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Battles of Texas Independance Mod

Battles of Texas Independance Mod
von [AvT]Chris 12.06.2004 0 Kommentare

Es gibt eine neue Mod zu Battlefield Vietnam: Battles of Texas Independance.

Favr vom BoTI Mod-Team eröffnete die Mod mit folgenden Worten: Hello Everyone. We have been kind of working in secret for the past 3 weeks or so. We have gotten many models done and our site is finally coming together. We have had some new additions to our team lately and hope our mod will keep going smooth. We have been working hard and we believe it will pay off in the end. Our website is finally ready to be unveiled. I have worked very hard on it. You can locate our website here and find alot of data about the mod. We are still currently looking for Skinners, Coders, and Sound Engineers the most.

Story der Mod: The Texas Independance Mod is about Texas fighting to be an American State. The Mexican armies wanted Texas for Mexico but the Americas stood brave and defeated the Mexican armies through many battles. The Alamo is the most famous of all thse battles where around 200 americans died defending The Alamo. They were fighting over 3000 Mexicans and killed as many as 1000 Mexicans. The Mexican armies had larger cannons, more accuarte guns, and many men. This mod is about American soldiers shopwing bravery against Mexican armies armed with British weapons which were sold at very cheap prices to them. The reason this makes a great mod is the great compelling gameplay and hwo you will have to use tactics. The team has worked very hard on this Mod so far and will be rewarded gratly when this mod is done.


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