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Dice City v0.98 - Client Full Installer

Letzter Release auf der Battlefield Vietnam Engine

Version 0.98 Fixes/Updates
+ added driver controlled (right click) rear door to swat van for added protection
+ rearranged seating in swat van to help prevent accidental deaths when spawning
+ fixed bridge1
+ evenly matched swat van and limo damage values
+ removed unnecessary hook objects from vehicles
+ added Piper back to The Business
+ increased armor on all 4 wheeled vehicles
+ added newer sporty style parachute
+ added Chevy Suburban on 24's
+ added hydraulics to Crown Victoria
+ new playlist
+ added chain link fence
+ added light house w/ rotating light beam (maybe 2 mile distance)
+ added boat docks
+ added new house
+ updated shaders (.rs files)
+ added new huge map (the city)
+ added new huge map (the hostile takeover)
+ add pier
+ added highway on/offramp mesh
+ added overpass
+ fixed mp5sd sounds
+ fixed mp5sd muzzle flash
+ adjusted amount of nades per class
+ adjusted desert eagle deviation
+ adjusted mac 10 deviation
+ fixed mac 10 sounds
+ fixed tec 9 sound
+ adjusted tec 9 deviation
+ added mitsubishi evo
+ add learjet
+ added air traffic control tower

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Veröffentlicht 09.12.2006
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