WOoKie Sniper Mod v1.3 - Client


WOoKie Sniper Mod 1.3


Release Info

There are a few ways to start the mod:

  • Use the shortcut that has been placed on your desktop during installation.

  • Use the launcher.exe that has been included in the mod directory.
    (usually that's C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\wookie_v13)
    This program detects all installed mods. Select the "wookie_v13" one and click "launch".
    NOTE: This program requires the .NET Framework 2.0

  • Start vanilla BF2, go to Community -> Custom Games -> select WOoKie Sniper Mod 1.3 -> hit "activate"
    The game will now restart with the mod loaded.


If you have problems installing or playing the mod, make an account on our forums and ask away:


Or alternatively, add me on Xfire and ask away:

xfire name: scoutstrike

A Message From The Developer

Thanks for downloading and have fun!

WOoKie Scouty

P.S. Don't forget to take a look at the aiming tutorial posted on our forums!

  • New features since version 1.2
  • Back to vanilla (non-snow) maps. Modifications: 1 km view distance, extended boundaries, removal of flags and vehicles.
  • More kit customization options. Selectable ghillie suit styles, more extra items.
  • Improved aiming and ballistics. Bullet tracers have been removed. But the bullet drop table has been improved and bullet impact effects have been enlarged for better shot feedback. Aiming is generally a lot harder, but more rewarding.
  • Improved spawn system. The system knows about terrain height, slope and water levels. You can choose to either spawn randomly on the ground, or near your squad leader.
  • Improved scoring. In addition to hit region, target range and target speed, your kills are also rated based on target stance (stand/kneel/prone).
  • In-game voting system for switching game modes without a server restart. You may vote during the 30 second start delay and change your vote mid-round. In the case of a new majority vote during a round (different from the current game mode), a new round will be started immediately.
  • Game modes
  • Target Practice. Shoot the explosive barrels to get a feel for the aiming system.
  • Team Deathmatch. Shoot the other team while assisting your own.
  • Free For All Deathmatch. Shoot ALL the other players.
  • Map list
  • Dalian Plant
  • Daqing Oilfields
  • Dragon Valley
  • Mashtuur City
  • Operation Clean Sweep
  • Songhua Stalemate
  • Taraba Quarry
  • Wake Island
  • Zatar Wetlands


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