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Conflict 2142 - Windows Server v2.92

CF2142 v2.92 server files windows


In your ftp client, navigate to your 2142 server's mods folder. Inside there will be a folder called bf2142, and maybe some other folders. From the downloaded package, drop the cf2142 folder into the window in the mods folder, next to bf2142. Whenever it finishes uploading, there are a few more steps to make sure it'll run. Go into the bf2142 folder, and in there will be a settings folder. Inside there will be a file called modmanager.con. Copy it onto your desktop, don't delete it.

Navigate to the cf2142 folder, then the settings folder in there. Drop the modmanager.con file in there, and fire up your server through BF2142CC! EACH server's modmanager.con file is unique, therefore one server's modmanager.con can't be used for another server you may be installing. Each and every server the mod is installed on MUST go through these steps, using that server's particular modmanager.con file.

Step by Step
1 Extract cf2142 folder into your servers mod folder.
2 Open bf2142 settings folder. copy the modmanager.con file.
3 Open cf2142 settings folder. paste the modmanger.con.
4 start the server
5 create new profile in cc
6 choose a cf2142 map and gamemode (gpm_sl = Attack or Defend)
7 save profile
8 apply profile
9 restart


Conflict 2142 MOD CHANGE LOG
:::::::: :::::::::: :::::::: ::: ::: ::::::::
:+: :+: :+: :+: :+: :+:+: :+: :+: :+:
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CF2142 2.60 Change log

  • Aurora top speed reduced
  • Aurora Mk-82 bomb now EMP version.
  • Static AA rate of fire and projectile velocity increased. Also aded 1 sec arming delay.
  • ALL AA missiles NOW proximity triggered. If it gets close enough it will detonate and cause damage.
  • Introduced the New G.C.S.I. "Wraith" Bomber (Thanx to zielwasser from AOW for the target model) Coding by Smagma Dactyl/Skins by zielwasser and Remdegreat
  • Changed Javelin "Smoke" projectile to "Emp" projectile with dual burst firing (2 burst of 3 before reload).
  • Increased Rate of Fire and reload time for Clark Shotgun.
  • AA Pilum projectiles now "proximity" with blast damage.
  • Increased projectile spread on Pilum AA
  • "Ganx" Hmg reticle speed increased slightly. (gets smaller faster)
  • Catapult now equiped with emp defense gun.
  • Created new material for AA Guns (ONLY damages AIRCRAFT)
  • Added "Flak" explosion effect.
  • Fixed runway rearming and repairing.
  • Fixed RDX projectile bug (not killing infantry)
  • Increased ROF of rdx shotgun slightly

Cf2142 version 2.50 FINAL patch content

� Increased Pirahna speed slightly
� Reduced Aurora flight speed slightly
� Javelin secondary rounds now smoke rounds.
� Replaced bipods with 2142 compatable versions (Dnetner)
� Increased deviation to Baur
� Increased velocity of Zellar Sniper rifle
� AA handheld weapons now fire heat seeking missiles (In Pick Up kit)
� Removed Lasertargetobject and HeatObject from StealthCat. Added MM Bait launcher (use "FLARE" button (X) to fire)
� Added new pick up kit (Sniper) Comes with Knife,Claymores,A.I.R.R, Sonar, active camo, Stabalizer)
Added new Sniper rifle (A.I.R.R. = Anti Infantry Rail Rifle)for pick up kit
Adjusted main gun damage on Gladiator Light Tank toward anti infantry.
* Added new Light Walker (Ed-209) Thanx to SatNav

Thanx to all the tournament Admins, members and testers of Conflict 2142, Death by Design, zielwasser (target jet)

Compatible with EAs 1.25 patch
Numerous performance enhancements.

New Gamemode - Attack Or Defend
One team starts with all the flags. They have to defend these flags from the other team. If they loose a flag they cannot recapture it.
To take the control points the attacking team just has to touch the flag once, then 3 minutes later reinforcemnets will be able to spawn at the captured area. To win either one team out kills the other, alternatly the attackers can cap out the defenders. Defenders should not venture too far from their flags otherwise the rounds could be very short.

All weapons have new skins.
Fixed bug with shields/AMPs not sticking to vehicles
Players can now place 3 APMs
Knives are back, but with varied hit-points depending on where on the body you stab (Head-shots FTW) :)
Fixed bugs with GAPR. (pulse seeking rocket)
New static weapon for main base protection, codenamed "Shredder".
Players kits now have correct camo patterns
New Jungle cammo for players and vehicles
Changed Orbital Strike to reduce lag.
Balanced Carbine to standard of other assault rifles.
Engineer has one Infantry PDS
Orbital Strike is now request only from squad leaders.
Assult now has emp nades
Support now has smoke nades
New handheld Anti Air pillum weapon.
New Pickup Kits with specialist weapons

GCSI Piranah - Rib boat with granade launcher.
IFAV - Fixed motion mine bug.
EMP Effect has been increased on land vehicles.
Merc Tank - Increased damage of rail gun
New AA GUnships - New flight physics +Pilot has heat seeking missles and chain guns, gunner has bombs and wireguided missiles.
Gunships - Fixed bug with rotating pilot machine guns
Mechs - Week-spot no longer takes damage from bullets.
Hover Tanks - can now have passanger ride on the side.
Hover Tanks - Fixed water movement.
Hover Jeeps - can now go over water.
Cattapult - New missile effects.
FAV - Fixed 75% health bug.

New Maps:

"Jungle Boogie"
Pac and EU go head to head in an all out jungle warfare map. First map to fully feature "Attack or Defend".

"Operation Aqua"
One of the many flooded cities became the perfect staging point for the PAC to set their ambush again the EU forces.

"Route 66"
This famous strech of US high way has become the staging ground of one largest battles fought in the conflict of 2142.

Our favourite BF2 map has been ported over with all original buildings/textures and gamemode inc Coop and Single player and "Attack or Defend"

"Smyrna" - Origanal map by Maranello
The War between the Pac and the EU force rages on, the armies now fighting over control over the Middle East.

"Nigeria Harbour"
In 2143, the Pan Asian Coalition launched a secret attack into the Union Of African States territory of Nigeria, a large industrial center.
The area contains an unfinished Harbor, which the PAC hope to use to supply further missions in Africa.

"Oil PLatform" - Orignal map by SpFreak adjusted for use in cf2142

"Wake Island" - A clasic bf2/1942 map ported over for you pleasure.

"Walker Battle" - Orignal map by Spfreak adjusted for use in cf2142

All maps now use our custom skins.

Replaced dog tags with UICs (Unit Identity Chips)
Players corpses last a lot longer
Removed netbat visual aids. (Automated systems still working)


Compatible with EAs 1.20 patch.
Northern strike unlocks tweeked to work in the mod. Only for people who have them unlocked.

New Guided Anti Personel Rocket Launcher for assualt.
Coloured smoke grenades replace knives. SLs get 3. (They work as a countermesure for the GAPR)
Baur has 5 extra bullets per mag
Assult rifle rockets no longer share ammo with shotguns
Bestbuy assualt rifle/rockets/shotgun is now up to date with mod standard.
Squad leader beacon returns
Recon Carries 1 AP mine, can place 2.
All Recon players have stabaliser by default.
Smoke granade is temp replacement for stabaliser until new item is ready.

New Vehicles
ifav (GCSI Stealth Cat) - Invisible FAV that can carry 4 people
Lav25 (Merc IFV) - Amphibious APC with Dual chainguns and motion mine laucher.
Merc Tank - Similar to the standard 2142 tanks but has different loadout
rfav (Rail FAV) - Both sides get a new FAV that has a machine gun/rail gun for the gunner. Driver can release smoke out the back.
wz551 (merc mobile AA) - Anti Air amphib vehicle
merc_apc - Tv guided missile firing apc

Vehicle Changes
All apcs and hover vehicles now work on water.
Gunships have dumbfire missiles instead of heat seeking.
Gunships HUD gives range to target targets
Gunships pilots have altfire miniguns
All vehicle skins are getting a make over plus 3 types of cammo.

Radio system reworked:
Radio chatter is for Squad leaders and Commanders only.
No radio messages for spotting, just local sounds.
Squad members can still comunicate, but only locally.

Now there will be 2 icons on your desktop.

Replaced Squad leader beacon with coloured smoke granades.
Knives are no longer 1 hit 1 kill
Added a few tracers to numerous weapons
Team specific tracers, Green for EU, Red for Pac.
APMs and Shield can now stick to vehichles
Support can place 2 shields
Added MD5 checksums, to help prevent cheaters.

Orbital Strike- Short, 3 very intense bursts. Very small chance of survival.
Commander assets cant be repaired when destroyed
PAC Walker can now fire through fences like the EU.
Soldiers now bleed out once below 15 health.
New minimap design to feature in custom maps.
All air vehicles now have a radar.
Gunship pilot rockets are a bit better against infantry.
Clark Shotgun has vastly reduced in damage. (still better then default though)
Fixed SMG deviation issue
Medic Box, Ammo box and SL Beacon can now stick to vehicles
Removed min player restrictions from SL unlocks
Squad leaders now have a spare beacon (should help prevent no spawn bug)

Made Compatible with 1.10 Official EA patch.
Updated with the new features.
Silo missiles now explode, not emp.
Fixed sway issue on LMGs
New style ar rockets.
Clark 15-B has more range.
Sentry guns have greater verticle range
Sentry drones do more damage
Sentry drones have greater verticle range.
Removed Gun sway from Voss L-AR
Improved acuracey of Voss L-AR
Engineer sonar shows infantry
Engineer sonar radius halfed
Engineer now carry 2 sonars.
Players can now lay up to 10 c4 packs.
4 brand new blood effects
New flight physics for the gunships
Gunships gunner can now deploy flares
New Graphics
New Music
New Installer, with auto detect for 2142 install.

Gunships now have autofire rockets
Transporter guns have a little increased splash damage.
Improved handling of FAV.
Heavy anti vehicle gun now has multiple zoom levels
Heavy anti vehicle gun is more acurate
Removed enemy forces spotted messages.
Implimented Take Localization files
Flags updated with design by Rawenouss
Fixed bug where you apeared to get free unlocks.


Fav can withstand much more impact damage.
Some vehicles wrecks will stay (Good for cover)
Wreck final destruction no longer damages infantry.
Sniper Scope tweaked to ajust for lesser and greater distances.

Pods now have 3rd person camera views.
You can now exit pods at any time.
AA guns reduced max lock distance.
AA guns now do 2 seconds emp time instead of 3.
Gave Pac hover tank Red glow effects
Smgs now have working recoil

Added new tank clones.
Incresed speed of apcs.
APC pods allways go high now
Created Heavy Anti Armour Tanks, for both armies (Hover)
Created Light Anti Infantry Tanks, For both Armies (Tracked)
Reduced damage of the Baur AR

Smoke grenade produces more smoke
Assault caries more smoke grenade's.
Support gun reduced standing deviations.
Tweaked advanced sniper rifle.
Sentry gun damage to default.
Sentry gun reloads after every 150 shots.
2 sentry guns allowed on map per player, 1 in inventory
4 APMs allowed on map per player, 2 in inventory.
Fixed bug with assault rifle rocket.

V0.09 Minor tweaks during testing
V0.08 Minor tweaks during testing

Player Attributes
Fixed issue where EU assult got free unlocks.

Unl HMG brought up to mod standards.
Unl carbine brought up to mod standards.

Started work on getting diferent colour for UAV to Vehichle sonar on minimap.

Player Attributes
Tweeked skins with insignias.
EU skins replaced orange patches with white.
Further optimization of hand guns.
Gun Unlocks tweaked (needs more testing)
Tweaked Sentry gun, it now reloads.
Tweak Sentry drone it also has to reload.

Added more skin changes with insignias
Improved handling of FAVs
Reduced boost depletion time on FAV
Fixed gears on FAVs
Menu / Gameplay
New team icons
New flags
New colour scheme
New 3d map icons
New minimap icons

V0.05 Minor tweaks during testing
V0.04 Minor tweaks during testing

Re-optimised guns
Much more deviation while standing with support gun.
Added extra level of deviation to all guns, ie standing, crouched and prone.
Removed burst fire
Added devision insignias to titans
Started putting Coy Shields on vehicles
Fixed the speed diffrences between tanks
Increased main speed of FAV
Added ammo to tanks top gun.
Tweeked tv guided missile on gunship.
Working on multi level zoom for gun ships gunner

tanks add zoom to gunners seat.
increased sprint on FAVs. time and speed.
Added slight zoom to FAVs
Tanks have more main gun ammo.
New graphics inc Conflict2142 logo
New menu music
Removed intro videos

Player Attributes
Increased Stamina of both Heavy and Light soldiers
Reduced Stamina recovery time.
Reduced amount of stamina lost from jumping
Increased Top Speed of both tanks.
Increased hill climbing ability of tanks.
Improved heat resistance in all guns on walker.
Support gun has no overheat.
Reduced the deviation on all guns.
Shotgun no longer shares ammo with the rocket launcher.
Shotgun has bigger mags
EU/PAC AR - Balanced, Tweaked Deviation, Tweaked to (7.62mm USR), Added Burst Fire
UNL HAR - Tweaked Deviation, Tweaked to (13mm USR) Increased Magazine Size (from 20 to 25), Replaced Automatic Fire with Burst Fire
UNL LAR - Tweaked Deviation, Tweaked to (5.56mm USR)
EU/PAC AR_Shotgun - Balanced, Increased Magazine Size (From 3 to 6), Slightly Increased Reload Time, Removed Link to AR_Rocket, Tweaked to (10G USR)
EU/PAC AR_Rocket - Balanced, Increased Velocity (from 40 to 50), Decreased Magazine Size (From 3 to 1), Removed Link to AR_Shotgun
EU/PAC Handgun - Balanced, Tweaked to (9mm USR)
EU/PAC MG - Balanced, Tweaked Deviation, Increased Reload Time (From 5.3 to 6), Increased Rate of Fire (From 900 to 110), Increased Heat Resistance, Increased Velocity (From 800 to 900), Increased Tracer Interval (From 2 to 3), Tweaked to (7.62mm USR)
EU/PAC Sniper - Balanced, Tweaked to (7.62mm USR)
EU/PAC SMG - Balanced, Tweaked Deviation, Tweaked to (9mm USR), Added Burst Fire
UNL Shotgun - Increased Magazine Size (From 7 to 8) Increased Reload Time, Tweaked to (10G USR)
Mod structure has been created.
New game icon.
Community details, with link to forums.


The Conflict2142 Mod is a simple to use executable file (.exe)

*Please note to remember where you downloaded the file

*Quick Tip : Making an Intstaller Folder
� Make a new folder on your desktop, name it "Installers"
� Anytime you download an Installer, Executable, or any other file that will place a program into you computer - download it here and you will always know where to find it again in case you have to un-install the program for any reason.

Now open the folder where the CF2142 v1.04.exe is located and double-click it to execute/run.

Follow the prompts and leave the directory where it would like to install it alone.

*For advanced users who have intalled your BF2142 into another drive : E, F, G, etc. then please change the directory listed as needed for correct install.

Now after it installs there will be two shortcuts on your desktop :
� CF2142 CD --> This is if you have the Disk Version
� CF2142 DL --> This is if you have the EA Downloader Version

Delete the one you do not need!

If your shortcuts do not work for some reason:

Right-click and select properties

Now for each shortcut it is different so here you are:

CF2142 CD
Target: = "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\BF2142.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/CF2142
Start In: = "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142"

CF2142 DL
Target: = "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\BF2142Launcher.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/CF2142
Start In: = "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142"

Now Shortcuts should work!

Map Install Instructions below!

Also all your new Custom Maps need to go into this folder now
--> C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\CF2142\Levels

Custom Maps Install instructions :

C: Drive (Or the folder you installed 2142 into)
Program Files
Electronic Arts folder
Battlefield 2142 folder
mods folder
CF2142 folder
Levels folder

Which reads --> C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\CF2142\Levels

Unzip/Extract the map and drop into the levels folder. Close everything back up and your done.

It is your responsibility to have the Maps downloaded before Practice and Battles, they are located in the announcements thread and titled Battle # ; # = Current Battle Number. New versions may be released throughout the day on some occasions so your best option is to be on a few minutes early depending on your Internet Connection speed to have the new map version downloaded and ready for WAR!



Design Team

Jey (AKA The Jezus)- Mod Leader, Code, Models, 2D, Audio
Smagma Dactyl - CO Leader, Code Genious
Cutter wolf - Texture Artist, UV Unwraps, Menu
Bumbumbanana - Texture Artist
Loman - Texture Artist
Havoq - Texture Artist
Arcalane - Code
Dober - Models, UV unwraps
Darkfire - Texture Artist
Soduka - Mapper
Tonks950 - Code
Ocon- Research, Maps
Happy13ee- Research
Raxiv- 2D Art

Outside Help

AF Australian Forces (Marshall-007) - Mapping and support @

Ffolks - Shortcut creator and menu code
Dan- Localisation files
Pandoras - code
Gunnie - code
Archangel- Texture/unwrap
SPFreak - Map
Maranello - Map
winterhilf - Bots
Blaze - Bots
Mr.Burns - Bots
ShaneJohn - Bots

PR and more

Dirtghost - Internal Coordinator Conflict2142 Tournament
Thelastsuperman - Tech Support
Georgia - Genaral PR and extensive server work

Music by the following artists:
Linkin Park
A perfect Circle
Queens of the stonage
Red Sparrows
Rob Dougan
Laurent Garnier
John Murphy
Trance Fury

Special thanks to

  • Server provider, Forums, Teamspeak and Game server. Founders of Viper Tournaments.

A special thanks to DICE games and EA Games for the BF2142 Game, and for letting us use content from BF2.
Thank you for allowing us to keep the modding comunity alive through 2142.

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