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Battlefield Pirates - BFP2 Yarr2.1 Client Patch

Die überarbeitete Version der zweiten Ausgabe von Battlefield Pirates 2. Viele Bugs wurden entfernt.

Changelog Version 2.1


    • More than doubled the sprinting duration, changing sprint start to 33% (from 50%) and made per-kit modifications (some run further, some recover faster, etc).
    • CANNONS:

    • For all cannons with multiple ammo types, player must sit in firearm (and ammo type) to reload it to prevent shell spamming


    • Reduced blunderbuss reload speed slightly (between musket and musketoon now), increased per-pellet damage a bit and focused the cone spread some more.

    • Removed a reload timer on the zombie axe which may be causing it to get "stuck"

    • Adjusted the ranges of the cutlasses and axes

    • Fixed the ducksfoot so the projectiles spread out like a shotgun

    • Added proper zoom animations for the musketoon

    • Fixed sound on the parrot and greatly reduced the reload time (which affects how fast you can get a new parrot off a powderkeg for example).

    • MAPS:

    • Fixed the Pegleg locators on all Zombie maps

    • Zombie spawn pts are scattered across all maps, and are individually selectable (you can choose where to spawn in).

    • Storm the Bastion Zombie 32 combat area fixed so you cant hide outside the fort

    • Added falconets on all Storm the Bastion Conquest churches to help blow the door (somehow removed since v1.2)

    • Black Beards Atol Conquest 32 now has unique combat areas per team to keep enemies from spawn camping uncappable flags

    • Additional cannons and falconets placed on all BBA maps

    • Blue Bayou and Wake Island lightmaps have been completely redone

    • Crossbones Keep Zombie 64 jaw island spawnpoint removed (in addition to scattering/selectable changes above)

    • Dead Calm Conquest 16 combat area changed to just the ships (also makes the HUD map a lot more detailed)

    • O Me Hearty Beach parrot kits positioned better (and a new secret one placed)

    • Shallow Draft sounds have been re-engineered to avoid dead spots and sudden stop/starts

    • Shipwreck Shoals CTF 64 combat area adjusted to make attacking the Pegleg flag more difficult

    • Wake Island 1707 - fixed terrain, coloring and lightmap issues

    • Added SP support on Blue Bayou and Frylar2

    • Fixed Frylar2 flag names

    • Improved Oh Me Hearties Beach lag issues


    • Removed jumping bug from dolphins, created sound effects, added to more maps

    • Added 150m radar sweep (UAV component) to hot air balloon

    • **OTHER:

      • Fixed the so more SP maps will work
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