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Rocket Launchers Mini-Mod

Copy the "Rocket_Launcher" folder, and paste it in the following directory : C:Program FilesEA GAMESBattlefield 2mods   
Then, copy the shortcut, and paste it on your desktop. Launch the mod with the shortcut   
~~~ Changes ~~~   
There's 4 new kits : SRAW Predator ; Eryx ; Javelin (thanks to Satnav) ; RPG7 (from Special Forces). They are the sames for each army.   
I put 7 kits per team, because of AI crashes and behaviour.   
All the original BF2 maps are in the mod, with two new ones : "Streets", by SPfreak, and "City Park Night", by Imtheheadhunter   
The Rockets are faster and stronger. Be really careful, the explosion radius is huge ! Desactiving the Frienly Fire is really a good idea   
You can now shoot during your jump, run 3 times longer, and jump 1.2 higher.   
AI easy tweakable. If you want to modify it, go to the mod folder, and open the "botchanger" file. Instructions are in a .txt file called "Changing\_nb\_of_bots"   
~~~ Known bugs ~~~   
- Problems with the Javelin : I couldn't tweak it, so it isn't strong against the infantry, but can destroy a tank with only one shoot. If you want to reload it, you must take the other Javelin (or knife). The "Javelin" kit has got ammokits   
- With the first "RPG7" kit, you have the Medic HUD.   
- With the second "Eryx" kit, you have the Engineer HUD   
~~~ Credits ~~~   
Imtheheadhunter : New sounds ; Map "City Park"   
Satnav : Javelin rocket launcher   
Spfreak : map "Streets"   
EA GAMES/Dice : Battlefield 2 / Special Forces / Loading musics / BFSP : Learning me the battlefield modding   
~~~ Support ~~~   
Bugs, comments, suggestions ?

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