the great custom maps featured in the tournament has been brought to the masses in this mappack which features four outstanding maps.

Chariot: Features close urban combat without any armoured support.

Lebanon: Based of the area between the Litani River and the ancient city of Tyre. Features both urban combat and early tanks on rolling hills covered with farms and forests.

Messina: Most combat is centered in the central valley, with small forests, farms and a harbour.

Nile Delta: A completely new map, features wide rivers, small forests and large fields. Makes for a great tank map.

Oil Farm: This hilly map makes for some great infantry combat.

Scheldt Estuary: This map has wide open plains with a ridge running the length of the map from East to West. Another great tanking map.