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[BETA] BattleGroup42 - v1.8 Client Teil 2 von 5


Battlegroup42 1.8 Client open BETA - Changelog


Map fixes/changes:

  • fixed wrong path syntax in 4405-operation_diadem

  • fixed wrong team settings for artillery on 4104-thermopylae

  • re-worked version of 4011-kalamas_line (and added Greek bot names)

  • re-worked version of 3712-fall_of_nanking

  • re-worked version of 4105-operation_mercury (changes made by Yamamoto, new Coop by Sarge31FR, changed Australians to Greeks)

  • re-worked version of 4307-gela_beach (changes made by Sarge Surfat)

  • increased respawn time of ships on 4208-phosphate_fever to 240 seconds (carrier) and 180 seconds (other ships)

  • new skin for Char B1 bis on 4005-hannut_steel (skin by Kraetzer)

  • new objective mode for 4701-antarctica

  • new pathmaps and reworked Coop for 4310-volturno_crossing (made by Lotte)

  • changed POW on 4205-operation_ironclad to Dido

  • changed Tribal on 4306-operation_corkscrew to Dido

  • changed Hanomag/Opel Blitz to AS37 variants on maps with Italian forces

  • fixed missing vegetation for Singleplayer mode on effected maps

  • re-worked pathmaps & strategic areas for 4411-huertgen-forest (made by Lotte)

  • changed Fletcher destroyer to APD on 4208-gavutu_islands

  • changed Fletcher destroyer to APD on 4211-safi_port

  • changed Fletcher destroyer to APD on 4307-tokyo_express

  • completely re-worked Coop and pathmaps for 4408-angaur (made by Sarge31FR)

  • changed Fletcher destroyer to APD on 4408-angaur (bots also use amphib vehicles now)

  • changed Fletcher destroyer to APD on 4409-operation_stalemate

  • re-worked pathmaps and Coop settings on several maps

Mesh/Code fixes/changes:

  • fixed a lot of wrong damage/exhaust effects

  • fixed missing tracks of M19 Duster

  • added shadow to M24 Chaffee hull mesh

  • moved gunsight view of Panzer 38(t)

  • fixed "widescreen" gunsight view of BA-6

  • increased negative gun elevation of the Minensuchboot to 3 degrees

  • new LCM Mk3 hull mesh

  • fixed Breda kit mesh

  • fixed "invulnerable" gunner on stationary Solothurn and Type 97

  • changed Hetzer top MG42 to 50 round drum mags (with 24 drums = 1200 rounds)

  • AI: reduced the maximum range for rifles to 100 (from 200)

  • AI: reduced the maximum range for sniper rifles to 150 (from 300)

  • AI: changed weapon strengths to allow better use against different target types

  • new track animations for many tanks

  • added deck gun to Gato-class submarine

New content:


  • Greek army


  • 3710-shanghai_nights, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 3806-after_the_flood, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4005-the_weygand_plan, based on "Brusilov Offensive" by BF1918, conversion by Sarge Surfat and Sarge31FR (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4006-ligne_alpine (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4010-attack_on_greece (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4011-battle_of_pindus (former Capture of Ortona by zara5ustra) (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4011-wannan_incident, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4103-primavera (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4103-raid_on_agheila, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4104-operation_latzides, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4203-battle_of_java, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4204-valley_of_death, made by Sarge Surfat, Coop by Sarge31FR (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4207-serafimovic, made by Afri Cola, Coop by Sarge31FR (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4208-jiangxi, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4208-operation_herkules, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4209-wolves_at_night, made by Yamamoto (Conquest)

  • 4210-wolfpack, made by Sarge Surfat (TDM/Objective)

  • 4212-donets_defense, made by Sarge Surfat (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4305-battle_of_attu, made by Yamamoto (Conquest)

  • 4312-commandos, made by amoghektor (Conquest/Coop/Objective)

  • 4402-when_the_tigers_broke_free, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4405-myitkyina, made by Sarge Surfat, Coop by Sarge31FR (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4406-easy_red, made by Sarge Surfat (Conquest)

  • 4406-defense_of_hengyang, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4410-monte_battaglia, original map created by zara5ustra, BG42 conversion by Sarge Surfat (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4501-operation_matador, made by Yamamoto (Conquest)

  • 4501-snowy_park, made by Sarge Surfat, Coop by Lotte (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4503-hellendoorn (Coop/Conquest/Objective)

  • 4503-the_coup, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4504-mouse_roars (Coop/Conquest)

  • 4508-august_storm, made by Yamamoto (Coop/Conquest)


  • ZIS-30 57mm SPG (based on Kraetzer's T-20)

  • Dido-class cruiser (model by Cabrio)

  • Wickes-class destroyer (model by Cabrio)

  • several APD transport versions (based on Wickes-class)

  • new Universal Carrier (model and basic skin made by Waxbutter)

  • AS37 Autocarro Protetto (model and skins made by Kraetzer)

  • Valentine III and IX (model and skins made by RuppDee)

  • Type 91 Japanese torpedo (model and skin by Kraetzer)

  • Mark 13 American torpedo (model and skin by Kraetzer)

  • M-class blimb (model by Terrorduck and Bommel, skin by SargeSurfat)

  • M4A2 Sherman (model and skin made by Waxbutter)

  • Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus (model by Geronimo, texture by RuppDee)

  • Flakpanzer I (model and skin by Koricus, skin modifications by Kraetzer)


  • new Boys AT rifle mesh and skin (made by RuppDee)

  • new M1 carbine (model and skin by Kraetzer)

  • Winchester Model 12 shotgun (model and skin by Kraetzer)

  • MP. 38 SMG (made by RuppDee)

  • Beretta M1934 pistol (made by RuppDee)

  • Gewehr 98 rifle (model by Kraetzer, skin by RuppDee)

  • Mannlicher-Schoenauer MS 1903 rifle (by BF1918)


  • many new / modified skins

  • some new sounds and effects

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