News Battlefield 1942 Leaked Patch 1.3 - Info

Leaked Patch 1.3 - Info

Leaked Patch 1.3 - Info
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Wie ich gerade im CEBF-Forum gelesen habe, ist der Patch 1.3 durch die taiwanesische EA Site ins Netz gelangt. Es ist ein alte, und "work-in-progress" Version, die eigentlich nur für ein Review gebraucht hätte werden sollen. Der komplette englische Text von [EA] Saracen im CEBF Forum:

Hi All, Sorry for the confusion, but our colleagues at EA Taiwan have inadvertantly posted an old, work-in-progress version of the patch. That version was sent to them for review...but not for posting. We are still nailing down some issues which are in that version...and the official version has yet to be finalized.

So, the official release won't be compatible with the version released by EA Taiwan. This is because the executable will most likely be changed to address the issues we're currently working on.

We will be releasing the official 1.3 patch soon (and for those who've speculated, yes, after the whole 1.2 release we've decided that we'll only mention the patches when we're ready to release it).

Our goal is to keep improving your Battlefield 1942 experience and we apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Jamil Dawsari aka [EA] Saracen Associate Producer Battlefield 1942

Wie in einem weiterem Posting von [EA] Saracen zu lesen ist wird es nicht mehr lange dauern bis der offizielle Patch 1.3 da ist.

Änderungen des Patches 1.3:

  • Optimization of server priorities to improve Net Performance
  • Smoother object movements
  • Remote Control Improvements
  • Sending strings instead of ascii. If you start the remoteconsole with -m it will not wait for the server to respond for every key press.
  • No Lag prediction if soldier is sitting in vehicle. This fixes the problem of pilots getting shot out of the cockpit when in a plane.
  • You can disable tri-linear filtering by adding the line "renderer.useTrilinearFiltering 0" to your Settings/VideoDefault.con
  • SiS Xabre support
  • Stripping and vertex-cache optimizing terrain patches. Increases performance for vertex cache enabled T&L cards that are vertex transform bound in BF. I.e. it reduces slowdown somewhat when lots of objects are displayed on screen.
  • Optimization of the font writer, decreasing memory usage.
  • Possibility to add lightmaps on ships and boats which can highly increase the visual effect
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