US Intervention v2.0 - Client Full

Erster von insgesamt zwei Teilen der Modern-Warfare-Mod "US Intervention" für Battlefield 2. Dieser Download enthält die zum Betrieb der Mod notwendigen Dateien.

USI 2.2 Change log
Sounds Tweak a few sounds attached to effects to sound better.

  • Maps
  • Added Fall Of Basrah (MP, SP, and Co Op).
  • Tweaked spawners on Kashan Desert SP and Co Op layers to let the bots out of the Iraqi base.
  • Menu
  • Fixed more unwanted lines in the hud files.
  • File Structure
  • You will notice a change in the way we have set up the mod’s folder and files. (This was done to make “patching” easier and smaller)
Dateigröße 1450MB
Veröffentlicht 26.12.2011
Downloads 3180
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