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Battlefield 2 Sandbox - Serverpatch 1.0.1

Patch für Sandbox 1.0, mit dem die Karten des Boosterpacks ins Spiel gebracht und einige kleine Fehler behoben werden. Sandbox 1.0 und Patch 1.5 müssen installiert sein!

- Added AF maps + EF maps + Blue Pearl
- Fixed animation commrose not showing up for squad members
- Fixed minimap frame
- Updated frontend menus to match trunk
- Added localization files for other languages (still in English)
- Added PERMISSIONS setting for addons
- Added additional error details for addon loading
- Removed "Unregistering" message on player disconnect
- Fixed object counter being set to -1
- Added "grablocked" permission under "misc" category
- Fixed group locking so all objects in group are locked
- Fixed @load
- Fixed a couple of invalid localization messages
- Added @smooth [0-2] command for animations

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Veröffentlicht 07.09.2009
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