Pirates Anniversary Mappack

Around this time two years ago work on Battlefield Pirates (BFP) Final began culminating in its release in November 2005 and not a lot has changed since then in BFP for BFP1. That is until now! We have brought together some of the BFP Final mappers and some of our own mapmakers from within The Scurvy Dogs clan to produce this Mappack which we hope will further your enjoyment of BFP1 and help keep the pirates tradition going. A lot of hard work has been put in from some dedicated pirate mappers and testers, so thanks to all involved.

This pack contains 19 maps, we hope to see you on the battlefield!

Map list and creators.

Assault on Port Porpoise - Muad'Dib
Blasted Shores - Brutus
Bridge too far - Muad'Dib
Cave Raid - Brutus
Cliffhanger - Muad'Dib
Defender - Archimonde
Flushed Away - Muad'Dib
Isle Of Remore - Stealth
Isle of Woe - Brutus
Lolrus Creek - Cap'n Pugwash
Lost and Confused - Muad'Dib
Paradise Isles - The Fornicator
Pirates Playhouse - Brutus
Rum Runner Temples - Archimonde
The Crossing - Cap'n Pugwash
Timberment - Stealth
Trauma - Cap'n Pugwash
Two Castles - Muad'Dib
Visby Ruins - Cap'n Pugwash


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