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Landot AAS 1.6 (zusätzlicher Linux-Patch)

Hierzu muss zuerst die installiert werden:
Locate the file in mods\bf2\python\game\gamemodes and take a backup copy of it. Download the below into that directory and check the Settings section within the file. That's it, you can now start your server. This mod has been reported to work on all current BF2 versions from 1.0 to 1.02.

You can also apply the mod on Linux using patch(1) and the diff below. The diff is also useful in case you just want to see how the mod works.

Please include the text "AAS" into your server name, preferably at the beginning, so that people can find AAS servers easily. If you like you could also mention the mod name "landot AAS mod" in the welcome message of your server. Vote for the mod

Dateigröße 1MB
Veröffentlicht 17.09.2006
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