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Battlefield Heroes Command Control (BFHCC) v3

With this tool you can manage your BF Heroes server.

Battlefield Heroes uses the BFHCC admin tool to administrate the gameservers. The download location for this tool along with instructions on how to install and setup the program for server administration is outlined below.

  1. Download BFHCC from the following location: LINK
  2. Open the file and extract the folder to a location on your PC (i.e. your desktop)
  3. Open de map you've just created and doubleclick the BFHCC.exe file. BFHCC will launch.
  4. Click "Connect To Server"
  5. A following window will open where you can enter your server details
  6. The following fields need to be changed in order to connect to your server:
  • ServerIP
  • ServerPort
  • UserName
  • UserPassword

All these details will be sent to you by when your server is setup. You will receive these details in your email, these details can also be found in the controlpanel.

  1. After you've filled in all the details you click on "connect".
  2. After a few seconds the BFHCC tool will open a connection to your server. It should immediately show you the current status of your server, the server management options will also become available after connecting so you can start administrating your server.
  3. Not every option will be supported upon the launch of Battlefield Heroes. The following options will be supported and should function without any errors:
  • Kicking players
  • Banning players
  • Stop server
  • Start server
  • VIP list
  • Admin message
  1. All other options will be supported as soon as possible. works closely with the developer of the BFHCC admin tool to ensure these features are added as soon as possible.
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