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Battlefield 2 Sandbox - Client 1.0.1

Sandbox ist eine Non Combat Mod. Man kann mit Objekten bauen, Konstruieren und neuerdings auch animierte Sachen bastel. Kombinierte Objekte wie Schiffe aus Containern z.B. lassen isch speichern und wiederladen. Der Jetpack bietet nie dagewesene Bewegungsfreiheit für den Spieler. 195 Objekte und Fahrzeuge sind frei setz- und verwendbar. In Sandbox 1.0 ist es auch möglich eigene Addons zu erstellen und seinen Server individuell einzustellen.

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Changelog v1.0.1
- Added AF maps + EF maps + Blue Pearl
- Fixed animation commrose not showing up for squad members
- Fixed minimap frame
- Updated frontend menus to match trunk
- Added localization files for other languages (still in English)
- Added PERMISSIONS setting for addons
- Added additional error details for addon loading
- Removed "Unregistering" message on player disconnect
- Fixed object counter being set to -1
- Added "grablocked" permission under "misc" category
- Fixed group locking so all objects in group are locked
- Fixed @load
- Fixed a couple of invalid localization messages
- Added @smooth [0-2] command for animations

BF2:Sandbox Readme
June 29, 2007
Make sure "Word Wrap"
is turned on in your
text editor.


Simply run the installer, making sure that you install into your BF2 directory. A desktop shortcut will be created.


You will need to uninstall the previous version of Sandbox before you run the 0.4 installer. All your saved creations will be preserved, don't worry!


There is now a Starter Guide in the main Sandbox menu that will walk you through the features of Sandbox.


In [mods/sandbox/settings/sandbox.ini], you need to set an admin or two, this specifies who can save/clear the sandbox while in MP mode as well as use the Admin Tools. There are also a bunch of other settings you can change, they are all explained within the file.

Due to limitations in the BF2 engine, there are a few differences between SP and MP games:
The distance of the visual tracer (white circle) does not change.
Ladders cannot be spawned in Multiplayer.


Sir. Elxx - Mod Leader

Special thanks to gethegrace for the excellent Sandbox icon.
And to Sir. GenX000 for providing one of the loading songs with his massive financial contribution.
And to all the people who participated in the 0.5 open beta.
And to all the members of the Sir. Community who stayed up late to help test the mod. Especially Sir. GenX000, Sir. Legolas, Sir. Xan, and Sir. MatDef.


  • Lots of new objects, making the number of spawnables over 100
  • Grouping functionality - hundreds of objects can be grouped together and moved as one
  • Sandbox Network - save/load groups and creations online, transferring them from server to server
  • New main menu, with Starter Guide and Sandbox Network enhancements
  • New kits, including 3rd person modes
  • All kits now have extended grappling hook and zipline
  • Added the classic Battleracer DPV as well as a Stunting DPV
  • Lots of bugfixes


THE SANDBOX MOD OFFICIAL WEBSITE! Code Labs - Sandbox developer's blog

The Sir. Community

Sandbox Addicted - a Sandbox community


Conditions and Limitations: This software is provided "as is". In no event shall the author, authors or contributors be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including) but not limited to, procurement of substitute good or services; loss of use, data or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability arising in any way out of the use of this software, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.

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