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Größe 14 MB
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Diese Version ist mit Battlefield 3 kompatibel

- Multiple Games (Battlefield 3, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Vietnam, Medal of Honor 2010), Medal of Honor Warfighter
- Multiple servers in the one window
- Sub-admins with individual privileges assigned to them
- Layer style network for daemon support
- Player list showing players country, last spawned kit, averages, totals with multiple views
- Chat panel to show players global, team and squad chat as well as admins connected via the layer
- Battlemap to pan/zoom around an customizable overhead view of the battlefield. Shows player kill/death fuzzy locations. The battlemap includes a measurement tool to find out distances between points as well as the ability to setup zones with various effects when a player kills/dies within the specified area
- Capture and report various events around procon so you know whats happening within procon and your bfbc2 server
- Export/Import server settings or setup your server how you want and procon will generate the Startup.txt file required on your server
- Developer console for issuing vanilla or punkbuster commands directly to the server
- Logging support for console, chat and events with log files time stamped and split by day
- In game commands with a dictionary matching arguments -> !ban phegoe will be matched to !ban Phogue

Included plugins

In game admin
In game commands using procon account privileges to ban/kick/say etc, the usual stuff

Basic Mapzone Actions
This is a basic plugin to protect U.S, Russian, Attackers on the battlemap or setup zones to kill snipers for camping in certain locations. There are more complicated and customizable plugins made by the community to alter the battlemap zones effects

BFBCS Statsphile In-Game API
Provides an in game interface to the API so players on your server can pull global stats about other players in the server. Players can pull summary information or statistics on favourites, gadget, weapon, vehicle, insignia, kit, specialization or a pin

Basic In-Game Info
Basic in game commands to provide help to players, guid, country etc.

Kill Streaks
Shows kill streaks at admin’s discretion (you customize which kill numbers to display and the message associated with it). Message will be displayed when player kills player with kill streak (e.g.: HeliMagnet ended Phogue’s kill streak!)

Mixed Gamemodes
Multiple gamemode support will cycle through an overridden maplist

Ping Kicker
Kicks players on their average latency over a period of time, allowing for players pings to spike for brief times but otherwise maintain a server slot if some one in their house briefly watches a youtube clip

Displays messages at a set interval

Welcome Messages
Shows a brief message when a player joins your server

Google Translator API
Translates all text between players and server to a players countries official language, or their preferred language. A German, a Swede and an Englishman walk into a server, the German says “Dies ist ein grosser nachricht”. The swede sees “Google Translator (GermanPlayerName): Detta ar ett stort budskap” while the englishman sees “Google Translator (GermanPlayerName): This is a great message”

Ploho League Controls
Basic ready up mode, BO3 support with both teams agreeing on a map, score display, basic in game weapon dump to display weapons used in a match and weapon/spawn/chat/everything layer side logging for league disputes

Changelog ->

added fix for update downloader to work again on future updates

Changelog ->

optimized handling through a layer-chain (BF3)

Changelog ->

bug fix: local plugin settings on a layer client were not saved to connection config
bug fix: new created connection was not saved if hide local plugin tab was disabled
bug fix: (potential) memory leaks (map tab)
bug fix: never ending loop situation on the connection level which raised cpu load
added compatibility for BF3 R-38 / EndGame
added new maps & modes to BF3.def
added new commands events / handlers for plugins
added rank to player list tab
added pinging all players triggered by admin.listPlayers
added ping display on player list tab
added rewrite of ping value 65535 to -1 in case a player is pinged right after joining

added features
added double click copy to clipboard of playername at the player list tab
added %player_name% replacement string to ban reasons. This is only replaced on bans, not on kicks!

added some missing events for plugins
changed bannerUrl to 255 chars max (BF3)
updated GeoIP data and functions
changed naming of MySql.Data.dll in reference (mono related)
InGameAdmin: fixed bug where changing tban command word was not possible
added auto-cleanup of username on direct-2-gameserver connections

Changelog v1.2.0.0

added R20 version code
reactivated yell for BF3
supports yell/say to individual players
reactivated default plugins for say & yell targets
added support for new vars
vars.roundLockdownCountdown with OnRoundLockdownCountdown(int limit) { }
vars.roundWamupTimeout with OnRoundWarmupTimeout(int limit) { }
added support for reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin with OnReservedSlotsListAggressiveJoin(bool isEnabled) { }
added mono compatibility for PRoCon.Console.exe (Thanks to XpKiller)
added PRoCon.Service.exe for use as native service under Windows (Thanks to XpKiller)

Changelog v1.0.0.0

* Added support for operation hastings in bfbc2 vietnam
* Prevented procon.exe and procon.console.exe from loading up another instance of the application in the same directory.
* Fixed hardcoded ban reasons on PlayerPunishPanel(Playerlist) and moved them to reasons.cfg
* Added OnPunkbusterBeginPlayerInfo and OnPunkbusterEndPlayerInfo events to the plugin API. (only useful to plugin developers) Find an example plugin for using these methods attached to this post.
* Automatically connect is now set to false when the user manually disconnects
* Reconnection now occurs when an error occurs on the connection, the connection is not connected and automatically connect is set to true OR it is running in console mode.
o It’ll reconnect a little more aggressively now, taking the assumption if you’ve got procon open you probably want to be connected to something
* Fix for task enumerator exception.. again (again)
* Added a label to display what map pack people are running. Should aid support on operation hastings =\
* Now reloads a definition file if a game server was restarted with a different mod running. Plugins are also reloaded – the effect is like restarting procon completely but for only a single connection.
* Removed warning about plc tab being removed
* Fixed BFBC2 Headshot icon on the battlemap
* Added layer local accounts/plugins tabs being hidden. This is an option in the options menu – default to true.
* Moved procon plugin/account handling to the start of the connection requests. The PLC tab should appear quickly now, but may still take time to be populated.

Changelog v0.6.4.0

(some included in incremental but collated here for release notes)

* Added Vietnam weapons and vehicles
* Added Default AlphaPack Battlemap for Vietnam
* Fix for ‘/’ before chat not hiding the text from players
* Added options for Admin Move Message and Show Admin name in chat to options window (Tools -> Options -> Advanced)
* Added support for R9 of MoH
o Added MoH kits+specializations and support for onSpawn event (Weapon restriction should function now)
o Fixed flags not reappearing on the playerlist when a player spawns back in.
* Added round time and server uptime timers to server info. This will only be viewable in R9 of MoH and R27 of BFBC2.
* Added support for R27 of BFBC2
* Added support for Vietnam icon in drop down list (requires >=R27)
* Added enable/disable scrolling to server & pb console
* Added battlemap support for bfbc2 map pack 7.
* Included the new SPECACT weapons
* Added admin name to chat panel output
* Added right-click stats lookup on the playerlist
* Added support for map pack 7.

Changelog v0.6.3.0

* Added support for Clean Sweep and Hot Zone to MOH.
* Updated MOH.def to include vehicles and weapons, though they are not linked to a specific kit yet.
* Added missing safe variables to moh layer client
* Moved rss fetch to procon.core so the procon.console.exe could still get the rss feed to update packages. It was supposed to be there in the first place but never got tested =\ This means you should be able to install plugins via the packages tab of a connected layer client, instead of the client always saying “The package is already installed..” if the layer is running “PRoCon.exe -console 1″ or “PRoCon.Console.exe”.
* Removed Zaeeds plugins from the install that comes with procon. We had a fight. He scolded and hit me =( I don’t want to talk about it :cry:
* Fix for banlist not saving/refreshing when banning via the playerlist panel.
* Fix for banlist removing pb bans when no more vanilla bans are present (you unban the last vanilla banned player)
* Fixed up procon.account.onLogout event not being fired when a layer connection is terminated without logging out first. If you’re connected for a while you shouldn’t see ghost logins anymore.
* Added missing moh weapons, I think that’s all of them..
* Added basic admin logging (who kicked/banned/killed/moved who). This is mostly for logging on the layer side but it does have limited support for when a admin uses the procon gui to move/kick/kill/ban some one it will display to all connected admins who did it. It won’t show connected admins if the admin uses a command in the in game admin
* Fix for index out of range exception when the language files auto update in moh
* Removed/Moved default plugins.
* Removed the menu from the main window
* Added drop down tools icon, mimicking google chromes tools.
* Added ban type option to in game admin plugin
* Added “pb_sv_updbanfile” and “pb_sv_banload” after unbanning a punkbuster ban
* Rearranged the tools menu so the connections list spanned the whole window.
* Added reasons to events logging

Changelog v0.6.1.0

* Battlemap
o Added moh in game images to the battlemap
o Split zoom/scale of coord into X/Y (Squishy moh maps)
o Added “map.Overlay” to battlemap image packs to lower download of similar maps. Can now overlay a image with markers over a base image of the map.
o Added number picker for rotation instead of just n*90%360
o Edited zoom slider to increment by 0.01%
o Edited scale slider to increment by 1px
o Added a calibration grid overlay to better describe the calibration method
o Changed BFBC2 and MOH to include ScaleX and ScaleY values
o Recalibrated every map. You may notice your zones a little out of place on most maps and a lot out of place on Conquest White Pass. The calibrations are now more accurate which means your zones were never in their ‘correct’ places. You’ll need to shift them around a little, you’ll notice it’s mostly minor.
* Plugins
o Added OnPunkbusterUnbanInfo to PRoConPluginAPI
o Fix for PlayerKilledByAdmin being fired instead of PlayerMovedByAdmin in a plugin
* Fix for server settings player limit only showing 8 players
* Improved the memory used by procon. You should notice significant improvements when using the full version of procon.
* Fix for procon.shutdown being sent by layer not being considered an error on the client and preventing it from reconnecting
* Moved to only be sent after UI actions. People using Zaeed’s shared banlist should notice a significant performance boost
* Improved the banlist refresh so it no longer locks the UI thread up for a half second.
* Prevented admin.yell from the chat panel. Forgot about this, admin.yell is not possible in moh.
* Fix for updated packages not able to be installed. You should now see updates on the start page/updates section
* Added resized moh weapons and vehicle icons
* Added the level file name to the tool tip of the current map info
* Fix for autoconnect problems including ‘invalid password’ error when reconnecting after a few connection attempts

Changelog v0.6.0.6

* Fix for tcadmin commands causing null exception errors
* Added additional error reporting to PRoCon.Console.exe – if it crashes now please check your DEBUG.txt file and send it to me.
* Fix for enumeration exceptions with tasks.
* Fix for events panel cutting off “…” button
* Fix set game password onClick event not being assigned
* Added support for “listPlayers” command on the layer for iOS Procon
* Fix missing map images for bc2 for the latest map packs
* Fixed various missing localization files on the start page and a couple localization strings being cut off in other parts of procon.
* Plugins 2.0 with backwards compatibility. Your plugins will not break in the next version now, however there is a slightly modified API authors can take advantage of.
* Rewrite/rework packaged plugins to new format and MoH support
o Ping Kicker
o Basic in game info
o In game admin
o Spambot
o Google Translator API
o Ploho League Controls
* Added Plugin console logging
* Added Procon layer version next to the game server version
* Disabled MOH reserved/spectator slot functions until further notice

Changelog v0.5.4.9

* Support for map pack 6


* Fixed events tab not being populated by captured events list
* Added missing SPAS12 weapon

Changelog v0.5.4.8


* Chat console: added checkbox to enable / disable auto scrolling
* Support for map pack 5
* EventTab: added damagetype information incl. headshot to output of onKill event to EventTab
* Changed respawn delay minimum to 1 in the level variables section of the server settings panel. The official rcon documentation still states the minimum to be 10 though.
* Added HTTP Server so website/php authors may pull data from procon or it’s plugins via the http protocol, and in all likely hood in the JSON format. Access this in Tools -> Options -> HTTP and see procon.doc for more information. If you are looking to author something in php/javascript and require more information out of procon let me know =)

Plugins General

* Added reading of new serverInfo ConnectionState string. You can access this within the CServerInfo object
* Added example http response from a plugin to CBasicInGameInfo (now


* Fix for events tab lagging when first viewed
* Fix for task enumeration change exception
* Added fix for banList.remove not get saved to banlist.txt (onBanListRemove sends + .list)
* Fixed config generator dialog box showing in task bar

Changelog v0.5.4.6


* Added BFBC2 Images to be used in Image Map Packs when you mouse over a kill
* Added Added [mapFileName].PixelResolution key to image map packs so very large resolution images can be used within procon without any image distortion
* added [Headshot] info to kill message on chat console
* added use of headshot death-icon on the battle map
* added “… HEADSHOT …” info string to kill display pop-up on battlemap

Plugins General

* Added of In game admin with a fix for @tban banning the account holder in the in game admin plugin.. oops
* Added MixedGamemodes_v3 version 3.3.1
* Added of Ploho League Controls (A better Super Simple Restart plugin)
* Fix for Interface5 members not able to be implemented


* Fix for the playerlist punish panels being cropped on some O/S’s
* Added missing weapons/specializations by Phil_K
* Fix for commands preceded by ‘/’ not working
* Fixed problem with damage icon images being scaled in incorrect DPI
* Fix for weapons/specializations keys being case sensitive. They were meant to be, and are now, case insensitive.

Changelog v0.5.4.5


* Added “Details 2.0″ for html details of a plugin. This will eventually replace the current detail tab, but for now they work in conjunction until plugin authors pretty up their descriptions =)
* Added RSS feed to status bar to display rss off of (100). Procon will not do this if you have disabled automatic update checking/downloading.
* Added basic Inventory display to player list
* Added spawned in kit, kit totals and averages.
* Added death icon to player list

Plugins General

* Updated CPingKicker, CBasicInGameInfo, BFBCsStatsphile, MixedGamemodes (the basic one), CInGameAdmin to use new Details 2.0 plugin description format
* Updated the in game admin plugin to work with the new commands registration. The commands will now appear in the !help command. Let me know if I borked up this rewrite =\
* Added Google Translator plugin to translate text between players or the server.
* Added Dictionary or Regex matching options to MatchArgumentFormat, authors can now easily build even more complex commands if their plugin needs them.

General Changes

* Fixed some missing specializations/weapons in the localization and config files


* Plugins now read in any encoding of a file
* Commands from plugins now register once instead of any time they change. This reduces some startup lag of procon.
* Fix for adding zone tag, picking another zone, then returning to see the tag not in the zone. This bug only occurred on clients to a layer
* Fix for plugin command confirmation passing the confirmation command to plugins, not the actual command it confirmed

Changelog v0.5.4.4


* Added support for map pack 4
* Added readonly variable to a map pack to avoid accidental changes/calibration.

Plugins General

* Increased the column width of available plugins to accommodate longer plugin names.
* Fix for passing multiple damage types to “protected CPluginVariable GetWeaponListPluginVariable(string, string, string, DamageTypes);”

General Changes

* Added vehicles and some missing weapons to config+localization


* Fix for incorrect team scores in cultures not using ‘.’ for decimal.



* Added Timeline to map to fastforward/rewind an hours worth of gameplay. Future versions will allow more, but as the little note in the tab says it’s still being worked in progress ;)
* Made the map generally prettier.


* Added OnLevelLoading rounds played/total to plugins. Thanks to Archsted for pointing this out =)
* Added “OnMaplistList(List lstMaplist);” to recieve the rounds per map. Thanks to Phil_K for finding this one =)
* Added command registration to procon, plugin authors should use this new way to add in game commands to their plugins. has only shipped with CBasicInGameInfo using this way as a test to work out any problems.
* Added @version command to CBasicInGameInfo to supply basic information about the server and rcon tool running.
* Added @help command to CBasicInGameInfo to supply a list of commands a player can execute.
* Included Read+Write access for plugins to the Logs folder in the plugins sandbox.
* Added methods for plugins to get a localization key from any language file by Country Code (able to get language keys based on a players country)


* Changed saving ConnectionConfig so it is buffered into a .cfg.temp file, then copied over .cfg file. This is to avoid wiping the config when a problem occurs while saving the config.
* Fixed some formatting issues that have names with { or } in them.
* Fixed bug where tasks would not re-initiate when reconnecting (no scores or map information getting updated)
* Added timeout to events connection. Procon will now shutdown/reconnect the connections with an error when the events connection times out for any reason.
* Fix for saving map calibrations then switching back to the same map
* Hopefully fixed some problems with downloading the banner in the server settings panel
* Added calibration tool details loading when seeking through the timeline.

Changelog 0.5.2


* Now ships with Kill streak plugin by HeliMagnet
* Now ships with modified pingkicker by HeliMagnet (Replaces the vanilla version)
* Added additional displayed server info updates on player join/leave, load level and round changes. The player counts and mapchanges should update more frequently.
* Added calibration of image packs to map
* Added scale in metres and yards to map
* Added measuring tool to map
* Added in game coordinates on mouse move to map
* Added context menu for pointer control to fit on screen and zoom to 1.0x (Actual pixels) to map control
* Split Totals/Averages into two rows


* Fixed RankLimit numeric up down not enabling on start up when “No Rank Limit” is unchecked.
* Fixed missing roundsPlayed and roundsTotal from onLoadingLevel event
* Added additional checking for no player selection to the playerlist. Hides the bottom panel betterer.
* Changed so suicides now look like deaths instead of kills (red background, not green) in the playerlist
* Fixed deaths being counted as kills between playerlist updates
* Fixed score not blanking on round changes
* Stored ReservedSlotList to be viewed when GUI loads
* Possible fix for events connection timing out, but my internet is not up to scratch so I can’t maintain a connection long enough to time out at the moment.
* Added Process.Kill in PRoConUpdater if procon process is still active after four seconds.
* Fix for GUI loading after procon_privileges flag has been sent from server (no PLC on startup)
* Totals/Averages should now glue to the bottom of the playerlist.

Changelog Beta

* Added “-console 1″ to open procon up in a lightweight console window. This is designed for GSP’s to lower procons memory footprint by half (or more) when they have no interest in seeing a pretty window. it is designed so you open procon up normally, setup your customer then add the “-console 1″ argument to the startup command line in TCAdmin (or similar). I’m interested to hear back on the memory improvements gained.
* Added Import/Export of server settings to XML files. Right click on the server settings tab to check this out =)
* Compatable with R13+ server version, although most of the functionality has not been introduced to the UI yet (because it won’t work and while I was waiting for the latest patch from DICE, I think it’s better to release some fixes sooner rather than later)
* Added the map which will eventually display where people have been killed or died in the next server release. It will require a lot of tweaking but expect some updates for this as soon as I can get into a R13+ server.


* Fixed empty banlist problem introduced in
* Fixed moving players through UI and plugins in Squad Deathmatch/Rush. They should now go into Squad Team X Squad Alpha so others can spawn on them


While it looks the same procon has been restructured/rewritten underneath the interface. If you wanted to work on procon before but thought the source code was pretty damn bad you should check it out now and help improve it more so =)

Changelog Beta

* Localization file updates are now downloaded automatically. Localization issues won’t have to wait for procon releases provided the user has “Check for updates” enabled.
* Procon will now check for updates automatically by default (the user can still deactivate this process, it’s just like before but now it default to ON for new installs and after this update)
* Updates will be downloaded in the background, the user will be prompted once the update is ready to be installed – Minimal procon downtime and the update process will only commence once the files have been retrieved because (8) has some issues at times with the heavy load of updates
* Add option to automatically shutdown, apply updates and restart procon.

Command line arguments and TCAdmin users:

* Added command procon.private.tcadmin.enableLayer and procon.private.tcadmin.setPrivileges. You can see the documentation supplied or have a look at the forum thread at viewtopic.php?f=11&t=558
* Added -name “BFBC2 PRoCon” to alter the title of the window.
* Added -maxservers 5 to limit the number of servers a procon instance can manage
* Added -blockupdatechecks 1 to prevent the instance from checking for or downloading updates automatically. Ignores any settings within procon and just blocks the update check.


* Configs are now saved when a plugin is enabled/disabled or a setting has changed via the Parent Layer Control.
* Procon now saves config files as UNICODE but will read any format

Changelog Beta


* :mrgreen: Added drag+drop team switching. Reasons are not supplied at the moment, I'm waiting on the client update to BC2 to see what is displayed when an admin kills/switches a player.
* :mrgreen: Split Manage Plugins + Accounts into two privileges. You now have "Manage plugins only" and "Manage plugins + accounts"
* :mrgreen: Added Clear button for chat/events
* :mrgreen: Added "View changelog"Link on Help menu


* :mrgreen: CInGameAdmin
o :mrgreen: Added !move and !fmove. move will change a players team/squad when they die next while !fmove will kill the player and change their team/squad immediately.
:mrgreen: Added !nuke to kill everyone on a team
:mrgreen: Changed the spell checker to favor partial matches from closest match rank to highest.


* :mrgreen: Fixed banList.list exception.
* :mrgreen: Workaround for R9 OnPlayerJoin event with blank soldier name.
* :mrgreen: Removed "new LinkArea", it's the exception being thrown on Linux and it's not needed. Maaan I promised I would download Linux like three weeks ago =(
:mrgreen: Fixed "Phogue [KILLED] KILLED" bug.
* :mrgreen: Fixed flashing punishment panel at the bottom of the player list
* :mrgreen: Fixed Chatscrollbar scrolling to the top
* :mrgreen: Fixed Events and Debug options stay checked after restart
* :mrgreen: Fixed Player info only shows clan tag instead of the whole name

PRoCon features

* Multiple servers in the one window
* Sub-admins with individual privileges assigned to them. These permissions are used for rcon access and by plugins (like the in game admin)
* Layer style network puts procon between the sub-admin and the bfbc2 server, allowing or denying actions based on an accounts privileges.
* Players bannable on names, ip’s and pb guid’s
* Shows the countries players are from using Maxmind’s fan-dangled ip-to-country database. Data is also exposed to plugins.
* In game chat, although admins are still restricted to yelling at players.
* Capture and report various events around procon so you know whats happening within procon and your bfbc2 server.
* Plugins written and compiled at run time in C#. You can see how a plugin works and even edit them to do what you want!
o Included plugins:
+ In game admin
# Uses a spellchecker and asks for confirmation of the command you just sent if you mistype a players name. Note: Spellchecker, not autocompleter. As long as you enter something vaguely like their player name it should pick the correct player.
# Commands for ban, perm ban, kick, say, player say, next/restart level with optional countdowns. Want more? Request it on the forums.
+ Welcome messages
# Sends a message to players when they connect to the server with adjustable delay, display time and fully customizable messages
# Support in 1.1 allows for multiple messages to be shown one after the other.
+ Spambot, for all your spamming needs.
# SSSPPPAAAAAMMM messages at a set interval to all the players in the server.
+ Mixed Gamemodes (Experimental, having some success on most servers at the moment)
# Queue up maps with different gamemodes and allow the plugin to cycle through that maplist, changing the gamemode when needed.
# Experimental support for multiple rounds per map.
+ In game basic info
# This is mostly just a plugin example for developers but allows any player to get their PB GUID, another players PB GUID or Country and also find out which country the BFBC2 server is located.
* Localization for different languages.
o English
o Portugues Brasileiro
o Czech
o German
o Spanish
o French
o Polish
o Russian
o Swedish
* PRoCon uses commands internally so you can setup configs, execute commands over a network or within plugins. There is a full boring specifications on this included in the download ;)

Previous versions
BFBC2 PRoCon (1715)
BFBC2 PRoCon (1197)
BFBC2 PRoCon (1962)
BFBC2 PRoCon (454)