Eve of Destruction Classic v2.51 (Server HOTFIX)

This small patch will update EoD from v2.50 to v2.51
The hotfix is important cause we've seen some terrible bugs in v2.50!

Here are the changes:

Ingame stats - weapon kit icons fixed
M-551 - cannon bug fixed
PBR MG - sounds volume decreased
M14 Singleshot - 1st person animations fixed
Nagant 1893 - position and textures fixed
S&W Model 12 - position fixed
Imperial Palace - collisons fixed

River Village - revised
Eclipse - lightnings added
Frontier - 2 soldier spawns fixed
Heart of darkness - added a self-driving train
Snipers - weapon icons fixed
Men of Valor - heightmap fixed to prevent bots from falling under the temple :)
Commo Victor Charly - airplane ammo added

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