Lost Jungle Version 3.0

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Added sp support <-
Added missing texturefiles to the map <-

Conquest, Cooperative, Singleplayer

Map, Skins by JONES
AI, Debugging by StrykerJ

Custom player-, weaponskins (m4a1, m16a2, mp5, m249saw, p90, barret, g36c, type95, ak47),
hidden and mainspawn pickupkits, some custom static textures, custom rain effect

This map is a remake of the famous Lost Jungle map which was inspired by the battlefield 1942
DESERT COMBAT map Lost Village, some old battlefield fellows might remember this map. This is
no accurate remap, the map is only inspired by the idea, terrain and layout is completly new
compared to the originial map.

copy the "Lost_Jungle" folder to your "/Battlefield 2/mods/bf2/levels/" directory

If you want to use this map and/or content of it for your mod please
ask me for premission first, you can throw me in a pm at


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