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Battlefield ringtones for Android

Battlefield ringtones for android

you have just downloaded a set of seven Battlefield
ringtones for your Android.

BF1942 Ringtone
BF1943 Ringtone
BF2 Ringtone
BF2 MEC Ringtone
BF2 PLA Ringtone
BF2142 Ringtone
Battlefield Rock Ringtone

The files were originally created for the iPhone and that is
the explanation for the length of 30 seconds. To get the
files on your android working you have two options:

# Option 1: use the files as they are

  • Put in media/audio/ringtones/ on your SD card

# Option 2: Create your own ringtones


All Credits go to the people at DICE who made the lovely
games and this epic(!) theme. I've only extracted or
collected the files and converted them into ringtones.

Visit and
for the latest updates about the Battlefield series.

PS: please do me a favour. Do not delete or edit the readme
if you mirror the files.

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