Stargate BFM 0.32 Beta (Full Client)

New full version of Stargate BFM:

Stargate BFM 0.32 Beta - Dnamro and Dashfinator. Includes a little know update from Dnamro, DACV and Sting.

*** Note Special Thanks to DACV for improved vehicle AI and Sting for Sound CTD bug fix as well as adding a shimmer effect to the stargate.

  • All maps are playable with bot support.

Known issues:
- Jaffa hand device healing now shows as empty hands due to issues with the model. The icon needs some work as well.
- Stinger hand weapon shows a grey pole sticking out the back of the Soldier model at close range.

Changes 0.32 Beta

Latest Improvements:

  • All new load screens.
  • Only stargate maps appear on map list
  • Custom thumbnail map previews for all maps
  • New menu music
  • Ametheon and Mine maps have AI updates. On Mine map, replaced buggy with kattrans because bots had a hard time with the Kattrans and the buggy is more fun.

New maps:

  • Boarding party: Fight aboard the Ha'tak for control of the landing bay area against bots. The bots can be quite aggressive and you may have to limit the number of bots on the map. All flags are captureable.

  • Battle over Antarctic/Antarctic Assault: Battle over a frozen snow-packed landscape with low visibility. One map is DG vs Prometheus. The other map is Ha'tak vs F302s. Vehicles take off the ground now since there were issues with spawning them in the air

  • Gate Defense: Old map brought back from version 1 with a destructible stargate. (Originally named as a stargate location).

  • Tech: Good third party map. Plays well with bots.

  • Amatheon - Map left out of Ver 3 because it crashed on the server. It plays fine on a LAN server in coop and conquest now.


A Battlefield 1942 mod loosly based on the Stargate movies and TV series. Stargate: Battle for Mankind (full name) takes place in the near future, where the existence of the Stargate is known worldwide and the world is at war against the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld have made several attacks against Earth and the Tau'ri (humans) have made several off-world bases to battle against the Goa'uld (with some of these under attack). New weapons and vehicles have been developed to combat the new threat, along with standard, battle-proven weapons. It's an ever-evolving battle, with nowhere in the universe out of bounds in this intergalactic war.

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