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Battlegroup Vietnam Pacific - 0.11 Hotfix LINUX Server

-Fixed: AT Grenades now have a weapon icon (They are on the kits with the anti tank rifles)
-Removed Shadow from buried landmine
-Fixed: Arisaka with Bayonet + Arisaka ammunition is now linked
-Fixed: Arisaka with Bayonet now reloads in clips, instead of bullets
-Added additional HUD so now you can read how many bullets you have while you're wielding an Arisaka with a Bayonet or a Garand with a Bayonet
-Katana reach has been lowered (damage and kill zone same)
-Removed Rifle Grenade from Japanese Deployable MG Class
-Nambu now has the pistol whip ability (new animations, not using the one that the colt is using)
-New animation for pistol whipping while Prone
-Changed Pistol whip animation for colt when the player is lying down
-Adjusted effects for less lag
-Fixed: Airplane launched rockets will now hurt vehicles
-Fixed: Airplane launched rockets now have splash damage
-Fixed "Q Map bug", Iwo Jima Tunnels and Pearl Harbour now work
-Fixed M1 Carbine reload animation (ending was wrong)
-Edited a few maps to have the correct name in the browsing window
-Fixed M3A1 Greasegun's reload animation (ending was slightly wrong)
-Altered spawn points for Wake + Peleliu
-Removed static smoke effect from Tarawa (Much less Lag)
-Added Static Crosshairs to all weapons
-Fixed RifleGrenade bug (exactly like Engineer Landmine bug)
-Increased splashdamage area for US Grenade
-New Animations for Japanese Type 100 SMG (Reload, Walking, Idle, Firing)
-Changed Type 100 SMG sound from that rifle(Type 5 I believe it was) to MP40
-Fixed bug where life rafts from PT boats weren't dieing as they should have been, this caused unneeded lag

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