Battlegroup Vietnam - Client v0.1

This is Alpha Release 0.1 of BG-Vietnam. It is intended for Battlefield Vietnam 1.1, and has been tested in singleplayer, LAN conquest and LAN coop.

It introduces 5 new vehicles:
# M67 Patton Flamethrowing tank for US Marines and ARVN Marines
# M24 Chaffee light tank for ARVN Army
# T-34-85 tank for NVA
# ACAV (M113 with additional MGs) for US Army
# M42 Duster AA tank for US and ARVN

The flamethrower is very effective against infantry but not so effective against tanks. The M42 Duster will spawn for the US and ARVN wherever a ZSU would spawn for the NVA/VC, plus there is an additional spawn on the north of the island in OperationFlamingDart.

The other features are as follows:
# All US and Vietnamese vehicles now have the correct ammo loadout, weight, gun traverse and elevation angles, and correct relative muzzle velocities.
# Patton and T54 tank models have been corrected.
# M113, Patton and T54 have 360 degree rotation MG cupolas.
# M113, ACAV and T34 have 'tank rider' positions on their back decks (able to fire their own weapons).
# US and Vietnamese APCs (M113 and BTR60) repair vehicles belonging to their own sides.
# M113, ACAV, Patton, M67 and T54 have exhaust smoke effects.
# Included is the original unofficial DICE free map, Valley_Assault.
# All vehicles and maps have bot support (including Valley_Assault for the first time).

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