Mosul Nights

Extract to your \Battlefield 2\mods\dcon\levels folder. It should extract as \mosul_nights. If you're using WinRAR like I am, right click and drag it into you \levels\ folder and select "extract here" and it should work fine. Double check to make sure there isn't a "folder within a folder"

The map is 100% the same as the DCon original. All I did was change the skybox texture, tweak some light colors and levels and remade the lowdetailmaps for the terrain. The "fog" of war is now pitch black, the lights are turned down low, the shadows are a little darker, and the sun has been converted into a hazy moon.

All the credit in the world goes to the DCon guys for making an awesome map. I just shut off the sun. Hope you all like it.

Also, as a side note, I did all my editing in terrain mode in the editor, so all of the gameplay modes are intact and the same as the original. Meaning, you have a Mosul Nights Conquest, CTF, Domination and Objective, all in one.

Enjoy the screenshots, tell me what you think, and if we end up playing it tonight, you can stop over at our weekly Wednesday night shenanigans to try it out.


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