Battlefield 2 SP/Coop Mod v2.5

Wichtiger Hinweis zur Installation: die SP-Mod funktioniert nur mit Patch 1.41 zu einhundert Prozent korrekt. Bestimmte Änderungen in Patch 1.5, die der Sicherheit dienen, wirken sich leider negativ auf das Verhalten der Bots aus. Um den vollen Spielspaß zu erhalten, gehen Spieler am besten wie folgt vor:

  • Battlefield 2 wird neu installiert
  • Patch 1.41 wird installiert
  • Die SP-Mod wird installiert
  • Das Spielverzeichnis wird kopiert und wieder eingefügt
  • Die Verknüpfung auf dem Desktop wird kopiert
  • In der kopierten Verknüpfung wird der Pfad des Spielverzeichnisses auf die Kopie geändert
  • Erst jetzt wird Patch 1.5 installiert

Nun existiert eine Kopie der Spielversion 1.41, die über die angepasste Verknüpfung gestartet werden kann.

Infos und Inhalt der BF2SP-Mod

Die offizielle EA/DICE Map "Highway Tampa", sponsert by Intel, ist nun Teil der allumfassenden Singleplayer Mod für Battlefield 2. Natürlich vorausgesetzt ihr habt das großzügige Geschenk seitens der BF Entwickler schon auf eure Festplatte installiert. Hier nun alle Fakten nochmal im Detail.

  • alle Battlefield 2 Maps (inklusive Kubra, Mashtuur, Wake) mit Botsupport
  • alle Mapgrößen (16, 32, 64) im Singleplayermodus spielbar
  • voller Coop-Support aller Maps und Mapgrößen
  • mit Patch 1.41 voll kompatibel
  • *NEU* Highway Tampa mit Botsupport auf allen Mapgrößen

Wichtiger Hinweis zur Installation: Wer die Mods gleich ausprobieren möchte, folgt dazu einfach den Anweisungen der Installationsroutine. Diese liegen komplett in deutscher Sprache vor und sind selbsterklärend. Wichtig ist dabei vor allem ein Punkt: In den Verzeichnissen der Mod findet sich die Datei botchanger.bat, mit der Zahl und Stärke der Bots geändert werden können. Bei der Installation wird auf dem Desktop eine zusätzliche Verknüpfung "BF2SP64 Botchanger" angelegt, über welche die .bat aufgerufen werden kann. Erfahrene Spieler können sich auch direkt an der Datei im AI-Ordner zu schaffen machen, doch gerade für Anfänger im Bereich Mods ist die .bat eine nützliche Hilfe. Auf älteren Systemen sollte die Zahl der Bots nicht höher als 40 gesetzt werden. In der höchsten Schwierigkeitsstufe (1.0) sind die Computergegner zudem sehr treffsicher.

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Introduction by Psyrixx:

This is by no means my own project. In browsing the various forums on the internet, I happened to stumble upon a map pack that xstax981 had created to play the BF2 maps in single player with up to 64 bots. He himself credits several other mappers and modders in having completed a lot of work before he got a hold of their work and compiled his map pack. I credit both him and the people he has credited. This is the result of the work of several people in the Battlefield 2 community. As such, I have left xstax981's original readme file untouched except for this blurb and a few additions to the "installing", "features" and "adding more bots" sections, where I have noted my additions. Make sure you read the INSTALLING section so that you get this working right. :). Without further ado, the Readme!
********************\**BF2SP64 Readme!********************

  1. Contents

  2. Contents

  3. Story

  4. Features

  5. Adding More Bots (OUTDATED)

  6. Bugs

  7. Update Logs

  8. Credits & Legal Information

  1. Story

I created this mod, when I got bored with singleplayer and multiplayer. I found the HQ for SinglePlayer maps:

I downloaded the maps from FFOLKES, Kysterama, Clivewil, and Korben_dallas, which closely resembled DICE's 64 player maps. (They needed a little tweaking to make it EXACTLY like DICE's maps). Then, I found a thread which told the secret to making the 16 player maps playable aswell as the 64 player maps. It worked great. But then, I felt like I wanted to do something for the community which did something for me. Basically using the navmeshes by the authors listed above, I was able to get the 32 player versions (except Kubra Dam, clivewil did the 16, 32, and 64 player versions of it) to work (still needs AI work though). So then, I posted a tutorial on how to do this (it wasn't very hard). I counted how many steps there were to the tutorial, and there were WAY too many for any sane man to follow. So I created this mod to help rid of some of the work.

  1. Features

  2. Play 16, 32, and 64 player versions of ALL maps (excluding Euro Force)

  3. Includes instructions on how to up the ante and play with MORE BOTS!

  4. Play CO-OP Game Mode on 64 Player sized Maps! (Maps made for this mode by Psyrixx!)

More features to come....

  1. Adding More Bots
NOTE from Psyrixx

If you plan on using these maps for the co-op game mode only, you can ignore this section. If you are using a linux or windows dedicated server, bot settings are in serversettings.con. If you are just hosting a LAN game using a windows non-dedicated server, the bot settings are in your Create Local Server menu. You only need to do the following if you plan on playing the singleplayer game on any of these maps.
ServerSettings.con Co-Op Settings:

sv.coopBotRatio 50 rem Percentage of bots to put on the MEC Team; 0 = all bots on US team; 100 = all bots on MEC team.
sv.coopBotCount 16 rem Obvious... the number of bots to put into a co-op game
sv.coopBotDifficulty 40 rem 0 is stupid bots and 100 is deadly bots. If you wanted to play a co-op game with 40 bots, 80% of the bots on the MEC team and the bots pretty easy to play against you could use the following:
sv.coopBotRatio 80
sv.coopBotCount 40
sv.coopBotDifficulty 20
Then you and your friends can all join US team and play against a huge team of bots. It's quite fun! :)
##### End NOTE from Psyrixx #####

This section is outdated due to botchanger

  1. Bugs

  2. Bots are known to get stuck in some areas. Most of the time they work their way through, but other times you may need to TK them. Most of the time they get stuck in vehicles

  3. I haven't had any CTDs playtesting the maps so far, if you do, PM me at with the map the CTD occured on.

  1. Update Logs

1.0 - First version

1.1 - Added Co-op maps...

1.2 - Fixed Co-op maps to appear, added commander assets for FuShe Pass, addressed some bugs...

1.21 - Made all Co-op maps show up in menu.

1.22 - Dropped unnecessary code in .desc files.

1.23 - Dropped extra, unnecessary files.

1.24 - Totally redid Zatar Wetlands 64 player version

1.25 - Added updated versions of Dalian Plant and Dragon Valley by clivewil

1.26 - *Tried* to totally redo Wake Island to match the vanilla version better; packaged an updated file

2.0 - Fixed spawning under Blackhawk, fixed bunches of 32 player maps, and some 64 player maps, packaged updated AI files, fixed Zatar to show up in menu correctly, and more.

2.1 - Added compatability to 1.4, added Road to Jalalabad in 16-32-64 mode.

2.3 (aka the "Done what I've should have done earlier" update) - Redid .desc files to save disk space and match Conquest versions more closely, fixed bots driving in zig-zags in boats, added the developers into the credits, added the Singleplayer gamemode underneath the loading map in 32 and 64 sized maps, fixed the mod selection menu to reflect the mod's current status, moved Wake's North Village flag more toward the houses to stop tanks getting stuck there.

2.31 - New navMeshes by clivewil included.

2.32 - Contains a Highway Tampa (beta EA version)

2.5 - new installer

  1. Credits & Legal Information

Kysterama - Navmesher
Credit goes to him along with Clivewil for navmeshing loads of levels for us to play on. Thank you Ky!

Clivewil - Navmesher, made fix for LookAtWrapper error, updated navMeshes.
Credit goes to him along with Kysterama for navmeshing loads of levels to play on. He alone navmeshed all THREE layers of Kubra Dam. Thanks man! He also had a file that fixed the LookAtWrapper errors some had been getting.

Korben_dallas - Navmeshser
You have to give him credit for navmeshing a hard task - FuShe Pass 64 player.

WCC Squad - Navmeshers
They navmeshed the one level everyone loves - Wake Island.

Me - Editor, 32 player map creator, and tweaker
I was the one who added the 32 player maps (not Kubra Dam), created this mod, and made 16 player Mashtuur City available.

EA/DICE - Navmesher, game creator
Made the game, and the 16 player map navmeshes (except for Kubra Dam & Mashtuur City)

Psyrixx - Making the maps playable in Co-op mode!
Thanks to him, he has corrected DICE's mistake of not placing different layers of maps in Co-op mode!

Red Devil - Helping to identify some of the bugs
Some of the bugs in the later patches couldn't have been addressed without his good eye.

Lone Gunman - Helping to identify some bugs, helped to identify the LookAtWrapper error some had been getting.
I had no clue about the LookAtWrapper error (I never myself have had it). If he didn't spot it, it wouldn't have been addressed.

northener69 - Biggest fan :)
Couldn't have gotten this done without his help :)

Pointy - Install creator (well would be :) ), 16 player Wake creator, helper guy :) Created Icon
Helped make v2 a better version than v1 could ever be.

Ti_GER Arn354 - installer creator

This mod is copyright of the persons listed above. All rights reserved.


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