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Total BF2 Map Pack 2
After a lot of hard work, the TotalBF2 Map Team can finally present to you map pack number 2 as a gift to the BF2 community. We will be hosting a TotalBF2 Custom Map server where you can play these maps. The IP is . Hope you will come join us to play these maps. Now for the maps that are in the pack:

Strike at Karkand 2
**\**TotalBF2 Desert Map Contest Winner!!!****
In this continuing of the proclaimed best map in BF2, you will find yourself north of the original city of Karkand. The USMC has pushed back the MEC troops to the north. Forcing them to fall back into their mountains and the USMC defends the once MEC controlled city of Karkand.
Created By: CRuDE

Strike at Abu Dhabi
MEC forces have been defeated and Chinese forces are moving in towards the Middle East to face the USMC threat. In Abu Dhabi, the Chinese decides to strike a damaged USMC Carrier that is docked for emergency repairs.
Created By: Pirelli

Being a remake of the original 1942 map Berlin, this map lives up to its original. Looking and feeling like the same exact map you will find yourself thinking back to the old days here.
Created By: Rodolfo®

Straight of Hormuz
MEC forces have stolen USMC anti aircraft weaponry on an island in the Strait of Hormuz. USMC decides to invade the island so that the airborne supplies can resume operations. MEC manages to mobilize remaining forces for a counterstrike. Both armies commander assets have been destroyed by special agents.
Created By: Pirelli

Mahoni Island
MEC is holding this small, but very strategic island, and is not willing to give it up without a fight. USMC is willing to give MEC the fight and launches an assault on the island with special forces.
Created By: -=ReS=-The Lud

Nan Hai
In the sea of Nan Hai two giants of the sea have been found, God knows what is now to happen! The powerful USMC fleet is suffering after the sinking of one of its better ships, and wants revenge against the Chinese fury.
Created By: D3lux3

Hope you guys enjoy these maps and come join us in the server.

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