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Rising Conflicts Screensaver #1

RISING CONFLICTS SCREENSAVER VR 1This screen saver is designed to work on 1024x768 screen resolutions and up. It dose not support dual monitors at this time.Desktop Icon for screen saver testing:::You can delete this icon at any time it is not needed for the screensaver to work.Installation:::You can install this screen saver anywhere on your local hard drive.Settings:::For settings right click desktop, click properties, click Screen Saver tab, and then click on settings. Current version might not have sounds.Uninstall:::Click start, click control panel, click on the Add or Remove programs icon, Navigate to the screensaver name and click uninstall. This will remove all of the screensaver files.www.risingconflicts.comSaver by Kermit

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Veröffentlicht 28.07.2006
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